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Pigtails on 2011-09-12

This happened around the time of the "hand" story I wrote. I never watched the news because it's always so negative. I also know that we are not supposed to write about dreams. This particular night I had a disturbing dream that seemed so real. You know the ones that seem to be taking place in your ...

Historical House on 2011-09-12

As I mentioned in another story, I once did a co-op at a historical site. This tale is about a house on that site. It was an original house built there. Basically it was like a barn. You go up the steps to the front door and inside is a big space with a bigger loft/floor upstairs. This happened a lo...

Historical Inn on 2011-07-25

I did a co-op at a popular attraction one fall in late 1990's. I would do the tours while the woman baked fresh breads and cookies for orders and for the guests. It was truly an amazing experience there were two levels in this particular building. It was a Halfway House for travellers travelling bet...

Hand And Voice on 2011-07-25

One night I was lying in my bed, and terrably upset over something. I do not remember what exactly but I was just thinking about things and my PaPa. I remember turning off the lights and snuggling under the covers. I always love covers over my shoulders at night. So I threw them on over and closed m...

Grandpa Says on 2011-07-25

This story started when I was about 5 years old. Wait, let's backtrack to when I was 4ish. The old house we lived in my most comforting spot was under my parents bed. On scarey nights when I was not allowed to sleep with them I would sneek back in and sleep under their bed. Sounds silly but it's ver...

Red Roof Inn Spooks on 2011-07-20

My story begins on a road trip through New York State to somewhere in Virginia State. Late at night we decide to stop at a hotel along the way. This particular Inn was located upon a hill. It branched out continuing along as the second floor while a new first floor popped out of the hill at the bott...

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Date: 2013-06-29
Upon reflecting of the story. I know all the events are absolutely accurate. The Red Roof Inn NAME part might not be. It was my first time seeing one (being from Canada) so that name might have just stuck in my head. When I reflect back the events happened. I didn't check in so I wasn't really paying attention to what hotel we were at. All I know is that the events absolutely happened. And the description of the hotel is accurate too. It happened so long ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. And when I think of that trip I also remember chuckling at the name Red Roof Inn:)
Date: 2012-10-20
My story was directly considered for the Paranormal Wittness show. However because I am not in contact with the military man I was with that day, I did not ultimately qualify.

That's ok. I still think my story is a spooky one and I am thankfull for being able to share it here.

Shocking events stay with us. No matter how much time passes, I will always remember it like it was yesterday!
Date: 2012-05-06
Thanks everyone. Now and again I'll have dreams about things. I just try to analyze them as soon as I wake up.

I was talking with my grandma one day about dreams. She told me she would often dream of things that would come true. She mentioned this white house she dreamed of. And how one day she was going somewhere and she ended up at this white house.

When I was a teen I'd dream of this lovely white house. It had old victorian walpaper in some of the rooms peeling. One part had a mirror. And when I looked in the mirror I wasn't myself. That woke me up.

Anyways. My Grandma said that she has dreams about things that come true so maybe I get it from her.
Date: 2011-09-12

That was a great first story. I am definately on my way to read more of your tales! 😳
Date: 2011-09-12
Hello everyone,

To answer some of your questions. Yes I was really lucky to have that opportunity. That was not the first time that happened and certianly not the last.

I never thought about the object attachments. That is really interesting and could very well have been a source.

I had many other experiences in that village too. In one of the homes on the site I would relieve breaks... I think I will write that out
Date: 2011-09-12
Thank you for all the wonderfull comments. As to answer the question about the hand incident, nothing I really remember as shocking as those have happened since. Sometimes you know going to reach for something and its dissapeared and tearing up the house its back where you were. (but that could just be one of those you're looking too hard and it's right there moments)

Hearing my name tho! WOW! I literally flew like a cat jumps up when they are startled!

Thanks again for the comments! They are just lovely! ❤
Date: 2011-09-12
I am not sure weither it was before or after. Or if my mom woke me from that one. I might have just woken myself up but either way I was infront of the mirror down the hall, playing popple. I remember it like it was yesterday. He was there under the bed with me. Letting me know.
Date: 2011-09-12
I am not in contact with that man anymore (havent been for years). The funny thing was was that I was lying on my tummy. And its pretty hard to actually move yourself halfway down a bed on your tummy.

I don't know why. I don't know why the tv was on when we personally tested it a couple times before to be sure the timer worked. I don't know why the remote was across the room on the windowledge when we fell asleep with it right near us. I don't know what freeked him out I never even went into the washroom to even know what it looked like! Just somethin wierd and exillerating at the same time!

Thanks for your comments! 😁
Date: 2011-07-25
I wish I knew exactly where that inn was. It happened in 2001 or so somewhere between NY and VA. Thanks for your comment. What really happened in your situation?