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My Battle Against Hell And Satan's Demons on 2011-07-26

Whether or not you believe in Demonic Possession or Demonic Influence is your own opinion, the question of it's reality and existence isn't just a matter of "opinion" for me, but the down right truth. If you want to here a real life story that will surely get you thinking about the reality of the ba...

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I appreciate the nice responses despite my upset tone at times, I do feel attacked with certain posts and there is a range of reasons why, partically having to do with some of the reacurring questions and trying to pawn this off as a "drug or alcohol" related inner demon situation. Don't get me wrong we all have our own inner demons to deal with, but along with that this was something completely different that only if you felt and saw and went through would you understand what I mean and were I am coming from. I tried to explain it with words, but that only goes so far. I appreciate any prayers because I am far from getting through this unfortunately, although I have made progress. I have a very open mind, although on certain things, yes, my mind is closed shut and tight and that is because of my confidence in them. I wish you all the best as well. At this time I am going to give this a break and will take care of certain things I need too and I will come back with less friction hopefully. Thanks again
If that is what you are facing then I will pray for you, regardless I will pray for you and pray for me because I'm not perfect either. In the meantime I am done answering questions I have already answered and done debating off topic garbage.
baensidhe I guess the word "was" doesn't mean anything to you, you need to learn to read a bit better before you open your mouth. You all can gang up all you want, I hope to God you are never in a position were you loose loved ones so early in life when you think it shouldn't be there time. Goodluck if you ever have to face what I have, really. I see a lot of insecurities opening up in a lot of you, maybe it's your internal demons or the devil that has such a grip over you that the only way you can respond, in anger and disrespect. Maybe it's becuase you just can't accept the fact of who your creator really is and who are God really is and who gave you the opportunity of life here and after and then threw it in his face, because YOU know better right?
Sorry you feel that way devious, but you are obviously taking what I said the wrong way and not reading Missy M's disrespecful comment towards me. Let's take a look at again " I'm pretty sure GOD will not judge people here for having a difference of opinion with someone who has abused the life that GOD as given him. " Nice so I can be judged by you when I say something that bothers you, but I am the bad person when I write a comment back that, talk about hypocrisy.

You also are on the defensive becuase I don't share your beleif be honest with yourself. I have nothing against you guys that are trying to figure out a "logical" explanation for this, but instead that why don't you ask me some questions if you are truly interested in finding out something that I havn't already explained. And in regards to your scientist comparison, that is not a good comparison, there is no scientific data out there that will ever prove any of this. That's were faith and beleif comes in and if you are lacking in that department then there is nothing I can say to change someones mind. I am honestly tired of getting into a debate about this, so I'm done commenting unless there is something new to talk about. Peace and maybe it's time some of you work on your faith
That's fine devious you have your beleifs, I have mine.

And Missy M. All your "logical" explanations are really inaccurate considering you are reading a 2 page story at best out of a 1 year event that has taken place in my life, which let's think about this "logically", what is more likely to be accurate, your opinion which was put together in mintes, or mine which has been 1,000's of hours of experiance? I rest my case.
"I believe that spiritual bodies gain strength from our belief in them, and are equally weakened by our lacking belief in them. I will not go into why I believe that as that is a story for a different day, but sorry mate, I think you are barking up the wrong tree if you are trying to preach to me about demons/angels and heaven/hell."

That's were you and I differ Devious, God does not need our help or belief to gain strength or become stronger, He already has all power. His followers and believers he knows who they are and that only makes his following more powerful, but does not effect the strength he obtains and holds over all intelligence. God gives strength to those he chooses and takes away from those he wants as well. For someone that believes in spirits and energy it's hard for me to understand how you don't see that it is all connected. It is in everyone's best interest in this world to seek out God and find out for themselves, whether you believe or not it's the least you can do if you are at all interested in or concerned about the afterlife. After all, who came to this earth to die for you and offer you an everlasting eternity? No one, but Jesus Christ.
Devious this is not about believing my story and what happened to me or God will judge you for it if you don't believe it. God will judge us all for all of our actions and lives and beliefs, mine included. I'm not sure how that works and I'm just saying and this is my opinion, as difficult this is for some of you to believe, then it sounds like to me, that you don't want to believe in Satan or Demons... And if you don't believe that is real, then how do you believe in God? It's like saying heaven exists and hell doesn't. Or there is such thing is good energy and not negative...

