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Being Held Down by a Ghost on 2007-04-17

The other night, It started in my dream and it wasn't an unpleasant dream either, but then I felt something was interfering in my dream, whatever it was, it wouldn't allow me to move, it felt as if gravity around my body was 10 times the regular force that it normally is. After awakening from this d...

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Sir John Walter, I still like your explanation it seems to be th most logical one but, I can't find such a dissorder. E-mail a link or please send me information about this "Forghaimaris", my main question is do these fits only happen when you sleep or wake up? I've never had a seizure that I know of. Even that night didn't quit seem like what a siezure would be but what do I know. I do know its not a ball of fire ghost that's trying to suck my blood.
Thanks, Sir John Walter
Robert Craig
I would like people to completely read the story befor posting your entries, It seems like, the fact that I was able to MOVE for almost five minutes after awakening is going right over every ones head, Please don't read half the story and then think you have the answer, like what seems to be the case. Or I can make it simple about what I need an answer for. It's not the dream. It's the fact that I woke up, and after laying there for a few minutes I began to feel an unexplainable sensation through my body followed by being held down.

Robert Craig