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JoyBells's pictureI hate talking about myself, so forgive me if my bio is vague. I like to draw and write, though I spend most my time reading, playing video games, or watching movies (that is when I'm not at work). I believe that I am sensitive to the spiritul realm, though more through 'feeling' than 'seeing'. I am very interested in reading about others experiences with the paranormal in order to gain more knowledge and understanding on this subject.


I'm looking for information on a restaurant in Michigan particurly in the Mount Morris (Mt. Morris) Township on Peirson Rd. City could either be listed under Flint or Flushing. It had several different names throughout its time first known as Country Squire Restaurant in 1962, it has also been known as Bosley's (1982), Urban Cowboy, Fat Tuesdays, and lastly as Broadstreet North or just Broadstreet. It burned down completely on Oct 15, 2011 -fortunatley it had been vacant for the pass few years so no one was injured or killed. Here's a local article about the fire:


There are local rumors that the founding owner was killed in a former fire that took place in 1967 at the restaurant. There was $500,000.00 worth of damages -they were able to rebuild it the same year. I have yet to uncover any validity to the claims about the owner's demise. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated! Unfortunately I have had no luck accessing any old newspaper articles or obituaries from these dates or incidents. This research is for finding the truth about a possible haunting.

Help Wanted and Appreciated.
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Davison Horror Story Part I on 2015-07-14

[The experiences about to be detailed happened between 2013-2014. During this time I was undergoing an incredibly personal crisis and a great deal of stress, the likes of which I do not wish to disclose.] In January of 2013 my husband and I moved into a rental home in Davison, MI. At first, it wa...

A String Of Spooky Events on 2013-01-30

For Privacy purposes certain names in my story have been changed - the events; however, are true. In the summer of 2011 my boyfriend - Nathan, (this was before we were engaged/married) and I drove south to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to attend the wedding of his sister Barbie to her fiancΓ© Frank. An in...

Demonic Encounters on 2012-11-13

Here's a bit of irony to start off with: my name is Joy and I'm depressed (it's okay to let out a little snicker at that one); or rather, was depressed. The struggle with my former clinical condition started at the ripe age of twelve - now I look back on this and think to myself, why would a twelve ...

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Sorry for the delay of part 2! It's been written out just waiting for me to post but I been searching my memory cards like crazy trying to find a certain photo that goes along with my experience told in part 2! Aaah still looking!

Your comment cracked me up! And yes that's the kind of imagery that stays burned in your memory! Thanks for reading!

I totally understand where you are coming from and you are right. A heightened amount of stress can lead to hysteria/paranoia. Believe me, I might have thought it was just me overreacting (especially what happens in part 2) if not for my husband's (and even my doggies) experiences.

Thank you for your fair perspective and positive feedback!
Hecate0 & Tweed

I'm glad you got a kick out of my retelling! Now that that dark part of my life is over, I try to look back on it with a light hearted approach (no need to be so serious all the time I think 😁 I mean my name is Joy lol). I hope you enjoy part 2 even more as I will be trying to post a creepy photo along with it!

I agree something was trying to get our attention and it's goal was to drive a wedge betweeen me and my husband. "Divide and conquer" seemed to be the tactic. Since then both my husband and I have been totally forthcoming about any and all strange occurences we encounter.

Thanks again for the encouraging feedback!
Thank you everyone for your comments. I am in the middle of writing part 2. Should be finished with it very soon!
Date: 2013-03-18

I appreciate the reply! I'm glad to hear that you and your family are comfortable with her presence especially knowing the tragedy she underwent.

Thank you for the personal note - it certainly rings true to me and is very much valued!😁
Date: 2013-02-12
Wow, great read! That house sounds gorgeous by the way, I'd love to live in a big farm house in the middle of the country one day, God willing!

Very awesome experience, expecially since you weren't the only one to encounter her spirit. Did anyone else ever see the same light you did maybe on a different occassion? Just curious 😁
Thanks for reading my experiences all!

Shadow and shlain, I sent you both emails answering the question about Frank's and Barbie's answer to us. Please let me know if you don't receive them and I will try again:)

Thanks again!

Both stories are truly a tear jerkers and both made me think about the people in my life that any one of them could be gone at a moment's notice without warning. I'm glad I read this because it makes me appreciate those people even more and challenges me to show more love and kindness to those who need it.

Your great-grandmother and grandmother sounded like they were wonderful people with big hearts and I'm glad that they cared for Raja as much as they did. ❀

What a fascinating take, I've heard similar concepts before but I'm really taken with your explanation. This is something I'll definitely be looking into further. Thanks always for your much valued input!