Yes I have a lot to learn, we all do and we will learn until the day we die and then we will learn more. We can only take what happens to us now and do our best to make the best of it and share what it is that we feel that we can connect through.
Yes the Police were called because my parents didn't know what to do, they were extremely worried because of my behavior and actions. I was not acting like I was myself, after the exorcism the different world I was pursuing for many months before that was amplified 100 fold, my mind and soul were in the middle of the spiritual realm and was being effected by every energy possible from really negative to amazing, unfortunately most negative. It was scary to watch from the outside at certain points I'm sure... At times I watched myself from a third person perspective and it was very difficult if not near impossible to control what was happening to me, my mind was going a million miles a second.

Also I know some of you mentioned a lot of people can connect their spirituality through nature and your surroundings, well I also experienced that very intensely before this all happened and the "$hit hit the fan" so to speak. Once specific time I was at a reservation near my house and climbed to the top of the mountain near the waterfall at the top, sat down on a rock next to the lake and literally felt like I was sitting over the entire area, connected with nature and it's beauty to such a degree it felt like a very intense mediation and connection to everything around me. I even connected with two couples with there pet dogs that were having a conversation far away from me and there pets were barking and acting differently depending the tone of the voice the people were speaking and the general direction the conversation was going.
Like I said I am not here to convince you, you must make up your own damn minds. So many people don't believe the bible or God's word either, or would know a miracle or a supernatural event if it happened right in front of them, always trying to "logically" explain away these things when there is absolutely no logical answer to it, or like we "know" better, bull$hit. It is easy to do sitting behind your computer screen typing away like you do, but one day we will all face our fate... And God will be there to judge and explain away all these things that so many humans have a difficult time understanding or accepting... I will pray for you folks that you have the ability to open your mind a bit more. Take care
Rook you are entitled to your opinion, but that is all it is, please do not try and tell me what it is what happened to me or convince others of your 'take' when you really don't know at all, let them make there own decisions and formulate there own opinions, many people on here agree with what I have to say, but you got under my skin when you try and discredit me and sarcastically undermine me. Don't do that and I won't come back at you because trust me I really don't want to
Jav didn't read past your first few sentences 'buster', I actually have read many legitimate wonderful responses on here, you can't please everyone and the few that disagree that have an alternate opinion, it is easy to take the easy way out that so many do choose. I'm definitely not here trying to pick a fight with anyone, really I don't need to convince you that what I know is true is true with 100% certainty that everything I posted here is 100% accurate, tough cookies deal with it, maybe it's time you start fighting for yourself because I can't do it for you, there is nothing more that Satan and his horde wants than for you to not believe this, trust me. There is no logical explanation for this Darkenss, it is of the supernatural and things that you cannot explain with a worldly answer, but just know is the truth and one day you will be living on some side of it for eternity. I know reading this may scare some of you so you can try and twist it or make your own version of what you think it is to make yourself feel better if that's what you need to do, whatever it takes to keep yourself in your box and comfort zone right? Unfortunately though, that isn't what will save your soul which is eternal. Don't shoot the messenger cause you don't like the news.
Rook no offense but you sound like you don't know your a$$ from your face. You wouldn't understand the paranormal if it slapped you right in your face. Then again, you come on this board and have over 600 messages, I'm sure trying to discredit many people and their experiences, it's too bad because it really only makes you seem insecure about yourself and you pretend to be knowledgeable about these things, but you are far from it. Like I said before I don't need your validation on anything I experienced and I think it's time you get off my thread because there is no getting through the dull brain you have in that hollow head of yours. You claim to be a pastor and a teacher and you are so far off from the truth it's not even funny, I feel bad for the ones you teach probably misguiding them every single step of the way. You must really live in a sad world. Good luck to you and I hope some day the blinders will come off those eyes of yours and you seek the truth, you put on an good act, but you aren't fooling anyone. Peace
I'll give you one example of a paranormal experiance that happened shortly after the exorsism, I did not share every specific detail, but I appreciate you wanting more information. If you want more than this I will share more, but I have to leave work after this and will check back later.

