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Mechanical Engineer.

History buff, especially in the Amherstburg area.

I would really love to take a camera set on night mode around to the local hot spots, to see what I can capture on film. I have heard that newer cameras with night mode use digital filters that pick-up many strange things.
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Grandpa's Grandfather Clock on 2014-12-31

When I was a young child I spent many a summers at my grandparent's house in Lasalle Ontario. They had an old redwood cedar and angel brick house with a large woodland behind them. I played and made forts in the woods. This was the late 70s early 80s and even then time had stood still for years in t...

The Haunted Theatre Of Boblo Island on 2014-12-15

When I was a kid I worked at Boblo Island as a summer job. I was there the night of the tornado... It was that night that we saw the ghost of Smiley the Magician. (I know the name sounds silly, but it is the actual name of the guy). Boblo Island was an amusement park that was at one time larger ...

The Lady Of Knapp's Island on 2014-12-09

This story will be a quickie. There is not much to this event and worse yet there is not much known history. As with my other stories I will begin with a quick introduction. I grew up in a small town south of Windsor Ontario. The lands around me were mostly farm fields and marsh. Town was a simp...

The Old Blue House On Dalhousie Street on 2014-12-04

If you have read any of my past stories you will already know that as a kid I grew up in a small town named Amherstburg. It is about 20 minutes south of Windsor Ontario (next to Detroit MI). As a kid I had many experiences with ghosts, especially as an older high school kid. Amherstburg, in my opini...

The Doctor's Dungeon on 2014-04-21

This is a new story that has happened within the last two years. I have recently returned to this forum after a 2 year hiatus. During that time I have been on an intense training schedule (for work) that has had me traveling out of town every other week for the last two years. (This was extremely di...

The Amherstburg Asylum on 2014-04-21

This story is going to be a little different than my others. Usually I tell a little history of the area and then tell my story of my experiences. This time I will tell you my experiences first, because I did not fully know the history of this place before I experienced my encounter with the spirit/...

The Boogie Man's Cabin on 2014-03-19

Today it seems that every town has a folklore tale that places claim that they are the real origin of the Boogie man story. My town is such a town. However I have some substantial history to back up our claim. If you have read my other stories you would know that I am from a small town south o...

The Naughty Ghost on 2011-10-18

This story tells of a good time in my life that I like to think back to and just smile. It was a time in my life when a lot of very scary stuff was about to happen. I will say that it is different from my past stories because it has to do with a lot of my personal relations with my girlfriend at ...

Graveyard Tours The Old Anglican Church on 2011-09-20

This is by far my favourite topic and by far the most interesting building that I know of. There is a ton of significant history behind this church. It does not do the history justice, but I will briefly summarize it, because this is my ghost story not a history lesson. The church was built in...

The Old Woman Watching My Son on 2011-09-20

I am going to break my chain of stories from my past and tell of a recent happening. In my adult life I have had one paranormal experience. It is not as in your face scary as the events of my childhood, but is disturbing on a higher level. For those of you that have read my other stories you probabl...

The Ghost Horse Of Texas Road Graveyard on 2011-08-23

This is probably the most famous of Ghosts in our area and the one that I have seen the most. As a kid growing up in the small historic town of Amherstburg Ontario, you could not help but hear of all the folklore and stories about the haunting of the Texas Rd Graveyard. There is a lot I have to s...

Graveyard Tour: River Canard Graveyard on 2011-08-22

This is the first in a small series of stories telling of the events that happened as a group of kids decided to formally create a group to investigate all the paranormal history around our home town. As a kid I grew up in the small historic town of Amherstburg. In high school a group of friends ...

The Lore Of Texas Road on 2011-08-16

As a young kid growing up in Amherstburg Ontario, one could not help but hear one of the many ghost stories about old Texas Road. Back in the early 90s we had a group of kids who decided to investigate all the rumours and happenings of the local area. One of our first areas to investigate was old Te...