New Hunter:

I definitely think there are "warrior" Angels that continually skirmish with the "forces of evil" (haha even if it sounds like a script for B movie). I like to think there are still lots of different tasks that Angels have that we have no idea about as well (besides the established messengers, musicians, guardians, etc.). The world of Spirits certainly is a mysterious one 😁

Sorry I didn't mean to divert the discussion but I do consider angels apart of the spirit world so I thought it made sense to bring them up. And maybe "hiearchy" was the wrong word to use, what I meant was that I believe there are many different kinds of angels each with different appearances and all with their own set of "duties" they conduct (I think these kind of beings are real even outside of religious beliefs). I just think it's interesting because there seems to be so much about them we don't know.


Thanks, I tend to believe that too. I always feel like when strange things like this happen that I grow from the experience -if only a little. 😊
Yes, demons tend to do physical harm which in my opinion is the difference between a malicious, ghostly haunting and demonic torment. Like Rook said, demons seek to possess a body whereas ghosts tend to either want to make their presence known or to communicate something (for whatever purpose that may be). A common strategy for demonic possession involves the demon "luring" its' prey (a human) away from other people - ostracizing them, weakening their defenses, feeding off their negative emotions, harming their body physically; all carried out this way in order to create an opening for the possession to take place. I found this to be true through personal experience, though thankfully I was spared from possession. In my case, I suffered from awful claw marks up down my back and legs that would often still are oozing blood upon noticing them (just a tidbit from among the others nasty things I experienced during that time).
What about angels though, YGS? I personally believe in the hierarchy of angels (many different kinds, all with different "tasks" and so on). What kind of thoughts do the good people of this community have on this subject?

I only have a handful of experiences -not much, not enough for a journal log or anything like that lol. And like I have mentioned to others on here before most of my experiences happened years back when I was in Jr. High. This story here is the latest and last series of creepy events to take place in my life as of now.

Thanks for reading! 😁

Thanks for the link; I enjoyed the article immensely! Throughout my research I have been able to complete a few Biblical Theology and Biblical History classes that have focused much of their lessons on understanding Hebrew interpretations and misinterpretations. It's a great field to study in because it really opened my mind to a much bigger picture. This is what drove me to learn more about the spiritual realm and all the things that can get easily misconstrued or ignored in certain Christian communities. For instance - there's SO MUCH that we as humans have to yet to discover here on our planet let alone matters of philosophy or spirituality and none of us should limit ourselves in learning all we can because someone told us that certain books or studies are evil (It's practically judging a book by its cover; or following the leader' even if he leads us all off a cliff). Ultimately I feel it is more important to have an open mind and heart, a helpful attitude, and set of decent convictions to live by and the rest will fall in place (Isn't that what God asks us to do anyway? Love others as we love ourselves, don't judge, be tolerant and forgiving, and having a heart to learn). It's too easy to get wrapped up in the minor details (religiously speaking) but that tends to leads to outlandish rules and fallacies. (Sorry for ranting and getting a little off track - tried to edit most of the lengthiness out and get to the point; I tend to get a little over zealous bout these things haha).

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for reading! And to answer your question, I didn't start to hear these odd things until after I got back from Tennessee (not including my Jr. High experiences, and in those instances I normally heard things at the church/school -not usually at my parents' house). It's great that you are there for your daughter as she is sensitive to spirits, its important to have that support from your parents especially when dealing with the paranormal!

P.S. I miss those Napoleon Dynamite p.j.'s...and I wish I could really do cartwheels hahahaha πŸ˜†
Date: 2013-02-04

Thank you for reading my stories. You're really too kind for saying those things about me, thank you! And to be truthful I do feel that it has helped me to understand myself better.

I think it's truly great that you've been able to help those who deal with depression, sometimes it takes just one sincere person to change your perspective for the better. And this world is definitely in need of more caring, sincere people.

I know what you mean about someone else's depression rubbing off on you, especially with you being an empath it must be even more wearing; I too have encountered that familiar twinge of depression if I'm around another's strong negative emotions. It seems to me from what I have read from your stories and posts that you are a good person that naturally helps others:)

Thanks again!

Hahahahahahah! Way to go Anna's granny! It's good to know when good people got your back πŸ˜†

Yes it was truly frigtening when it happened; I felt like my heart stopped! Although, if you happen to skim through my other story "Demonic Encounters" you'll see that I have experienced hearing clear, audible words (more specifically my name) spoken to me; however, in that case it always felt like I was being put into a trance when I would start to hear them speak whereas in this instance it was sounded as if someone living had said it -really creepy to say the least!

Thanks for reading!

You as a poster are on my favorites list for a reason! You encounter such incredible and sometimes tragic situations and you always end up handling them so well. I'm so sorry that you had to deal with someone like Rita and to be duped by her too? I would've thrown down at that point haha!

This post is amazing and once again validates your gift. I'm glad that Kelly and your maternal grandmother were there to protect when you needed it the most!

Thanks for sharing! 😁