I was on my way to church late morning, I was going to meet up with my pastor for the 3rd or 4th time now all in the same week after the exorsism in regards to this because I was looking for some advice at this time. I came to a stoplight, it was a two lane road, with a women in the car next to me. I turned my head over to look at her. She turned her head and looked back at me, She then put her hand up to her head in a gun shape with her finger pointing at her head, and
"pulled the trigger". It looked as if it was a Demon inside this women and it was trying to communicate with me, saying... Just OFF yourself and get it over with. However the women as far as I saw was still looking foward, it was a demon or devil inside her the turned its ugly a$$ face at me and made that happen. Catch you Later.
Also for whoever said this is not a "Ghost Story" you are right, this isn't about Ghosts, but I did find this site through searching demon related stories and this site popped up with several different stories. So that is why I posted here. Cheers
I apologize for my quick and rather straight foward and upset tone before If you can accept that or not that is yours to decide. I believe some of you are just trying to figure out a reason for why this happened to me and it isn't becuase of Drugs or Alcohol that caused this even if that may be what you think. I do agree that these substances can create worse problems, but this all has nothing to do with the reality of all the events that happened leading up to this event and after. This wasn't the day for me to check back and read through all of this. It is a lot to take in and I wanted to give you all the best feedback I possibly could because I do appreciate all of your opinions and thoughts.

If you go back and read through my writing, you would know that I did not abuse any serious pill before any of this happened and even months after, it wasn't until several months after, that I did, nearly 4-5 months of straight up pain and feeling of crap that I began because I couldn't take feeling the way I did anymore. And I fully understand the seriousness of it and accepted that I would get addicted, it was my only way out at that time. I did take. 05 MG anxiety pills once and a while, which trust me that does not induce anything like this and I have been on and off that for several years well before the death of my brother and best friend, etc... Alcohol also does and did not cause this. I may have been able to drink a lot, but that doesn't mean I was drunk all the time, as a matter of fact I was in a very sober mind set 99% of the time everything happened. I am not looking for sympathy or anything from anyone here, but more so just wanted to share something that happened in my life with you all. Beleive it or not I do care about people and my heart goes out to everyone because I feel as if this world is extremely blinded to the truth of why we are here... And it is all about making a decision for Christ, for God, in the end. The Devil is more powerful than you can imagine. Either you are willing to accept that or you are not, but I can guarantee one thing, if you seek God with your heart and truly want him to reveal something to you, you will be shown things that will blow your mind... And it may take months or even years for that to happen, but it will... And it happens in God's time, not our own.

- Tom
Firstly I want to thank all of you that gave supportive commmens and weren't so quick to judge. I feel sorry for any of you that think you know better or think you know what it was that caused this claiming it was alcohol or drugs. I never said that the tarrot cards are what caused this either, what caused this was an exorcism and a spiritual progression that some of your sad little minds would never even be able to find becuase you live in your sad little boxded world, you must be able to keep up and understand, I know it may be difficult for some of you that are quick to judge and try to find an answer for your sad little life, that is just the Devil twisting your mind and pulling you deeper in his palm, get on your knees and beg for forgiveness and for Jesus to save you before your soul is in torment forever. For your own sake I hope you never have to go through something like this because even a year later I feel the pain of this daily, I don't need your approval to validate these happenings. You don't know me or have any clue what I went through, GL with your life though. I hope you find the truth and the light someday.
Hey Rook, I appreciate your feedback, but you have no clue what I have been through and for you to tell me this was "Drug and Alcohol" Inducded is crap. It was SPIRITUALLY induced. There was no abuse of those that brought on ANY of this. You must be ignorant to even think that, but hey I only gave you 1% of everything I went through and I did not disagree that drugs and alcohol can bring on problems, but this was completely differnt. Also rememebr this, those who judge others without knowing the truth, will be judged even harder from God, remember that.
Date: 2011-07-21
Hey If you guys want to read a really crazy Real life Experiance Check this out.

