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hicking,swimming, cycling and reading stories about ghosts of course! Xxxx
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The Female Figure On The Wall on 2011-08-03

My story takes place at the age of 13 years old. On a really cold night, I lay in bed asleep, all snug and warm in my heated room. As I start to drift of to sleep, I begin to hear a soft voice say..."watch me dance". I was totally freaked out by this, so I flicked on the lights as soon as possible, ...

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ummmmm... Ok I have waaaay better things to be doing then going back and forth with you who ever the hell you are... So whatever>:P I'm going to get on with my life!
Ya stupid huh? I realised that when I posted it! I didn't preview it I went straight to publish and your excused 😉 and the notice I spelt it correctly was a little cheeky 😠
First to comment, cool! Anywho... Maybe the spirit you live with saw that you were stressed out about losing the earring and decided to find it or give it back to you! It's kind of sweet if you think about it! Do a session to find out if you are not alone 😁 ❤ 😉Good Luck! God Bless!
sorry me agaian I posted then wrong comment on your page It was meant for someone elses! Just clearing that up! ❤ ❤ ❤
Ya improve your damn grammer for gods sake and you discribed the story very badly, but it was interesting though. Also it is your own fault you are now part of a haunting! 😕 😕 😕but you did infairness you did play with an OUIJA BOARD for gods sake!
Hi There. I'm yoshi girl and I can certainly tell that it is NOT your IMAGINATION playing tricks on you. Look at the signs, your hear your mums door creak open and then the floor boards creak when no ones home but you. You start to see dark shadow on your walls, your hear a little girl scream in your ear, downstairs and at SCHOOL! And finally see the girl running towards you and then disapear! How many more clues do you need! YOU ARE PART OF A HAUNTING! I'm sorry to say this but I have had experiencs myself and I have been reading ghost stories for as long as I remember. Try talking to the spirit with pen and paper maybe or do a sesion with friends (so your not alone if anything happens) But by all means and I mean this SATY AWAY FROM OUIJA BOARDS OK?! Seriously you may end up with more spirits then you started off with those things are baaaaaad newz! Stay away! Good look ❤ ❤ ❤
Honestly I'm no expert, but I think maybe it might be drwn to your young energy, they genarlly are. I'v written a stroy based on my paranoermal experience so please read it.! Hope the haunting stops. Did you ever stop and think wyh I it here why is it in MY house out of every house in the world! Think about it:) kk! Xxx ❤ ❤ ❤
alright first 2 comment! Well first of, I HAVE TO SAY WOW! You were very quick to video tape that thing! Shame it was deleted! If you EVER video one again uplode it 2 youtube straight away! ❤ ❤ ❤ god bless ya:))
Hi! That's pretty scary! Were you freaked out? I would be! How many times did it happen to you? I hope it dosen't happen again to you:) ❤ good luck!