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It Didn't Leave Me Alone on 2011-10-17

The breathing still keeps going even after I gave away the cards. In my last story I haven't told the full story. Way before I started hearing the breathing and train noises I heard other unusual sounds. I don't remember when it started but I used to hear sounds like a hamster was sipping in its c...

Are Those Cards The Blame? on 2011-09-26

I am writing this story because all the things that are happening in my life right now are just well weird to say the least. I have had experiences before but I have never felt anything like this before. My mother brought home small blue box with cards in them and we were supposed to redraw them...

My Dead Grandfather Visited Me on 2011-08-15

This story takes place after my grandfather had passed away from stomach cancer in 2004. To be honest he wasn't my biological grandfather, but he took care of me like one. It was years since his death and I was visiting my grandmother. I always felt as if I was being watched, but I was too scare...

White Mist Or Am I Seeing Things? on 2011-08-15

Guys I am so happy to post my real story on here. I waited for about a week. Ok so this story happened 5 years ago I think. I was in a Christian camp and it was the last day of camp. There was a dancing contest where you have to dance until the end, I never got tired so I won 3rd place. It was late...

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[at] Pjod
No buildings were taken down near where I love or in my city that I am sure of since I have to ride across all of the city just to get to collage. I have no idea what the history of those cards are.
Dustyisdead. That wasn't a dog barking it was right in my right ear if it was a dog barking I would hear it with both of my ears when I turned, and the pine trees are only one floor tall and I am on the 4th floor. That breathing was too human like and too fast.
I doubt that anyone in the apartment building has that.
I just shrugged it off as a echo bouncing off the buildings and that's hw I hear it but I don't know.
I don't even want to touch the cars, I do not feel good around them. I am not afraid of the breathing I am interested it. I will try to record it when I hear the breathing, maybe I might catch something.
[at] dustyisdead
I did not jump into the paranormal conclusion straight away I waited to see if the vreathing repeats after the first time it happened, and it did repeat. I am living on the 4th floor and there aren't any leaves on the ground on the ground infront of the building, we only have pine trees infront of the apartment building. It did not sound like a dog breathing it sounded like inhaling and exhaling fast. There was no one walking around me everyone in my apartment was sleeping. And the breathing sounded like it was only in my right ear any other explanation would include me hearing with both my ears. As you see I am not jumping into conclusions I have thought about this long and hard. My right ear was against the couch cussion and I was not hearing the wind.
I included the cards because so many things have started happening after the cards got here. So I think that with the cards came something or someone that is tied to the cards or I don't know it's hard to explain. They are very old so they have a lot of history in them.
Also I do not live in a house I live in a apartment building. The apartment I live is in the corner. My room is in the corner of the apartment building so there is no one living next to my walls. 2 of my walls go outside and the right wal goes to the colidor and the kitchen the wall infront of me is the wall to my parents room. The breathing sounded like it was to the right of me and I ould hear it like it was next to me. Also I live on the 4th floor so I could not be hearing a animal breathing this clearly.
For a example let's just say there are 2 people and one of them is breathing into the others ear, that's how clear I heard it, the breathing was kind of fast and if I tried to do that I would run out of air fast.
I have no interest in being a troll or posting something that did not happen. What I wrote is what happened to me in real.
The reason why I have to redraw the cards it's because they are old and some are torn so I have to redraw the symbols of them. And since that woman I call a witch is mostly reading those cards in my mothers hair salon she knows that I am good in drawing.
I have called that women a witch and a scam artist in front of her and the people in the hair salon (sorry for the style of my writing my native language is lithuanian) .
The sounds of a train stopped some weeks ago and I only heard them rarely like a few times a week and they mostly used to start at 2 am or at 3 am. I could even hear the horn of them when they pass by the train station.
I have talked to a few people about this and they all tell me to get rid of the cards but my mother will not let me give them to her to take them away until I finsih drawing them. But I don't even like looking at them and I absolutely hate how they smell. They have a old smell that makes me sick. I will post pictures of them once I find my bluetooth adapter.
