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Caught Red Handed on 2011-07-26

As a child, I frequently visited my family members from Mexico and spent a lot of that time sleeping over at my cousins houses and things of that sort so I was very close to them and therefore acclimated well when I moved there. I moved to Mexico for about a year and attended a Catholic school there...

Forgotten Devilish Experience on 2011-07-19

Sorry for the length of this story, I am telling my very first story on this site and am used to being very detailed so it may take a while to get to the good part of the story. So again please bear with me until the end of the story and feel free to comment and give some advice on the subject. It w...

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Hey there Mocha018. Just as you may have read in the comments what youre experiencing is sleep paralysis and if it has become a problem for you then what you need to do is learn how to control these episodes. I have sleep paralysis every now and again but it is intentional as I am learning to have lucid dreams and episodes of sleep paralysis (SP) usually imptove my chances of dreaming lucidly. I have had a lot of experience with SP and I can tell you right now that its nothing to be afraid of and it can be either a positive or negative experience for you. The only somewhat frightening thing to happen to me during sleep paralysis was that I used to get a feeling that I was getting pulled out of bed by some invisible Force. Some people refer to this feeling as astral projection so again is nothing to fear. If you search Jody Whiteley on YouTube you will find some videos on sleep hypnosis. These videos have really helped me gain control of my sleep paralyisis and I and I think they can help you too. Hope this helps! -David
Date: 2012-02-06
Hey Casper 😊
I very much enjoyed your story, hope you find out what's with your dogs amazing ability to teleport places XD haha I thought this story was funny because I too have a Shih Tzu and I could just imagine him walking through walls to get to where I am because he too follows me everywhere I go lol
Date: 2011-09-27
Nice story man. I think that if communicating or coming into any sort of contact with these entities is a rush or thrill for you then by all means, keep doing what you're doing. Although, be warned that these things can backfire and cause complete, sometimes permanent, disaster and stress in your life. I don't think these entities are actual demons from hell or anything of that sort but may be the spirits of Satanists that are attracted by satanic imagery you portray in your body art or the kind of music you listen to or the people you associate with. If you have satanist friends then these may be demons that came into contact and followed you home after seeing that you too share their values and love for the IDEA of Satan. Or they can simply be the affects of drug use and constant hallucinations from past drug experiences that won't go away. Believe it or not I have an ex girlfriend who took acid ONCE without doing any other sort of drugs in her whole life and experiences some sort of hallucination or vivid flashback at least every other day. I believe this to be a permanent affect of that one time she experimented with LSD, but hey that's just my opinion.

I personally don't believe in a God or Satan but agree that one can be an atheist with Satanic morals or values or what have you. I plan on getting a tattoo of Baphomet on my forearm as soon as I turn 18 not because I am a Satanist but because I'm somewhat against Christian values and love Satanic, obscene imagery that freaks people out and the artists and bands I listen to usually use this kind of imagery to give their music a sense of evil and darkness which I love. Two band tattoos that I plan for in the future all have satanic imagery while members of the bands are a mix of atheists, satanists, and even devout Christians. I think that it's all a matter of what your interests are and the kind of values you'd like to incorporate into your life. I mean if a Christian man can sing songs that talk about Satan's might or mock Jesus Christ and humiliate Christians in any form, then that man is a Satanic Christian in my eyes.

So in conclusion I feel that I could refer to myself as a Satanic Atheist. That may sound like a contradiction to some so If it does, I am sorry that you don't comprehend the point that I am trying to get across.
Date: 2011-08-05
[bacchaegrl] Thanks for the response! 😊
So let's say for example if one were to move into a new home, it would be possible to experience an apparition of the person who resided in one of the rooms although they were still living? Interesting...
And perhaps it could've been a residual haunting that followed my cousin from the previous home?
Date: 2011-08-05
Thanks for all the good feedback you guys, it's helped me get some insight on what happened there. 😊

[NpN4poisonN] I'll try posting some more stories up soon 😊. I'll contact my family in Mexico and ask if they know anything about the history of where the house was built.

[bacchaegrl] Could you explain a little more on the residual type and what that means? And no she didn't live in that room when she was younger

[DeviousAngel] It seems as though a lot of people agree that the construction could have possibly stirred something up and then released it upon completion.

