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Shadows And Signs on 2011-07-04

The story I am about to tell, is far from over. I will be honest - it's the first time something like that happened to me. Few years have already passed since my fathers death - and all seemed to be normal, with slightly weird happenings occasionally. But this year, something new has been beginni...

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Date: 2011-07-08
I figured something out. I looked at the signs I wrote down, and I know something out of it now.

When I wrote down "The head-shadow above my head" I wrote it in my father's handwriting, which means it indeed was my father, watching over me. Probably protecting me from the second sign "Now it's your turn", which was probably a threat.

But now that leaves me back at point 0 - Five of Clubs. I wonder what does that mean.
Date: 2011-07-08
Thanks again for all the comments - I know it is not my father. There are a few - maybe even more spirits in the house. My father is one of them, yes, but he is lost and he rarely communicates with my. Also, he is not this scary presence.

I still don't know whether this is a good spirit - but I'll find out. If it can't cross or touch the holy water I put all over my room, or cross the holy earth I put near my windows and door, then it's a demon, from a feedback of the lover's black magic.

I'll keep you posted.

Also - today another phenomena has occured - a shiny ball of light moved from under my door to the highest point of the door.

Another thing - I heard an old woman's laugh while picking the berries in my yard, it simply freaked me out.
Date: 2011-07-06
Thanks for all the comments and advices, the creepy presence still persists and the door right next to my room keeps opening for no reason.

I will shed more light on this. When he was alive, he used to occupy a high rank in military. But the stress that was put on him, weakened him and allowed a lover to come in. But that was no ordinary lover.

Me and my mother were almost sure she used dark magic to seduce my father, who at the start of the relationship with her acted like a complete stranger, but the closer to his death, the more he seemed to want to come back to us.

It could be a speculation, but the lover did try dark magics. I remember seeing crosses which were thrown into our lawn, blood-red puddles before the entrances (Doors, Gate), and we even found a rusty knife in the bathroom's air vent.

As for him doing something terrible - well, he just acted terrible, talked to terrible to us and overall, was not himself.

He wasn't a very bad person, but just when he was with that lover he became evil and strange.

Anywho, if the dark magics were indeed used and killed my father, then I know who said "Now it's your turn". I think the demons who might have killed my father are returning to haunt me.