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Grandad And Demon In Dream on 2011-08-01

Let me first of all say my wonderful Granddad died about 7 years ago now from Alzheimer's disease. He never knew me or my whole family for around 4 years. I never went to his wake because I just didn't want to see him like that. About 3 weeks after his death I started to feel like someone was watchi...

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Yes but what I'm asking is can Ghosts/Spirits find you again in your dreams? And the things that happened in my house with the glasses & plates smashing I really think it was my Grandad trying to tell me something.
Date: 2011-08-08
My little cousin who is 11 has been saying about the tall man in her room at night. She calls him the hat man.It's very scary. But I have no Information on what these spirits want. I will read Moongrim's link. Maybe you should to. Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2011-07-29
It is not your Grandad I don't think. Whatever this is I think it is evil. You said you where very close to your grandad so why would he want to scare you like this? Its a strange one:/ Thanks for sharing