The Cursed Tree on 2011-08-15

This unfortunately will not be that big or scary of a story as my past two, but I think it's worth telling. The last two stories were of the last significant events of our group, so this one kind of rewinds the clock and is actually the first event that formed our group and gave us all the bug to ...

Haunted Beach Party on 2011-07-26

As a teenager I was always into Halloween and all the fun that surrounds that occasion. In High school I had a group of friends that I always had such a great time hanging out with. We lived in Amherstburg Ontario Canada. (It's a small historic town just 20mins south of Windsor/Detroit) The town is ...

Ouija Board From Hell on 2011-07-04

I have decided to tell my story. I did not fancy up the writings as this is my account of the events that took place. I have added a lot of comments in brackets to help describe the situation as best I could. This actually did happen and the lives of many people were changed. I hope if any of them a...

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Date: 2017-01-19
Well it has been a long time since I have been to the Asylum. We recently had a tour of the old fort and I went into the Asylum. It has been a long time and the building is now significantly different. It has been gutted and turned into a tourist museum. Walls have been removed, some built. If you tour it you can make out some of the original shapes and flow of the rooms. You can see the staircase but it is employee only access. I have to admit I don't remember the front entrance building attached to the front of the building. I don't even remember seeing it built. But it looks as if it has been there a long time...? I was only in there for a few minutes long enough to see the changes. Seems quiet and settled. Upstairs has been left somewhat intact. I guess nothing lasts forever. It's a pity our history is restored by turning original historic buildings and places into modern businesses. I recently visited Castle Loma in Toronto. As a kid I was able to go into the hidden passages, see the basement rooms tour all the rooms of the house. Walk along the passages that led into the attic. It was amazing. Now the castle has only a few rooms left. All roped off. Most of the passages and rooms have been torn out and modern offices installed. The central area has been hogged out to provide a handicap elevator. The whole basement is a tourist shop. The underground passage to the carriage house has not been maintained and will soon be removed from public access... Too bad they don't consider maintaining it or even restoring it. But I guess the high dollar rules! Too bad so sad!
sorry for the garbled story I am super exhausted tonight and on my way to bed... Still something to think of... I encourage all to investigate the deeper you look into it the more you find is true... Fun stuff eh?
I'll let you all in on a little secret of mine. In high school I delved into a history project about the Fort. I got into the town Library and into some old books. I even had some collectors books on the area. I wrote my project but it was some of the personal journals that got my attention. If you dig you can find them the soldiers tell about thier times. And through their stories you discover things... Horror stories about Indian attacks that cut the unborn babies from a settler woman's bodies in front of her husband... Stuff you would never hear about in media anywhere!. I have been looking at this history to discover just how significant Amherstburg really was and how it almost became famous. I am convinced there is a hidden British treasure in Amherstburg. I know is sounds crazy but it has been this treasure hunt that sprung forth all the crazy ghost stories that we heard about and investigated. (giving me my adventures in the paranormal world).
I am still piecing together the clues. But I do know that British Admiral North was given a large sum of money from the Queen to finance a Confederate Indian Military to counter the American reinforcements of Fort Detroit and the great lakes areas. The Key people involved was Chief Tecumseh as he was the only man for the job of leader of the confederate army as he had the blood lines, respect of the tribes and the ear and friendship with William Cadwell. (meaning he was civilized enough to follow orders) the treasure was brought to Fort Malden to be delivered to Tecumseh. But the US got rumor of the treasure and invaded to capture it and pressed hard to eliminate the threat by hunting down Tecumseh and killing him.
The treasure was placed in a safe place. Most of the government men and founders of the town were masons (I know... Another Templar tale... But look into it. It is true) The masonic temple (the original one) was burnt down and it's location removed from all historical texts. The church, the fort and most of the town was built by the masons. At the fort today on display is a treasure chest labelled Chief Tecumseh's Treasure chest. (it is empty) But the money was hidden in the basement of the first masonic temple that was later burnt down with a majority of the town. The records of the time read that the American soldiers did not know what started the fire only they were not quick to put it out. Tones of stories line up to support this from ships in the navy yard to soldiers traveling to Fort Detroit and back to Amherstburg they all seemed to know about it. But after the death of Tecumseh and the occupation of the Fort the treasure disappears from history. Only a few of the key individuals survive the wars. Even some of the first Prime Ministers of Canada bought lands in the Amherstburg area as the hopes of finding the treasure on your property was a popular word of mouth rumor. I bet that is why we have had so much paranormal activity
Date: 2016-09-29
