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We can spend our lives letting the world tell us who we are. Sane or insane. Saints or sex addicts. Heroes or vicrims. Letting history tell us how good or bad we are. Letting our past decide our future. Or we can decide for ourselves. And maybe it's our job to invent something better.

-Chuck Palahniuk, "Choke"

Check yourself before you wreck yourself! 'Respek.'
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The Titanic Exhibit And The Broken Toy on 2011-09-12

I was visiting family in Missouri years ago, when I was still a teenager. Finding things to do for the majority of your extended family can prove burdensome, so a lot of us were happy to go to the Titanic Exhibit. It was in town at the time, so my aunts, mom, and cousins headed in that direction. ...

The Last Goodbye And The Night Guest on 2011-08-22

The following experiences are mainly my mother's. The first experience took place in Missouri, where my mother lived at the time. She was pretty young, about ten years old, and her grandmother was in the hospital. Things weren't looking too good for her grandma, so her mother was in the hospital too...

Haunted Childhood Home: Doppelganger Type Entity on 2011-08-15

I lived and grew up in the same house from when I was two to seventeen years of age. I have had many experiences in this house that I absolutely believe to be paranormal. Previously, I believed that the experiences were caused by the fact that there was (and still is) a younger woman running a senio...

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Date: 2014-02-15
That is pretty creepy! I don't blame your son for dropping out of sports after that!
Hey y'all. Sorry for the lack of reply to new comments. I was living in a bad neighborhood that got worse, and my car got stolen. I moved in March, but wanted to update because my parents actually moved from the house I refer to in this account. I helped them move at the beginning of the month, and it was pretty surreal. But the biggest news I have is that my boyfriend overheard their neighbor talking to my dad, and apparently the previous owner passed away (which is why it was for sale approximately 23 years ago to my parents). So, I thought that was worth mentioning.
Date: 2011-10-02

I'm incredibly sorry to hear about your recent negative experiences. I'm sure it was absolutely gut-wrenching to see your daughter so terrified! =[ Me and my parents have experienced the dimmer-style light flickering by itself too. You have recieved some great advice from the members here, and I wish you and your daughter all the best.
stephyw- Girl, please! In the famous words of Sir Mix a Lot, "I like big butts and I cannot lie- you other brothas can't deny when a girl walks in with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get SPRUNG!" Seriously though, own that butt, girl! Big booty biotches- unite! LOL! By the way, I'm sure your butt is fine, I'm really just making fun of my big ol butt for my otherwise normal-ish figure. Since beauty is subjective, I think everyone should embrace their ASSetts and not contemplate poisonous jargon from the haters. But I am hypocrital in the sense that I think I'm uglier than Ursella from the danged Little Mermaid. However, it seems the more terrible things I've endured in life, the less I've cared about my perception of my own external apperance.

Catherine *is* sexy and curvy. I also love how she doesn't look like a "cookie cutter" actress. Liv Tyler and Anna Paquin are my girl-crushes. I totally think of Michael Douglas in Family Guy every time I hear Catherine mentioned, though! Haha, "I'm married to Catherine Zeta Jones, will yah sleep with me?"

You deserve to feel good about shopping again! I wish you all the very best with your new game and with all your future endeavors. =]

Sorry for trollin' on my own story. I don't know why I'm so blabby online... I'm mellow IRL. So back on track---

Stephyw &Moonwalker- Thank you for the article and information! The necklace thief is so disrespectful. Perhaps there's a Titanic artifact black market?;\ Stealing is really quite low brow, but I will refrain from ranting about whoever just broke into my car. 😠 I think I've been annoying enough for a decade.

stephyw- That sounds like a blast! I bet Jillian will kick your cute little butt, haha! Well, I am a bit upset with society's perception of beauty at the moment. Perfection is boring and beauty is relative. But as long as you're losing weight for *you*, I am happy for you and wish you luck with your lovely gifts!