Wether or not you believe in Demoic Possesion or Demonic Influence is your own opinion, the question of it's reality and exhistance isn't just a matter of "opinion" for me, but the down right truth. If you want to here a real life story that will surely get you thinking about the reality of the battle between "Good and Evil" "Demons and Angels" & "God vs Satan", then feel free to read on... Everyone's soul is at stake.

I have a deep, heavy, and long real life personal story and experiance that I would like to share with all of you.
October 12th 2008, my brother died (we were extremely close, he was 24 and I was 23 at the time, I am 26 now) Just to add to this disaster, my best friend died 6 months later, both in freak accidents, my brother killed on his motorcycle, this is what happens when another biker makes an illegal U-turn right infront of your path while driving on a highway with no were to go, both dead) and my best friend on a boat that crashed into another boat on memorial day weekend, dead. To say the least, my entire wolrd and reality was ripped apart and everything I thought I knew and wanted in life was completely shattered and changed forever. This is when everything changed.

I was put to the test, my mind, my body, my spirit, and soul. If I was too get through this It was going to take everything in me, every bit of strength that I could obtain, it was my only chance if I wanted to continue with life. I was put on a the path, a path that would require me to understand Death and the afterlife, the real hard stuff in life (stuff that we really won't ever fully understand until we get to that point), but important stuff that each and everyone of us will need to think about at some point in our lives when that time comes, even if we don't want too! I began a neverending quest of seeking the truth and looking for answers from God until I got what I was looking for, it really wasn't a choice at this point, it was the direction my mind was going and I was going along with it for the ride one way or the other, it's not like I could just "let it go and move on". I was a wreckless alcoholic at that point, I could probably down half a handle of vodka if not more in a day no problem just to wash away some of the pain to avoid the reality of my life. I was in a spiritual progression that started opening up a lot of new gateways and answers, both good and bad realities. I knew for certain of God's exhistance through pesonal experiances, as well the Devil's exhistance... And the struggle between Good and Evil and it's absolute truth, which ultmately boils down to the fight over each and everyone of our souls.

Shortly after these disasters I was fortunate enough to get very close with a previous friend of mine, Kelly, I knew her from highschool and we use to go to church together when we were just kids, she became my GirlFriend after a month of hanging out and she was there for me while I really didn't have anyone else that could hold my heart through this, not the way I needed at least. It was like we were both magnetically drawn to eachother the first time I saw her at my friends funeral, almost as if God was pushing us towads eachother... Everything was just amazing in the beggining. Though she had many of her own issues going on aswell It didn't seem to matter to me, we were eachothers rock, nothing could get between us and I loved her so much, my heart felt something again and it was warm when I was with her and I felt like I could maybe survive this and have a chance at life again. I helped her, she helped me. Well after about 5-6 months of being together, she started really worrying me at this point in our relationship, the last 2 years of her life were pretty hellish as well, she would cut herself and attemted suicide a few times and went into hospital treatments several times those years before, she started bringing up these things with me how she was starting to get extremely depressed again (feeling suicidal) and was really wanting to cut herself, etc... I was very emotionally and physically connected to her, I wanted to help her more than anything in the world, the love I felt for her I knew I needed her to be ok and happy, even if it would be difficult, the word difficult doesn't even come close to describing how hard it really became. I asked God for answers and told him I would do anything to help this girl I love. Talking with her and telling her I knew she could get through this and these suicidal feelings would pass and trying to lift her spirits through words just didn't seem to work... I took another approach.

