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Veronica Fernando
Sri Lanka
Hi...I am Veronica (Nikky) I am from Srilanka. This site is amazing and I see different kind of experiences here. I use not to believe in paranormal but now I am a believer and I love to read ghost stories more and experience less, yes I have experienced paranormal but not really used to in at the moment.
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A Wonderful Bond on 2012-08-20

As usual I was having a fun time with my best buddy ever my grandpa. It was around 4:30, I went to my grandpa's room to give them tea and spend some time with them. I started the topic about their young age journey, he liked it and I continued asking questions and we had good time. The topic chan...

My Baby Friend on 2012-06-26

Recently I had an experience which I may never forget. While I was cleaning my room I felt I was being watched, I thought my grandma maybe just passed by the room though she walks very slow I shrugged it off. Later I finished my work and decided to watch out of window and was thinking to visit my...

The Sun Has Shined Again on 2012-05-16

This story is about two lovers, unfortunately an incident separated them and they faced. In 1942 there were three youngsters Violet, Lucy and Jhonson they were best friends and had more bunch of friends. Among them Lucy and Jhonson were the lovers and every friend knew about their relationship. ...

You Are My Loving Son on 2012-05-08

Those who didn't read my previous account please read 'unexpected things are always welcome' so you will understand this one. After the painful tragedy my best friend Oshi's brother was uncontrolable when he wakes during midnight. Varusha (12) was in a situation as if he was under a kidnapper'...

Unexpected Things Are Always Welcome on 2012-05-02

'Unexpected things are always welcome' this was my best friend Oshi's quote about life. She was 13 years old when I lost her in Tsunami. We were four best friends... Oshi (13), Harsha (13), Trish (12) and me (11). Oshi was very fond of perfumes and she use to wear my rose perfume everyday. Ha...

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Date: 2012-08-28
Hi Vijay,

The arm freaked me out! Interesting account though. Didn't you all try to find out who and why the thing was locked in the room? I think that the spirit was evil so he/she had to be banished forever before you people released it. Good spirit doesn't have to be banished. Right?

As I know Priests perform their mantras to banish the spirit because they try to harm the people. So was that the reason this thing was locked? That happens a lot here in my country, catching an evil spirit in bottles and throws it into the sea.

I am really curious to know whether anything happened after the release of the spirit.

Thank you for sharing this story😊

Date: 2012-08-28
Thanks for your comments😊yeah she is the biggest part of the story and as well as of my life 'now'

Date: 2012-08-24
Yikes!😭 this was creepy! I mean how did you get the guts?! If it was me watching a gliding shadow seriously I could have been selected in a peeing in pants contest!

(by the way I regret reading it this late when in the back of my mind was thinking to go to the bathroom😭)

Date: 2012-08-23
For avoiding confusion please read The Sun Has Shined Again then you will understand this account. Forgot to mention it earlier😊

Date: 2012-08-19
Yikes! That's creepy. You must have lots of guts to stay there. How did you say 'a woman with burning wound' have arrived after hearing the scream?

This is so painful just watching someone die. I know how you felt about the child (damn! I can't stop thinking about the 2 year old getting drowned), spending times with her then suddenly couldn't believe she died.

Glad the family reunited and happy with no more pains.

A different account and an incredible experience, not many people do that. You took the best advantage of your gift. This made me smile how the girl popped in your mind. Just wow! A favourite one to my favourite part the favourite list! Here I come...!

Date: 2012-07-04
Thanks again everyone❤

Miracles- Nah it's okay😊
JS- Lol! The girlfriend part was funny!
Geetha- 😊Thank you and glad you liked my name.
Date: 2012-07-03
Thanks everyone for your comments❤

And yeah whoever asked about dragons. When you read the title and knew it wasn't of your bloody taste why did you click on it? I am not here to amuse anyone and I hate it you atleast for a second found this story funny. I don't know whether you are a man or a woman but I am hurt and hurt by seeing a grieving ill mother begging her child to come back. After four miscarriages Crystal was born and now? And you want dragons? What's funny? Is it because I'm not of your country?

I am not a mother but I can feel their pain for their children. Your comment just brought me to my high temper and I will whenever I will see your particular comment in this page. Get a life!
Date: 2012-07-02
NATAROX101- You are another one with brilliant age😁I saw that you won't participate in discussion! You too try harder😕really too much.

Date: 2012-07-01
Okay, link isn't clickable I think.

'It's Not A School Day' and
'Being Watched And Flying Things' where you said 13. Nobody noticed or I made a mistake?😕
Date: 2012-07-01
NATAROX101, Sorry for your loss and I agree with Jav.

I have a question to clarify my doubt. Your age is displayed here as a 'young adult' but you have mentioned your age as 13 in this page

And this


Date: 2012-07-01
So didn't your dad ask about the chair and doll why it happen to be in that condition? He must have wondered. And I see the young spirit is playful😊

Thanks for sharing.

Date: 2012-07-01
Wow! Looking forward for more. That was really nice I enjoyed!😊


Seesthings626: Amazing! Multiple birthdays? Somewhere you mentioned 13, your profile 14 and here 15, that's Fans**tastic! Try harder next time😁
Grade 6 child getting 'high'?😕He must be 10 or 11 I guess in 6? And you said both are twins, so why would a mother write a letter and scare a 10 year old saying she had 'poison'?

Patatas bravas please😁Gee...I was hungry and yeah the butifarras! *dancing like Mr.Bean*
LOL [at] SoyYo and Spider 😆
Hey wait a minute😕somebody is missing, no wait few are missing! I wish them to be here😭
I am running out of drink *giving high five to jesus_soldier* ummm... One more drink please *lying on the floor*

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Love this song... Whose here to dance?[confuse]
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