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Shadowy Legs on 2007-04-09

This happened last saturday. I've never been freaked out like this in my life before. It was about 2.30pm, my sister came home to have lunch with me. We were sitting in the living room. My sister was seated facing to kitchen walkways and I was sitting facing the wall. For a few second we chatted, su...

True Encounters at Work on 2007-03-28

I'm one of the true believer in paranormals. 2 months back, after reading a ghost story from this web site, I went down to the ladies room. My office's (connected with factory) ladies is located just outside of the office building. We have to walk down and there is main door and small door inside. W...

A Girl Standing Behind the Old Office on 2007-03-07

At first I would like you to forgive me for my english, I'm actually from Malaysia. A few years back, around 1989 (I was 12 years old, now 30) I was living in my dad's house (office, later was converted to a house). The house was owned by his boss. This incident happened on saturday evening about 2:...

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Date: 2008-11-23
My husband did saw a tall figure standing by roadside while he was driving home on late night. The road was near the very old cemetry. This figure looks extremely tall and very dark and black in color. It was disappeared when my husband U-turn back to see what it is figures.

I believe it is more than a human ghost figure. Its must be "somethingelse". Demon?
Date: 2008-11-13
haha. I think you are brave enough to enter the house even after you saw the shadow. Only the 'experts' can do it.
Yes. Genting Highland is well-known for spooky spot. I'm totally believe in your story because I've been there for few times.