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Although I was once the depiction of failure and rock bottom and tortured by evil, I believe that it have gone through great lengths to heal, and I have healed. But evil still lingers in the corners of my life, I can't change that. But I have found my love for god again, and the evilness in my life knows it. That's why it rarely does anything but just watch me from a log distance. But a still have times where it tries to prod me for weaknesses. But I still remain a happy person who has loving family and friends:D

Ps. Everyone has a spirit or angel guarding them. Mine happens to be the Arch Angel Raphael.
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The Ballerina Girl on 2015-05-21

This experience mine happened roughly about 2 years ago while I was visiting my then girlfriend. We were getting comfortable on the couch watching some TV when I saw movement out of the corner of my eyes and I looked to the left. At first all I saw was a shadow but then I slowly started to see the a...

Never Tempt Evil on 2015-02-17

Ever since I could remember I have had a fascination for the supernatural. Seeing a ghost for the first time only strengthened my look towards it, but that's another story for another time. This is my account of why I got exactly what I asked for. It was a normal Saturday night for me. I ate dinn...

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Date: 2015-05-28
To answer the question of why I thought the father was there as well even though I couldn't see or feel him at the time was because most of the time when I was at my then girlfriends house I would feel scared as soon as I stepped inside. I could say I'm sort of a medium. I can sense entities. I can't detail them but Ivan sense them. It doesn't always work either. But it does work a lot. But I swear that house always gave me the Heebie Jeebies. Even when I firsts looked at it before going inside for the first time. Scientifically speaking my feeling of dread could be explained off by something like faulty wiring considering the age of the house but I still think what I saw and believed was real.
Date: 2015-05-28
To the skeptics I say this. I value your scientific explanations and opinions. I also agree that she didn't get killed by a shotgun at blank range. As recalled in my story I was just relating what my then girlfriend told me of what happened. It was her side of the story. I sort of took her story with a grain of salt. The only two three things that matched up in her side of the story were the girl the father and the girl dying. I think it more possible she was stabbed or something in that regard. So thanks for your opinion Tweed:) and thank you for everybody else's comments as well. I have other experiences to share. All of them yet to be written.
I once saw something like what you saw in a similar situation. With waking up and such. Though when I woke up I didn't feel scared. But I knew something woke me up so I turned my head I my desk and sitting on top of my desk was what I thought was a person until my eyes adjusted. Wolf Head with a human like body. But like I said it didn't seem scary to me it only made me curious and when I turned on my light for a better look it was gone. Plus on a side note my favourite nothing says friendship weapon is a milk jug. I've only used one once on a friend but it was payback for tipping me in a portapotty -_- lol
Also has your supposedly demon haunted friend made anymore claims to the contrary lately. I was actually amused by some of the claims you mentioned in your story. She Was definitely bullshiatting (pardon my French) about the pentagram in the basement.
Have a nice evening- MikeArcAngel
Date: 2015-05-20
Hmmm did your mothers psychotic ex boyfriend dabble in the black arts? Because if he did or does he probably might have conjured a few thugs to wreak havoc on your life. Plus I would always keep a weapon handy just in case the ex comes by. I have two hardwood bats I keep with me that make better maces then bats for intruders, because sometimes the police. Just aren't fast enough. Glad you weren't hurt by any evil entities in that house.
Hope I helped- MikeArcAngel
Date: 2015-05-20
Same to you Trischa, same to you. It definitely makes the going easier when you know someone has you back especially when you. Can count on them. I tried to OD in high school using Advil capsules. I downed a whole new bottle of it. I passes out and I miraculously woke up the next morning feeling horrible. I puked for a full hour but was fine otherwise. God was looking out for me that night during one of my worst times which saddens me that I even had a falling out with him to begin with. My problems only progressed after I forsook him but then started to go away again after I redound my love for him.
Date: 2015-05-20
It would have been better for you to say goodbye and move the planchette to goodbye on he board. By not saying goodbye or moving the marker a portal may have been opened and allowed something to get out. Does your friend still have this board? If so it would be better to be rid of it. You might have lucky these few times but repeated usage is like a homing beacon for thugs you don't want to contact. But it's good that nothing has attached itself to you or is harming you. The creature you mentioned still baffles me but I'm also leaning towards an animal spirit because nothing else seems likely.
Have a good day- MikeArcAngel
Date: 2015-05-20
I do know it was made up. Hence why I called it a myth. I was just trying to figure a type of creature that would resemble the one depicted in the story and one of the creatures I thought of belonged to that story. I don't believe in the Blair witch stuff either. Though they made some awesome movies though!