And it's not like I hear the breathing sound often, I only heard it like 2 times, and the train tracks I used to hear them several times a week not daily and I used to think that it's the echo but I don't know if a echo can go this far.
The breathing was only in my right ear and it sounded like it was coming from my right and directly in my ear and my parents sleep in the next room and their bed is not even near my room and if my hearing did pick up them sleeping it would't be as fast as the hearing I heard and so clear and only in my right ear.
I tried to debunk it myself but I failed. I will try to get a recorder and see if I pick up anything.
Also 2 days ago when I was sitting near my pc I saw a tall white figure in the corner of my left eye but then in vanished.
My cat used to get all scared of something. She once ran to my window jumped on the windowsill and started walking back and forth looking at my room and I saw that her tail was all fluffy and she had a mohawk across her body, she was either angry or scared. She sometimes tries to catch something that I can't see.
Oh and I have no idea who the original card holder is and if she is dead or not. I can't get rid of these cards.
[at] shawtyz-musicholic - My Grandfather died at the exact same spot where I was sleeping. When you feel these things you know when it's someone close to you and not some random spirit. I believe it was him and I will keep believing, you can judge as you want.
Missym. A clarification I said that there wasn't a rain because from what I remember cloud only form when the sun heats up the source of water and the well steam goes up to the sky where later it rains down some time afterwards. Also there is no way fog could of came into the room since all the windows were closed and I really really doubt that even if there was a small crack that it would manifest into a big figure as I saw. Also we were nto allowed to open windows and there were no way to open the winow since they took away all the handles so we wouldn't hurt ourselves if someoen decided to open a winow and sit on it. I am not 100% sure of what it was that's why I am still thinking of what I saw. I did not put it down as paranormal I just put it down as unexplained. That camp has rumors of haunting and even one of the houses has a girl ghost that apparently is haunting it. I never believed back then.
There is a church and it had a history of being bombed also a man hung himself there this exact camp used to be a camp for soldiers when lithuania was being occupied by russians and a lot of soldiers died.
I also heard some kids talking about seeing strange tihngs but I always thought that they were just stories.
Date: 2011-08-17
This might sound weird but I looked at dreams meaning adn this is what I found
Moth that eats clothes - you need to renew your clothes.
Moth - Means that you will fall in love with a easy women that will cause you a lot of pain.
Anyways I think you should bless your home as soon as possible to prevent something bad from happening. Mostly these things can't cause phisical pain but they do scare the young and can traumatize them later in life.
Date: 2011-08-17
I wouldn't recommend a Ouija board because it might make them think that you want to communicate with them. Get a priest to bless your home, I think that should help.
Indigo. We weren't allowed to open any windows and before I entered the room I saw the 2 girls playing and they didn't see what was near the wall only I saw it.
The night was clear and there wasn't any mist also it didn't rain the day or night before so it couldn't be a cloud forming.
It felt as if it wanted me to see it I don't know how to explain but I felt like it wanted me to see it and wouldn't let me move or maybe it was my fear that made me freeze up.
Indigo. I don't really remember how I felt but I didn't feel fear. I did feel like it was my grandfather because well I didn't feel threatened by it more like I was being watched over. Before this happening another strange thing happened.
When me and my cousin were playing in the room where my grandfather died my grandma called us asking if we change the clock one hour forward. We said we didn't in fact I didn't even know that it was time to change clocks and no one has came into the room that was next to the room we were playing in. So I think my grandfather is still there and it didn't leave us.
Now that I remember when I felt him sitting next to me I said to myself "i forgive you" because I thought that he was sorry because I didn't have the chance to tell him my last goodbye. I do miss him he was a great man.
Also the camp is in the woods near a small town. There were rumors about that camp being haunted and that someone hung himself near a church. I don't know anything more I guess since now I'm older and smarter I should do research on that camp.
[at] Moongrim It wasn't fatique and I am sure it wasn't a hallucination. The room was on the second floor. I wasn't tired at all to be honest. I was full of energy. The thing that I saw made me froze up it was weird. And now that I remember it send chills across my body.