lots of stories are flying around the internet about Texas road. One of them have the old Sutton creek farm house as an old KKK I wish people would bother to know the history of the town! Amherstburg was the end of the underground railroad! No KKK here. We had KKK members and slave hunters always in the area but no KKK (official buildings) The British colonies did not support slavery in the way that the USA did. As a youth I walked in the Sutton Creek farmhouse and barn. It was a place that I would go horseback riding at. As far as I know it has no history. The graveyard, the creek, the bridge and the road has the history. Everyone who goes there now to "check it out" you are not seeing the original bridge. The original bridge was wooden timbers in Iron beams. It was replaced years ago. The stone foundation walls were cemented over. You can see the old cement and probably still some old and new graffiti. The creek was also widened a few times and now meanders closer to the farm field than it once did. (Sutton creek clean up project... Aka get rid of all landmarks to stop kids from coming down into the creek) The original creek bed is now more into the forest I bet you could still find some of the big rocks. They would be inline with the bridge and the farm house that was just past the barn. Perhaps if I get daring enough I might venture out to take a look again.
Rumors going around again of people seeing the ghost horse again. So many people have seen this horse... Out of the blue conversations pop up talking about it... I wish someone could get proof or a picture...
Date: 2016-09-29
Creek road lol I know that place well... One of the first stories I wrote for this sight was rejected. (I was not very clear or good at my story telling skills) The story involved a barn party, A beer run, getting lost in the back woods of Essex county, getting chased by a mysterious car. The night ended in me and a few friends hiding in a corn field in the middle of the night. But we did see a ghost lady. Creek road ends at big creek near knapps Island. In the fog late at night we all saw a woman dressed in pioneer times cloths walk across the foggy waters of the creek pass over the road and into the creek on the other side. She moved fast and unnatural she carried a lantern. We all saw her... And years later my wife saw her...
yeah change has been bad lately... Amherstburg has been loosing so many historic buildings and sites. It is a shame.
Date: 2016-09-29
Lauren it is not hard to find. The place looks the same as I described it. So standing in front of it you would see the same landscape. But now you would have a monopoly board behind you and a water tower to your left. I think the roadside has been dug up and re graded so many time but you can still see the lift in the ground where the tree once stood and the area is still full of dead grass.
Date: 2016-09-29
Lauren you are correct... When I was going there the beach was almost 100ft from the tree line. The water was clear enough to see the bottom waist deep and we could swim out 200ft from shore stand on sand bars and have a blast... I still live in the area. And occasionally visit it. It is a shame that they bull dozed the beach, stone piers and old tree line. The place is recovering but it is a slow process. When I was really young I was chased by a pack of coyotes who were tracing me like wolves from the swamp side. Scared the hell out of me. We now have Coy-dogs large blonde coyote dogs that have moved back in to the swamp. They look like a gold shepherd/lab mix but they are about 90-120lbs (very big) and have an extra long tail. Be careful down there.
Date: 2016-09-29
Thanks for the compliments. I have not touched a Ouija board since... I actually have the occasional flash back like PTS when I see them in the stores...
I recently had an experiance that I will soon write about. I was in a very surreal place. It was an experiance that was so unique. Scared me a bit I was underground and in the dark and in a place that has been forgotten for almost 100yrs.
That was a cool but very sad documentary thanks for the link. It must have been taken a while ago as most of the structures on the video are now also gone. The power house (church), sky needle, dance hall, theater, souvenir shop, and main dock is all that is left. THe railing that is in the water is the boarding gang plank it lifts to accommodate for the water height and the height of the boat. I remember there was a very big push to save the park as it was profitable in the last year. Everything had just been remodeled and the insurance money from the storm had allowed extra funds to be dumped into revitalizing the park. The park was sold overnight in a private deal and there was no time or hope of saving the park. The sky needle was only a few years old at the time of the parks closure. As for size in the 1980s & 1990s it rivaled Cedar point for size and number of rollercoasters. The Nightmare was a huge hit. It was the first rollercoaster to be in the dark. I know the park looks small now but back then all the other parks were smaller too. It was for a few short times the largest rollercoaster park in Canada and featured world class rides. It's too bad someone doesn't do something with it! Even it a heritage organization like Fort Malden absorbed it. They could do so much with it... And someone should bring back the ferries. That would be a business on it's own.
Date: 2015-04-15
So I spoke with a friend of mine who comes from a very religious Irish Catholic family. He says that the church has practisioners who choose to "study" old church traditions that include superstitions, witchcraft, satan, evil and dark magic. He said that some practisioners will even travel to Rome and Spain for specialized studies and training. They handle these type of things. Sometimes in person or over the

