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Entity Haunting Me And My Children on 2011-07-06

I have decided to post this story because I have a serious issue that my children and I have been experiencing and I'm out of options. I never have had anything like this happen before and I know absolutely nothing about the spirit world. There is I guess a spirit who literally follows me around...

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I just wanted to say something real quick! I have not read all the comments but I'm truly blown away with all the nice comments thus far and how many people responded and cared enough to put their thoughts down and advice. I think I have the solution based on the information I was given by some of you and my own personal feelings. Things have escalated more and I believe I know why. It was certainly not on purpose and once I get things back to normal for the sake of my children I want to share this experience with others and maybe help others so they don't make the same mistakes I have. I believe in God, we are of the LDS faith, but I will say we have not been as active in church as I would like to be but that's going to change because with this experience I have also a new understanding of God and I want to get know him better... I believe there is so much that I don't know and understand. For the people that are worried about my children, first let me say thank you! That was also my main concern, the three older ones are staying with friends as much as possible and the three younger ones are sleeping with their momma every night. They have been effected by this, they seem to be more open to it then I and that's good and bad... They're scared of course so until I get things back to normal I'm letting them go to friend's house where they can go and just enjoy themselves. The younger ones do not seem to notice anything and are happy and active per usual. I'm going to get a friend to help me with sharing the videos and pictures, I tried and I got an error message saying the video is too large but when I do get the videos up please forgive me in the video, I look like a mess and got very upset (freaking out and a few bad words) so let me apologize in advance... Please keep the prayers coming, I believe strength are in numbers and thank you for the prayers.