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I Thought Evil Was Bad? on 2011-07-07

I am A 15 year old girl living in a VERY old house with my Mother and Father. My room is the smallest Bed room in the house and I occasionally sleep on the couch due to extreme anger that occurs when I sleep in my room. Well I was tired and it was around 13:00 -army Time- so I went to sleep thinking...

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Date: 2011-07-16
Uhm...Thanks to those who actually wanted to help. But I would like to know why people are having a HUGE conversation about Beliefs and the bible. It all seems so Interesting, but I read some of the posts and Most of them have absolutely nothing to do with Paranormal or anything that would help. Sorry if I sound like a crazy b**ch that Lies on the internet, but I a serious and I WANT TO get rid of them for good.
Date: 2011-07-07
Hey, I am also 15, and I have sort of the same happening to me. I have two Incubus haunting my home. I am scared to sleep. But you have nothing o worry about, this spirit seems to want to keep you from harm. And Might be a relative that had passed away. Or an Item you recently got from someone that you might not know about. I have gotten a Gargoyle statue from a relative, that had passed. It was thrown from the shelf it was on, and it was later fixed and sitting on my bed. But it seems gentle and may be comforting you or itself. You could try a dry erase bored or even a ape recorder at night and ask questions.