❤ ❤ ❤
aussiedaz- I hope you continue to feel better health-wise until you're all better for good!

Cheers to writing about ghosts rather than becoming them! 😁
Jesus Doppelganger! 😲

I kid, I kid. Sometimes we just need a little smile in our day. At least, I sure do.

On a serious note, what happened to you sounds terrifying and I am so sorry you had to endure that experience! The theories presented here are very logical. I can see it as a human spirit that just happened to look like Jesus, and it's also possible that an entity 'posed' as the public image of Jesus to be cruel, blasphemous, or to scare the turds out of you. Your fear could have just been its selfish way of gaining energy from you. After all, it only appeared as a head- so perhaps it was in desperate need of more energy to fully manifest (or do whatever else such things do).

Have you experienced anything else since then?
Moonwalker- Haha that's awesome! I think I'm going to try and find a picture of it online, as I know a lot of 80's toys are listed on various sites.

Thank you for the compliment-I very much appreciate it! I hope you get a chance to see the Titanic exhibit! I liked it a lot. The Bodies exhibit is really good, too. 😁

Thanks for reading!
stephyw- Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear ste-phy! Happy birthday to you! ❤

I hope you have a wonderful day, and that all your hopes and wishes come true!

From your fellow Virgo,
Ello there everyone,

I profusely apologise for failing to reply sooner. Something always seems to come up every time I try. I am offically a quarter of a century old today! I will just jump right in to prevent even more delay--

Indigo~*~ Thank you so very kindly, m'dear! You are so lovely!

Jav~*~ Lots of girls at my school were enthralled with the movie. I was in middle school when it came out. I didn't think about the objects being associated with anything paranormal at the time. Then again, there wasn't much information on the subject of parapsychology/paranormal studies at the time, so everything I knew was from my own experiences. That's interesting about the lady that had the coal from the ship. Do you remember what she experienced in association with the coal? I was so thrilled to see the validation of the investigation and read others' similar experiences at the exhibit. Thank you so much for the birthday wish! It means a lot to me. Also, thank you for reading my story and commenting!

Taz~*~ Well dang, thank you kindly! You guys sure have spoiled me with birthday wishes, and I don't take any of that for granted. Thank you for the kind words about my story, I'm glad you liked it. =]

Stephyw~*~ LOL! I don't recall ever seeing that commercial, but it sounds funny as heck! Cucumber sandwiches are the bomb diggity!

Well, there are a lot worse things you can do to your body besides having a frozen coffee beverage. =] I don't think you should be beating yourself up about it, even if it's just for sh! Ts 'n giggles!;D I have read online that the way your body processes the caffiene found in tea is a lot better for you than the way it processes caffiene in coffee.

I agree with Miracles! You are not weird, dearest. You seem to be incredibly level-headed in your quest for answers, and that's imperative.

Spockie~*~ Thanks for the reply. =) That incident with the wife refusing the lifeboat to stay with her husband really is sad. It also sounds like exactly what I would do.

D.A.~*~ Haha YES I do feel older! I love your plan on aging backward starting at 30. The only downfall will be needing diapers in our late 50's!;]

I am so sorry you got stiffed in art school. That really makes me sick. I have a big problem with the whole setup of college to begin with: paying a buttcrap of money for a possibility of a job that won't pay even close to tuition fees for years. I can't believe they charged you even more after you were already enrolled. Working full time and going to school really is exhausting, and I don't blame you for choosing to stop going. I thought I was going to end up in a psycho tank when I was doing both. I admire you for the field you were studying! I had trouble programming a dang pop-up in Computer Science.