Well, basically it turned out that the Devil and his horde of demons was on this girl hardcore (that might sound a little crazy, but just read on)... I knew this because, well, quite frankly she played around with tarret cards before and did other things with that kind of black magic that in my opinion you just shouldn't mess with. At one point when we were away on vacation together down the shore she took out some tarret cards and played around with them with me. I didn't really think much of it... Until late that night when she was fast as leep. Watching TV because I wans't tired yet, in just an instance I felt the room close in tight, like I was caged in with something I knew I didn't want to be there with. It was an intensely scary demonic energy and presence, as if the Devil himself was in the room with me digging into my soul, I was never so scared or freaked out in my life up until that point, I couldn't move but be still and pray, opened my bible and read until it went away. I kind of freaked the next morning and told her what happened and how I wanted to totally change my life style and become clean (no more smoking, of any kind, pills, drugs, alcohol, etc...) and no more sex until we got married, etc... Etc... It was pretty intense for the both of us. I was noticing a lot of strong energies even before she pulled out those tarret cards... So you can see how this would just open up the spirtual gateways even more so and not in a good way at this point either... It was clear I had a lot more to deal with ahead.

Nonthless, time moved on and I didn't have another encounter like this for a few weeks, things seemed to be ok, I actually felt at peace as if God was protecting me and I ended up cheating and having sex with her again and dam did it feel good and right... Things actually looked like they could be ok.
Either way I knew she was still struggling and given the opportunity to help her in anyway I would have hands down, and the opportunity did come... And here it is.

It was one night she stayed over at my place, durring this time and days I was becoming more of an insomniac everyday, the days and nights just blended at this point, I was barely getting any sleep because of the intense engeries that I was feeling that just kept getting stronger. Like I was being led to some sort of climax. This night I was up particularly late, later than normal (6 a.m or so at this point) reading my bible next to her while she slept tight. After reading for a short while, the words litteraly starting popping out of the book and jumping around the pages, me head inside my mind there were engergies so strong that began expanding around me and I felt the pressure of the energy around me so incredibly strong that It was a feeling so powerful as if the presence of God himself was in the room, it also flat out was pointing out that the bible was straight up the truth and for real and it is and was the blood and flesh of God's law and word, written by people inspired by GOD... I mean it was such an overwhelming amazing feeling of power and peace and confidence in my soul and spirit that I felt, it was like everything just connected, made sense... Words cannot even describe the feelings that were going on inside me. Well... It wasn't too long after that I also felt an extremely strong and powerful negative force of energy coming from around my GirlFriend while she slept (she actually made some groans and demonic like noises when this was happening)... I knew for certain at this point that it was the Devil or an extremely strong demon that was there, hurting her so badly and I knew at this point with 100% certainty that this was the reason for her pain and constant battle with suicidal thoughts and feeligns. This straight up eveil presence knew I felt it's presence and knew that the power of Christ was with me, I felt much stronger and more confident then that last time I felt this horrible presence and was too scared to even move. This time I was prepped up, not only did I have Gods armor on, but he was with me, I wasn't afraid of anything... Not even the Devil. What felt like only moments, almost in a orhcistrated and transe like state I was in, kind of like I was watching myself from a third person prospective, I basically put my hand on my Girlfriend's shoulder as this was happeneing and demanded this demon leave her alone... Basically an excercism on her in the fullest way possible.

