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Erin Townsend
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Im a normal girl really who has a deep interest of the supernatural and paranormal.
Ghost Stories from ErinT

Farmer's Cart on 2007-05-17

This happened 5 months ago (roundabout). I live in the country. One night I'm driving down a country road (called the Causeway) to my (then) boyfriend's house. My ex boyfriend was driving in front of me (we had taken both our cars to my house) but being a typical guy, he speed off ahead. I carri...

Strange Man Spotted Again on 2007-04-25

Now if you have not read my previous story Strange Man in My House than I'll just inform you that my middle sister (Ria) on several occasions has seen a male figure in our house while there has been no one in the house except her. Only last night did he "show" himself again with others in the ho...

Being Watched on 2007-04-17

This happened just recently actually. Geez I don't know why ghostly things keep happening, they drive me mad. I was sitting in my bedroom on my bed reading. After awhile, one of my many china dolls fell off the shelf to the left of my bed. I saw it fall from the corner of my eye, it had fallen head ...

The Hair Lady on 2007-04-16

My mum is a hairdresser but she only does it on the side of her usual job (working with my dad) for friends and family etc. When I was younger, my mum would do the hair of this little old lady who lived alone. Sometimes my mum would drag me and my sisters to this old lady's house while she cut her h...

Black Mass at the End of the Bed on 2007-04-13

I cannot remember this incident as I was only 6 or 7. My parents tell it to me because it really freaked them out at the time. Now my parents are the kind of people that just don't get spooked by anything. It was in my childhood home and I had a room to myself. Now for a week, apparently, I would...

Strange Man in my House on 2007-04-13

These two incidents actually happened to my middle sister. My sister sat in the living room watching TV while everybody else had just left for work or school. It had been about an hour when my sister heard the back door open, someone wipe their feet and walk through the hallway and pass the open liv...

Mirror Pulled Off The Wall on 2007-04-13

This happened about 6 years ago in my previous house. I was laying in bed looking out into the upstairs hallway as my door was open and my bed faced the door. I could see all of the hallway and the full length mirror hanging opposite the stairs by a piece of string running along the top of it. Ra...

My Cats Last Goodbyes on 2007-04-13

These two stories are about 2 of my cats that died and visited me before moving on. I had my first cat (Tabs) since I was born. Tabs was a very independent cat but would occasionally sleep with me on my bed. However, she liked to sleep under the covers by my legs (annoying). Unfortunately, she died ...

Scary Doll on 2007-04-12

When I was Younger, around the age of 13/14 I would go hang around my best friend's (Sophie) house. Now we both loved the idea of ghosts and she told me how her house was actually built on a cemetery. She had told me previously there was a lot of weird happenings at her house, but one day as we sat ...

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Hiya again. My grandad never lived with us and so my sister's room didn't use to be his. Although, it was the last room he decorated for us.

I too, don't understand why a ghost would choose to show itself lying in a bed but eh, people are odd in life why not death! Lol
Date: 2008-03-11
WhiteBuffalo. Thanx for your comments on my stories. I told this story quite awhile after it happened and so I cannot remember exactly if my grandad (the same grandad) was alive then or not, niether can my family. So although I have mentioned him in this story he may of not been alive then.
Date: 2007-06-09
This is a touching story. I think your brothers cat was either saying goodbye or doesn't want to leave. I have experienced simular with two of my cats that died. Read my story My Cats Last Goodbyes. I found comfort in it, I hope you do too :) and I still cry like a baby too when I think of my cats that have passed.
Hiya, Touching story, I have experienced simular with 2 of my cats that died. And I do believe your cats soul could re-incarnated to your kitten because the brother of one of my dead cats has started showing VERY simular characteristics to his dead sister when he was nothing like her when she was alive! Quite weird sometimes. Anyhoo I wish you all the luck with your new kitten!
Im sorry but I don't believe this story at all. I'm always wary of stories starting with " I was 6/7 years old! I can't remember what I saw at 14 yearS old, let alone 6! Soon there will a story startin with "i was 8 months old". Plus the part about the demon! That blew any chances of me believing it!
Date: 2007-05-01
The same kind of thing has happened in my house. Read my story Strange man in my house. Its a male figure my middle sisetr keeps seeing in our house and leaves doors etc open.

You just get used to it, trust me :)
Date: 2007-04-25
Dear Sir John Walter! How rude your being to imply I'm a silly girl who doesn't know that the feeling of being watched is a normal human emotion. I am not a person who automatically assumes every occurance is a ghostly one. I am only putting my experience on this site because I wished too. So I appreciate your oppinion on the story but do not assume that I am ignorant!Thanx!