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Please Shut The Door on 2012-02-22

I work at a nursing home, recently transferred to the oldest part of the home. It is about 50-years-old and a lot of people have passed away in that part of the building. Today at work I had just followed a resident to breakfast and was turning back to clean the room after morning toilette when ...

My Mom's Place on 2011-08-23

My story starts in 1995. My parents got divorced in 1992 and my mom had found a new man, and went to live with him. After a tough first year she got her own flat, which I was very happy with, because it was only 5 minutes away from where I lived with my dad and my sister. Shortly after she moved ...

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Date: 2012-08-28
Germany isn't a sad country, but europe in generel have a lot of history, and some of it is really dark and creepy.
Kz-camps are just a part of this history.
Go visit battlegrounds all over europe and you will surely get som bad vibes there as well.
They have just found a mideval mass grave of 200 beheaded soldiers in my country;-)
Date: 2012-08-27
Having been at 2 kz-camp as a tourist I can only agree with you.
There is something wromg in these places.
The thing that I remember the most was the complete lack of life, no sounds of birds or anything, just silence on a sunny summer day...
These places are damned indeed.
Date: 2012-08-12
What a post, I have tears in my eyes, I feel certain that it was your dad.
It is really a sad story, but kind of sweet at the same time,
Thank you for posting it here.

Date: 2012-08-10
It was the noxious gas from the smelly feet that made you see things:-)

No really, I would be so scared, and I can only imagine the terror you must have felt, since it has stayed with you all these years.

A good story I liked it a lot.

A really good story, I liked it very much.
I really enjoy the way you write, and I will look out for your stories in the future:-)

Regards Herohead
Wow I would be so scared, I really hope you are able to help your friend.
Rook I'm sorry to hear about your wife.
But I did not say that it only was a disease, I just think the word depression has been used in a lot of phrases where it don't belong.
It is possible to be sad/down/drained etc. Without having a depression.

Regards Herohead.

Ps. Best wishes for your wife:-)
To see a dead family member can be disturbing, I agree but since it was an old person and it was natural I really can't see why that should trigger depression.
Depression is a really nasty disease, and people are really good at diagnosing them selves... It is sad for the people that actually suffers from depression.

Sounds like teen issues, and why would you get a depression after seeing a dead person?
Date: 2012-03-18
Bluefoxx... Why are you even on this site?
Such comments are just ignorant and stupid.
Wow I mean wow! If that was happening to me, I would have run like a bat out of hell.

I really like the way you write, can't wait for the next story.

I know that there is a lot of people in here that would love to help you and I'm sure they will try,

I liked this story very much, how come she won't keep quiet when you are alone but does when your daughter comes.?

My next question is more for the other users in here: how can it be that a house gets hauntet after 7 years of no activity?

Hope you get help
Regards Hero
Jav has got a real good point there, in tha last 2000 years wars have fought over that book and how different men read it.

Score 1 jav.

Date: 2012-03-12
Bluefoxx that comment sucks.

Ts94, I'm confused you sound to me like you are writing fiction to your "hungry" fans.

And "the midnight knock" was popular with me and my friends as well.

Yes please write more stories. I'm looking forward to reading more:-)

Date: 2012-03-09
Wow, I read this story while my son (2 yrs) was playing on the floor with a toy, I just had to hug him.

My heart truly bleeds for you and your family.

Im truly sorry Hero
Before I go with "it is a ghost" I would follow your husbands advise. There are lots and lots of things that can make you feel like you do.
If nothing else you could get confirmation that it is not you that is something wrong with.
I do believe that it is possible to "pick up" stray ghosts but I'm not sure that is what happened to you.
Darkness and lonelyness is primal fears and if that is triggered the mind can play some mean tricks on you.

Regards Hero
Date: 2012-03-07
So spirits learn this... Dont mess with mom:-)
Cool story.

Hmm I'm not sure what to think, I don't think that spirits travel trough books, is it a picture of a ouija borad or an actual board?

Perhaps you unwillingly opened yourselves up to the spiritworld by reading or showing it much interest.

There is a lot of good people on this site I hope one of them can help you.
Ok ok I get it.

Jav I hold no ill will agains you either I just don't agree with you, I will stop our debate cause we are not equally good at english.

Zzgranny that is why I wondered what it takes for a story to get posted in here? (im still wondering) :) pregnant by succubus?

Sorry for causing such a fuss I will let the mods be the police from now on and just enjoy the stories.