What happened after this point is the scariest stuff that I have ever experianced in my entire life... At the very instance I touched my Girlfriend there was a surge of pissed off, extremely angry and strong force of negative engery that attacked me. Ripping right ito my soul and spirit, tearing it right out of my body and taking it on a "joy" ride to hell (or so it felt). I was dead inside... I never felt so empty and horrible, not even the worst depression or worst anxiety I ever felt could compare with what I was feeling... All I could say is... If I was given a taste of what hell would be like, this was probably the Devil's platinum tour package first class. I was scared out of my mind and thought I was completely screwed and that I really messed up here. I was pacing around the room for 10-15 minutes before leaving my apartment unexplained to my girl while she just still slept, to go home and address some of this stuff with my family. I was completely out of the world, physically I was there, but my mind going a million miles a second and I was shaken to my core and God only knows were my soul and spirit went, my family was freaked out obviously. That night I thought I was going to die for sure... I layed in bed and just waited to die and prayed to GOD to rid me of this horribleness and forgive me and save me if it was my time to go. Well, I didn't die... I just became a compelte insomniac that didn't sleep, eat, (all bad habits including drinking/smoking, taking my K-pans for anxiety I stopped using) for over a week the most intensive part of this journey was happening... Yea I was attacked by every possible imaginable demon on the planet along with the devil and was freaked out more than words or anything I can describe here. It took its toll on me... I was never so scared in my life... The following weeks/months were brutal, after beggining to slowly get out of the spiritual realm I was in, the attacks started to cool down a lot of praying and fights with these demons I guess It was like a truce period, or so I thought (mind you I went in and out of the hospital 2 times because my parents were freaked out by my actions and called the police on me... I said things like I was going to Kill the Devil and God was coming back, etc... Etc... After many months, 3-4 months after this happened the depression kicked in hard, I felt so warn out, my body and mind was so weak and beatup. I couldn't live like this anymore, the anti-depressants and other anti psychotic drugs the so called "docs" tried to give me did absolultely nothing to help me, made it worse if aything, so obviously I stopped taking those... This was a different situation that neither the hospital nor the doctors had any clue to do about. I had many experiances with demons after that point, I had a dream right after the main exercism happened were Jesus Christ himself came to me in a dream, I remember it so vividly... It was intense to say the least... He wasn't skinny and frail like he may have been when he was on the cross or what so many pictures of him show these days. He, in his spirit form (which was just like we humans look) looked and felt incredibly strong, he was ripped... Not like a steroid popping fiend, but just such an incredibly strong and powerful presnsce to him, both looks and feeling wise. I knew he came to help me, but it was a dream I still don't understand exactly. Even with the help from God everything was still beyond hard.

Nonetheless with my life being like this (mind you my Girl stuck with me through this) now we are no longer together, our love and relationship was eventually torn apart because she is now afraid of me and well that's bout it, it breaks my heart everyday having lost her I miss her to death... I sacraficed what I had with her to help her... Just so you guys know she was on some serious anti depressent and other meds, Lexapro, Lithium, Buspar, Seraquil (sorry for spelling) 100-300 MG a day for most of them... I always told her she would eventually be able to get off this stuff, which she didn't think would be so (which she was on for 2 years) After a few months from when I did what I did with her, she was off ALL of her meds... She kind of became a bit of a different person... I was happy for her, she was doing better in all areas of her life, but hell was I struggling.

Anyways, to make an even longer story a bit shorter after 4-5 months after all this happened I was so down and depressed and feeling like hell and hurting I turned to Oxy and pain pills to numb the pain, it helped for a while... Then eventually did more harm then good... Those suicidal feelings my Girl had, well guess what now they are on me, and I have had many encounters of serious suicidal feelings like the Devil was trying to get me to off myself... But screw him he can fight me all he wants Christ is stronger, this is what I knew in my head and fought it hard, I'm on the right side and I'm sure that just pissed Satan off to the core, its a tuff thing and like a tug of war a lot of time. The pills did get me to stop drinking, but I blew through tons of cash and lost sense of myself (drugs are another bad gateway to bad energies if you abuse them like I did.) Well, after a year of that I finally quit after many failed atempts and am now clean (not even a month) but going stronger than usual. Last encounter I had with a demon was this past week. I was asleep, had a pretty interesting dream that actually had me smiling and feelign good in it, but once I woke up I didn't really realize were I was... Then I realized it was back to reality and the dread of another day hit... But at that moment I fought that feeling hard, like I wasn't going to just give in to this crap again... And I as I did I felt an incredibly strong angry precense arise, like I knew and found the bastard demon that was messing with me and it fled because dam these things don't like it when I get a hold of them like that. I had a great day after that and still am doing well almost a week later... Just been trying to stay in my Bible and stay in God's spirit and keep this away for good, it's hard I must say... Just waiting until another Demon is sent on me and I have another fight on my hands... Thanks for reading.