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New Environment, New Bedroom on 2011-08-02

Before I start this story, I would like to state the road my house is built on, the land was previously a graveyard, it got demolished about 80-90 years ago. Having just moved into the house there was a lot of boxes and bags lying around the house, including a large bin-bag at the end of my bed ...

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Date: 2012-10-13
I agree with Wondering, mirors can be 'portals' and i've heard that when they are facing direct at a window, its common for them to become portals. Was there a window oppisite?
I don't have any pets, and since the time I wrote this, we have moved house, due to the hauntings.
A few more encounters included,
-Doors opening and slamming at 3am sharp.
-Objects falling down the stairs, (The objects were not on the landing, they could either be from the living room, kitchen, etc, etc.)
-And according to my brother he has heard voices coming from the garage. Although he has only said he has heard them twice.
-I personally have seen a large black shadow, which was from the floor to the celing, it had no actual shape. But it passed through my room and into nextdoor. There was no cars driving outside at the time.
We had the house blessed 2 months after we moved in, and it had stopped the hauntings from about another 2 months. But later returned.
Since all this, my family have now moved house, and we have witnessed nothing. It's a relief not to be in that house anymore.
Date: 2011-07-30
' Apparently ' the presence of a unknown dog, can somtimes mean trouble. Many people have had encounters with a dog with a, ' Backwards head ' and moving backwards.
Date: 2011-07-28
Wow, that is terrifying!
I hope it never bothers you, or your family again.
Date: 2011-07-28
Have you tried blessing the house? It could get rid of what ever was making you scared, and it could put you at ease if you knew 'it' was gone.
Date: 2011-07-28
Woah, that is terrifying.
Never let a 'ghost/demon' whatever you want to call it, get to you. If it knows your weak or frightened, it will target you more.
Stay strong Rebbecca!:) 😊