The Bodies Exhibit is definitely worth your time. I had a drawing class, and had to draw nudes at the end of the semester. Drawing the human body is really incredibly difficult, so I admire you for enjoying the process! And you're right about needing to understand how it fully works before being able to be successful at drawing or painting it. I've also noticed that I find it nearly impossible to draw from sheer imagination after drawing and understanding still-life items. Thank you for writing me back =o)

KimSouth0~*~ Thank you so very much! You have an excellent point about the liklihood of this kind of thing NOT being haunted. It really makes sense that these objects retain the emotions from that unfortunate event. I'm interested to know about the one you went to! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. 😁 ❤
Waawaaweewa... I like-a you peoples! I didn't expect all the feedback- yet it is all very much appreciated.;D

I'm off to start my replies, so don't lose hope in me yet! 😭
Date: 2011-09-15
Indigo- I just read your last comment, and I'm with the other ladies! You're a wonderful daughter and beautiful person for doing such a caring thing for your mother ❤

Thank you so much for the happy birthday wish, sweetheart.
I appreciate your kindness to me and everyone else on YGS. It's a breath of fresh air in these times. The way I see it is we never know what others are going through in their everyday lives, so it's always best to be respectful. A lot of people could benefit from your positivity. 😁

That's an excellent theory about residual feelings being attached to certain objects instead of visual recurring events. I am interested in further exploring this topic. I very much appreciate your input! =o)
ngute80, I understand where you're coming from, but as long as there are people in the world, disagreements will exist. Expecting Switzerland in life and online is an unattainable desire. If you are really accepting of agreeing to disagree, I would like to respectfully point out that taking sides and saying everyone should be put down is just adding fuel to the fire- the very fire you are speaking of.

I hate the negativity too. I absolutely despise disrespectful jargon. I just don't think mentioning it is imperative.
I just posted like a zillion word reply to you guys, and accidentally hit cancel instead of preview. That seriously bums me out because I'm typing from my phone-which takes me an embarassing amount of time. Therefore, I apologize if my replies to you lovely individuals aren't anything special. I really appreciate each and every one of you, and I have enjoyed reading all your comments. Thanks for your time and kind words! Now for take two:

Stephyw- Doll, you musn't be serious? Pretty, pretty please, with Earl Grey on top, don't apologize for the tea talk. I'm diggin' this little virtual tea party of ours! Please pass the crumpets! 😁 I will check out your friend's tea store after this. I'm all about supporting independent companies, and I appreciate the suggestion both with the site and the blends you enjoy. Teavanna is lovely, but WAY too expensive. I'm poor, so it's my only splurge for a special treat. My favorite blend is Tranquil Dream, which I drink daily. Sleepytime by Celestial Seasonings is a cheaper alternative, but I prefer the former.

I do believe you are probably correct about your coffee consumption being related to your new sleeping behavior. I'm sure you know caffiene is a stimulant, and different substances can change our sleeping habits (even dreams). Do you keep a dream journal? I probably would if my dreams weren't so terribly disturbing. I hope your elaborate dreams continue as soon as possible! About the coffee addict thing- I didn't mean it like that, I promise! I just wanted to prevent any discomfort from caffiene withdrawl- but now I know it doesn't pertain to you. I thibk we might need to look into a tea addicts support group, though.;D

You are so brave and consistant, it's awesome! I was the exact opposite when I was a little $hitbird, and I had a variety of experiences in the home I grew up in. Perhaps your bravery shields most entities, but I have read about people having experiences when they open their mind to them- so I don't know what to tell you.: (

DARKNESS or Dan- Thank you so much for reading and for your kind words. The Titanic incident was very sad and a true indicator to the fact that nothing is unsinkable or invincible, just like us as humankind. I think your theory about souls being attached to the objects is very possible, even though it saddens me to imagine anyone stuck in this world after such a tragic death. Is it possible for objects to have residual attachments? I appreciate your compliment on my piggy story- I was glad to share it with you guys! 😊

Miss Devious Angel- Hey sweetheart! Yes, the Bodies exhibition is in Vegas (last I've checked at least) and I am quite sure you would love it! It's eerie, informative, and an eccentric way to spend an afternoon. I was able to hold a preserved kidney at one of the stations, which was pretty cool. I hope you get to go! It is so crazy to be face-to-face with a human body and see how intricate our insides are.

