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Hello, my name is Rhiannon (RE-ANN-UN) I live in Washington With my grandmother, Father, and 2 of my brothers. I tutor at a middle school here and love every minute of it. I am an Athiest but believe people leave an energy behind when they pass away. Although I don't believe in religion I love to hear peoples different perspectives on life and after life. Although if I think your being callous or presumptious or offensive or preachy I will let you know,;) I never believed in the paranormal until I was face to face with paranormal experiences myself so forgive me if I can tend to be skeptical with some occurences. I'm pretty new to this site so if I break a rule or cross a line let me know and I will try to correct my mistake.
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My Ghost Is Still Here on 2011-07-06

I posted a story earlier about needing help with me ghost problem, well today it got a lot worse. I go to summer school every morning; I ride my bike since I only live about a mile and a half away. My bike is brand new and I made sure everything works before I use a new bike. I had been riding i...

Knocking, Screaming Demon on 2011-07-06

So I've had some experiences with the paranormal. So this will make sense but you will first need the back-story: I used to live in a very old house built in the mid 1800's. It had been remodelled before we moved in though. We lived there for years without ever experiencing anything too out of t...

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Your right I'm going to try to move in with either my mom or miranda. Her dad is very sensitive to paranormal and he works as a physchiatrist so he I very worried about me being around cody since I'm the only one he has ever physically attacked.
Date: 2011-07-13
I think I accidentally responded on my other story,
Yes he is very sick he scares me but I love him very much. I'm going to try to talk to my dad wich should be easier since he inst working right now.
Thank you ❤
Thank all of you so much for the advice, your all very helpful,
I'm very obsessed with serial killers (not in a psycho way) I have followed thier stories and connected a pattern with cody especially since he is very withdrawn and anti-social, I'm the only one he talks to since I'm his only sister. I'm going to nut up and talk to my dad, thank you for helping me.

Yes I do live with my gramma, unfortunatley my grandmother is very narrow minded and a very strict mormon (unfortunate about narrow minded not mormon part, mormons don't generally believe in ghosts or demons) I tried telling her once and she brushed it off. And she doesn't believe cody has shiatzophrenia even though he was diagnosed by 5 different physcologists and doctors.

True I believe its been following me since it comes with me when I'm at my moms, or a friends or even when I'm tutoring my kids at summer school.
Hailey would experience things while in the house and so did my dad but he dismisses them or ignores it even when a mail slot divider smacked him in the torso and I was standing next to him. The relationship ended because her Ex-Husband got out of prison and it turned out they werent technically divorced. I am still an Athiest but I believe in paranormal I just don't believe in dieties. Cody has friends who are horrible influences one of them once tried to convince me to give him some of my blood for an "experiment" I of course didn't give him any but he always asks me if I want to help him in an "experiment" I know at one point cody was drinking animal blood because I caught him the other day. But it seems if he is still practicing the occult he isn't doing it in our house but in our gazebo I have found mutilated animals and candles. Barbie believed the entity was attacking me because I'm very sensitive to emotions and energy and very empathetic watever it is feels angry and full of hate. Feel it all the time like its my own shadow.
Thank you for helping me fill in the holes, Barbies kids didn't live with us full time, they just stayed the night once in a while. My dad didn't like witchcraft so she didn't preform witchcraft in the house out of respect for him. I still live with cody but I'm scared to ask him because he is usually really sweet and protective until you anger him, and he was recently diagnosed as shiatzophrenic so he will snap sometimes. I learned to never ever use a board after that but at the time I was young and didn't understand what we were doing. Its gotten worse now even when I'm concious I hear screaming, literally just a few seconds ago I heard it I'm in a room full of middleschoolers that I tutor and none of them heard it.
Date: 2011-07-12
What would have possesed them to think that would help the parents to forget about theyre poor passed child to have a poster of the dead child in thier livingroom. I can imagine how it must feel to lose a child... I give eyour friend my condolences. ❤ ❤ ❤
Date: 2011-07-12
Has the woman you care for ever mentioned seeing or hearing anything strange? If she has perhaps you could convince her to find a way to honor the artifacts instead of scattering them in the garden. Have you experienced anything with the crying since this occurance?
Thank you I will talk to the priest again. Unfortunatley my dad and his fiancee's marriage only lasted a year so I never talk to her any more:/
I think he got the tools from his friend who was raised satanist. They were spending a lot of time together when the haunting started.
Date: 2011-07-09
I came off a little presumoptious, I didn't mean he CANT save you, sorry if I offended. I only meant she isn't responsible and in a case like this she needs to take immediate action since it is physically attacking her. Sorry if I offended you I jumped the gun a bit.
Date: 2011-07-09
[at DeviousAngel]
Thank you for not jumping down my throat! I appreciate it when someone can disagree with me without insulting or degrading. Me and all my friends smoke and we've never hallucinated, nausea and blurred vision -YES but never hallucinated. I'm not saying it can't happen though. Again thank you for disagreeing civally 😊
Date: 2011-07-09
[At miracles]
Some one needs a hug, eh? Dont you act all high and mighty just because you don't agree with my lifestyle. I was actually at school at the time, so I was sober, I'm a summer school tutor at the middle school in my neighbor hood. You got high ONCE so don't act like your a friggin expert. If you were hallucinating my guesse is it was laced. Personally I'm disgusted with YOUR comment. If your offended that easily maybe you need to get high more often;)
Date: 2011-07-08
[At Devious]
I am a heavy smoker and drinker and mixing them together does not cause halluicnations. Weed doesn't cause hallucinations, or hysteria and niether does alcahol. No offense but your friends were either on something havier if they say they saw "big foot" because I get high ALOT and drink ALOT and have never experienced anything even close to that. I manage to keep a 3.5 GPA stoned off my patootie.
[At alanhopewell]
Your a very good writer! 😊 Your story seems very credible and well written. I want to go visit that site now! Have you had any experiences since then?
Have you experienced anything beyond knocking? Or more knocking? I have been haunted recently and it started out as knocking. I gave it attention and swore at it which made it worse, that was a HUGE mistake. So Dont even acknowledge that it is there. It can be really hard or scary but just crank up the TV or put on some upbeat music. I hope this helps! 😊
Date: 2011-07-06
Im sorry but relying on "jesus" to save you from being raped by a demon doesn't work. You cannot rely on "god" to save you. And to the writer of this You need to clanse your room, house, bed and yourselve. This is in no way your fault. I hope your okay and I hope thie never ever happens to you again. ❤ ❤ ❤
Physical attacks are the scariest. This may sound wierd but when I feel a physical touch of a demon I sing. I don't know why but it works. 😁
Date: 2011-07-05
Oh jeesus that's creepy! I go to school in spokane washington:P I went to arlington ho wierd would it be if that was at my school because we had 2 deaths when I went there.