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Visitation From Ghost Or Incubus on 2011-07-06

I wanted to post my experiences here to get people's thoughts on what is happening, and how best to approach it. I'm 20, living in a rented Victorian two bedroom terraced house; I use one of them as an actual bedroom, and the other as a kind of spare room for my stuff. Recently, the bedroom I usu...

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Hi Succubusluver69, if you don't mind I'll take you up on your kind offer - could you check your email please? Thanks!
Hi all, thanks again for the helpful advice. Sorry I've not replied earlier, but I've been away with work. There is an update; I had a friend "housesit" for me whilst I was away, and initially she stayed in the spare room, although I did offer her my room. When I got back, she'd moved into my room, saying that she thought the spare room was "creepy" and that she didn't like sleeping in it. I took her out for a "thank you" meal, and during the evening she said that whilst she had been in the spare room, she'd had what she described as "intensely erotic dreams", although she wouldn't go into any more detail.

I don't think whatever it is is malevolent, or evil... But having it there is going to make it difficult if friends stay!

I'll give some more thought and if anything else untowards happens I'll post here.
I really appreciate all of the helpful comments made so far, and I've followed the links and read up on the advice. I don't think it is sleep paralysis - the third time it happened, I was very awake, and I could move partially - it definitely felt like something was holding me down. The third time differed in that it was definitely a case of whatever-it-is doing what *it* wanted to do: (

I've moved back into my usual room since, and nothing untowards has happened since - although I have been getting a weird sensation in the bathroom (which is between the two rooms), as if there is someone (or something) in the room with me. Again, I stress its not unpleasant, just... Unusual.

Does anyone have any practical advice on how to remove this presence?

Many thanks for all your help so far!