That is so awesome that you went to art school! Did you study any field specifically? I must admit, I'm really envious!

Thank you for the birthday wishes- you are so dang sweet, I can feel a cavity coming on! ❤
stephyw- I think anything that happens to you personally is something to be interested in.:) It's hard to lay off the caffine, but for me, drinking tea is helpful in weaning off it. I used to drink blueberry coffee every morning, but now I drink my teavanna every day and I love it! It's a lot healthier, too. But be careful in easing yourself off caffine- I'd hate for you to get sick. 😢 Meditating is lovely in so many ways. I find it helpful for my panic attacks and to just relax in general. And the best thing about it is it's free! I know other members use meditation for paranormal reasons, but I'm not knowledgeable in that area, otherwise I'd share. I will check out your stories on YPE soon! ❤
Isandhu- I am incredibly open to my situations, or anyone's situation, to be explained logically before even considering the paranormal. However, it is my personal opinion that the toy incident was paranormal; though that does not mean I do not respect your input. My mom put batteries in the pig in the kitchen, which was across the entire house from my room. When she turned it on, she left it in the kitchen and apologized that the battery attempt was futile. When the toy was on, it oinked as well as walked forward. I did not hear the oink until it was by my door and walking toward my room. With the distance between the last place it was left and my room, and the lack of noise, I have no logical explanation.

Thanks for reading 😁
Spockie- That's so crazy! I am glad you shared that experience. Do you think the tingling and grab had anything to do with Annie? Or maybe someone else? I'm happy you were able to visit the exhibit, it's a good one! Thanks for sharing!

Stephyw- Those two experiences are really intriguing- I appreciate your reply! I have been to a couple museums that had similar layouts with the boat you can walk on and see what life was like onboard, so I can picture that very clearly. That must have been intense to feel like you were at sea but really not. I think water gives off positive energy because it releases negative ions, at least that's what I remember learning about it. Not that there has to be a reason to love water- the ocean is amazingly theraputic and wonderful. I love surfing, being away from everyone and out in the waves.::Sigh:: I look forward to reading more about your experiences on the psychic sister site. I have an account there because I had a strong urge to comment on a story that I read, but I haven't found yours yet. Is your username the same over there?

Lighthouses are so hauntingly beautiful. Were you scared to feel the phantom poke and smell the tobacco pipe at such a young age? I feel like kids can be a lot more open and brave when it comes to paranormal events. Of course, they can be just the opposite, but there are always two sides to everything. If you talk to your mom, let me know what lighthouse it was. It's nice when places don't hide their haunted roots on tours. Of course, it's not so nice when places try to snag customers by claiming their location is haunted. 😉
stephyw- Happy early birthday to you, too! I'm proud to be a fellow Virgo! ❤
D.A. - Thank you so much for reading my story and for your kind words! I do feel very lucky to have gone to the exhibit, and I know it is/was pretty pricey; and I certainly don't take things for granted (monetary or otherwise). 😊 It was very overwhelming, and I do feel like it was due to the residual emotion of the objects, like you mentioned. I hope you do get to see something like the Titanic exhibit- I know you would enjoy and appreciate it! ❤
You know what gets me most about this? I went to the Bodies exhibit twice, and did not feel anything. I guess it's cliche, but I assumed being in front of preserved human remains would be a lot more overwhelming!

I thought the piggy incident was cute, too! I agree that whoever or whatever it was wanted to see me happy again. I don't know what happened to it, but I'm guessing my patents donated it or gave it away. It's a shame, because it was a special memory for me- and toys are never going to be as amazing as they were in the 80's!

Stephyw- Thank you so much! What did you experience at the former exhibit? I definitely recommend the Titanic exhibit. I really enjoyed it and I think a lot of people have. It is a very sad piece of history, a very overwhelming event. I wish the engineer would have been a little less cocky and a little more practical.

I appreciate all your comments and kind words. You are very lovely ladies, each one of you!