[zetafornow] It's possible that my aunt or uncle could've cleansed the house themselves. I did a cleansing of my current home (when I was still catholic) just for precaution and nothing out of the ordinary has ever really occured here so I guess you're right when you say that if you have enough belief in a God you can do a cleansing yourself and my aunt being a strong catholic was more than capable of doing one. And about delving into "forbidden" things I don't consider drawing a few satanic things to be unsafe. I listen to bands with lyrics having to do with satan and dark things and all and it doesn't have any consequences to it. It's simply just the taste of music I have. But I have to agree that doing things such as summoning demons or playing the ouija and all could lead to tremendous consequences and frankly I feel that this site has saved me from making mistakes aand getting into something that I have no control over. I have had an interest in the paranormal and often get the urge to want to play with the ouija board or try some sort of contact with spirits that should not be disturbed and I know that it could only bring trouble and even more stress into my already stressful life so I know to stay away from all of that.

Sorry, I got carried away with this response LOL. Anyway thanks for the posts and keep posting! 😆

I don't know too much about spirits since I have not had many experiances but it does sound like they mean you no harm so I guess if you don't mind it you'll just have to live with it? Some people say you could help them move on but I don't think it's anyones obligation to do so, so it's entirely up to you to do whatever you like.
Hope this helps (:
Date: 2011-07-29
I left a note to the tooth fairy once as a kid explaining how I had swallowed my tooth while biting into a hot dog. My momma still gave me some cash 😆
WOW did anyone else notice the two hands in the fog?! One was pointing at the girls while the other held a thumbs up, hahahaha xD
Date: 2011-07-28
That feeling when you wake up and can't move or speak and fell pressure on your chest is called sleep paralysis. Look it up, I have had a few SP (sleep paralysis) episodes and these can cause you to hallucinate and hear starnge sounds. I talked about it with my friend the other day and he mentioned he's had a few episodes of these as well where he hears someone laughing and a zipper being zipped very loudly. Anyway as for your grandma's house there may be an entity there that the dog simply see's as an intruder and if it doesn't bother your grandma then it's probably not very harmful. As for the Ouija (weegie) board, I've heard countless stories where people play it and have strange occurences that seemed to fade within a few days returning things to normal. I don't think you have much to worry about and I hope you come to realize that soon (:
ANyway, very wel written story and I much enjoyed it Kate 😆
Danzig - Her Black Wings
You should seriously consider dedicating this song to your succubus! (:
Date: 2011-07-27
bacchaegrl couldn't have put it any better.
I hope you overcome what seems like a war of emotion between you two and I know you will come out on top.
Truly fascinating story and please do write a book
Date: 2011-07-26
Yeah, you might want to clear a few things up in this story. For example:
Where did you leave Jades siblings when you three went into the house? They weren't mentioned much while you three went into the house to play the song and I doubt jade would just leave them outside. Those little kids probably wouldn't have ever wanted to leave your guy's side!
Not that I doubt your story isn't true but some people may not believe it therefore not give you any answers that may help you in getting to the bottom of it.
Overall I enjoyed your story 😊
I wish I could give you some advice but I'm not very experienced in the paranormal. Anyway goodluck!

Hey everyone, much thanks for the feedback 😁
Ive seen that most of you think that my mother might've been just pulling one over on me but my parents are not that type of people. They are pretty stern and strict and wouldn't go as far as to do this to just teach my sister and cousin a lesson. In fact throughout my childhood they mostly just brushed it off their shoulders if I were in some sort of dispute with siblings.

[zzsgranny] No idea where the electrical switch is and this actually wasn't christmas dinner, it was dinner a few nights after christmas had already passed.

[ILee] I too have been thinking that my mother possibly repressed the memory since it seemed to be something to leave a catholic woman severely scarred. Although it still puzzles me that my siblings don't remember. You mentioned they mightve been too young but my cousin is just 9 months younger then I am and my sister was 2 1/2 years older then me.
I highly doubt you are having actual paranormal activity going on. It could just be that youre experiencing more sleep paralysis. And about the music, don't even worry about that brother. I listen to bands like cannibal corpse and behemoth that are all about death mutilation and lucifer and things of that sort. I don't have paranormal experiences or anything of that sort