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My Own Incubus on 2011-06-29

I know some of you may think this is wierd but I am going to tell you my story which is 100 percent the truth. Ok so I'm 21 male I'm from Northern Ireland but currently living in England. It started when I was back home vistiting my mum and dad when I was on leave. When one night, I was lying o...

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Next time it happens just try to relax. Chances are the incubus doesn't want to hurt you. I am currently being visited on a regular basic by a incubus so I do believe you although I myself do not have dreams about them. All I can say is try to say calm and try to communicate with the incubus and who knows you might start to enjoy your visits
Date: 2011-07-05
good story, I have heard about these demons before black with red eyes I think someone said 'cerberus'

The last story I heard was a man woke up and his house was on fire and smoke was everywhere when he went to the hall way he said this dog (same description) was growling at him and he bolted out of the house. Wel that's what I heard I don't know if it is true or not but it sounds true enough jus thought I would let you know
Date: 2011-07-05
Endymion77 thanks for the input, you said 'by default made a pact' I was wondering if you could expand on that? The majority of interaction with oddid I turn down and it has not tried to harm me or been upset in any way and you say that I will not be able to relate to human women I have a girlfriend and she has not witnessed any effects. Maybe it is too soon but at the moment I have not seen oddid display any anger

Judging by many of the comments I have recieved it seems that I should stop interaction. Any ideas how?
Date: 2011-07-05
hey everyone thank you for the comments and rustum just so you know I'm in the forces so I cannot take any drug of any sort so your theory of watching p0rn and taking lsd has no grounds here.

Aussiedaz thank you for that information with the writing I do not think I will be trying that anymore if you have anymore information I would love to here it.

Terry-wrist: I'm confident I'm not imagining what is happening to me, you right this may not be an icubus I'm only going by what it is telling me but I asure you, this is some sort of spirit or demon.