I don't know if I believe him, but he is a very honest, straight laced guy...
Date: 2015-04-15
update. It looks as if they are excavating the lot next door to the house that is now on the spot the boogie man's cabin was. I wonder if they will find anything or if anyone will get hurt? Hope not.
I finally got the pic of the clock but I have yet to post it. Stay tuned...
Date: 2015-03-24
Grandpa's clock is the last story I published, but I still have a ton of them. The problem is finding the time to write them out. I have a family of 4 kids and we are renovating a historic cabin. So finding time to get for myself where I can be undisturbed is rare. I do a lot of training for work so when they send me out of town I get time in the hotel to write.

Thanks for the kind words.

I have another one in the works. I work in construction/ service industy and just spent several hours in the underground passages of Windsor. I found several slave tunnels with names and drawings on the brick walls. They are all over downtown and run from old building foundations out under the street and under other buildings. It is super creepy and looks like something from a movie. Giant industrial pumps, generators, steam pipes, old tile passages, old brick tunnels all from the 20s, 30s and erlier all frozen in time... Very odd and very full of spirits. There are rooms down there that have wooden barrels from the proibition time and bunks of beds and hidden chambers for escaping slaves that are ancient. Passing through these tunnels and rooms is like walking back through time.
Date: 2015-02-11
no problems... I don't know why it would not burn... It still bugs me that it would not burn... But I still wonder what the church did in the middle of the night that ended everything... Do you think churches are aware of these situations? Do they have a get rid of evil emergancy manual? Do they train people to handle these events?... Raises a lot of questions doesn't?
Date: 2015-02-10
thanks...this was the single most scariest thing that ever happened to me and I am glad it talked you out of playing with a board
I can take a pic of the clock. Its at my parent's house. Next time I am there I'll try to remember. I'll post it the same way I posted a pic of the Doctor's door.
Well I have an update: I did some research this morning and discovered that the magician could not be the same Samuel J Smilovitz that relates to Houdini. He died at 80yrs old as a lawyer in New York. I have looked a countless pics of the theater and have not found anything about Smiley the Magician... Has me wondering if the story was just a story or if it was an old story that was created long ago for promotional reasons. I am sure it would have been beneficial to have some claim to fame & mystery especially if it related to Houdini.

So now I wonder who's haunting the Theater? I have no doubt that it was a past performer with the alias "Smiley" As for Smilovich there is a ton of people with that last name... I am not sure of the spelling nor the truth in the last name... Not worth searching for anymore for me. But if I ever run across "smiley's" picture I know I will recognize it and I will update accordingly.

Also thanks again for the link to the Boblo community!