Date: 2015-05-20
I first thought the creature you had seen might have been an imp. But then you said the creature had no ears. It could be a shapeshifter demon. Some demons when they are powerful enough can change shape on impulse. But I don't think it would be a demon. I think if it was, you would have experienced more phenomenon. (Off of the note. What you described reminded me of one of the gremlins from the movies) the only creature I know of that came close to this was a creature reportedly found under mysterious circumstances involving the Blaire witch haunting myths.
Date: 2015-05-20
I'm not surprised your mother was visited by a demonic entity after taking it upon herself to become a true catholic. Evil things such as demons seek only to corrupt and destroy, most of the time by driving a wedge between people and their religions and loved ones. The key is to hold onto your faith, and your mother, as you mentioned in the story, has done that quite admirably considering what she went through. Always remember that once you have true love for god and complete faith in him nothing can get the upper hand over you:)
Have a good one - MikeArcAngel
Not to say that your story is faked but there are inconsistencies. Like the spirits being hurt by you. I have never heard of or read of an instance where a spirit or entity was hurt through the communication of ouija. Humans yes but not the spirits. It's also really wired when you say that the board split in half after you finished the session. I'm sorry but that's another first time I've heard of that happening. Too bad the op isn't in the discussion. The story just leaves too many questions to the contrary...
Date: 2015-05-15
DemonsHauntme, The evil presence in the story may not be a demon. Even spirits if powerful enough can touch or even harm the living, it just depends on the entity's intent. I would say you were dealing with an evil entity. But I can't say if it is human or once was or never was.
I hope whatever it was that harassed you didn't 'cling' onto you when you moved from the house. If these things get attached, they can be very hard to detach. Has the demon followed you?
Date: 2015-05-12
I think you had every right to be 'uneasy' with this Bill spirit. Anything from a Ouija board can pass itself off as a normal person who died. The trick is weeding out a lying spirit, and you did just that. For example you said that Bill told you he lived in heaven with god. But he also suggested he'd have been angry if you tried contacting other spirits with said board. I know from the bible that there isn't a soul in heaven with anger in his/her heart, especially if they were judged. I think you made contact with a bad sprit or possibly a demonic entity. So as for the cleansing rituals you got that right to the tee:D I wouldn't be able to suggest much else other than constantly wearing a piece of your religion on you, sometimes it can give you just a little more warmth and faith if you need it.
Best wishes,
Date: 2015-03-17
I can't help but feel like a bit of a skeptic when I see this story. Such as the crash from the bathroom you heard. Did the noise resemble a metallic clank? If so it might have been pipes. Pipes can make some really odd noises at times, I've had it happen myself where there was a sudden clanging that scared the heck out of me but I found it was only the pipes. But there are instances in your story that point to a haunting. The footsteps being one of them. So I'm thinking you do have a haunting, but it might not be as bad as it seems to be. Though I'm only assuming. I'm sure you were beyond terrified during these experiences.
I would suggest hiring a team of investigators to see what kind of haunting you are having and go from there. Hope I was a help and good luck in the future:)
Date: 2015-03-04
Thanks Tweed for your long but insightful comment. Even Though you may be right I still have a gut feeling that tells me it was real. One reason being is that ever since then I've reconnected with god, not religiously but in my own way. That's why every time I pray now is different from when I was in a group. I was coerced into believing god in a way I didn't feel that was right when I was with that group. But now I feel... Well it feels like my life is brighter... Like my life was a dim bulb and I just changed it with an LED lol
Date: 2015-03-04
I'm not going to say your story is fake or legit. The apparition itself could and probably is very real. Even though points of your story send up red flags to me I still can relate because of a few of my own experiences. A short while ago I had a frightening encounter with a demon and I still am dealing with a few after effects. Just the fact that your husband claims to have seen it is enough proof at least to himself. Showing faith towards god can help tremendously during events like these as well as prevent them from happening in the first place. Once you have complete faith in god, nothing can break it. I bid you good day:)
Date: 2015-03-02
Hello Kira, I can only imagine the fear you must have felt after being pushed down and held down by something you were not able to see. Don't ever let the unknown get the edge on you. Just think of this "Any fear can make you stronger if you know how to wield it" keep being as strong as you can.:)
Considering the spirit you were speaking of mostly appeared as a white apparition, with no darkness coming from it suggests it isn't harmful. Yet. But like you said you moved from that place a while ago. But the dark shadows can and will lead to scary situations. There are scientific explanations for the shadows but it can also mean something might be trying to influence you. I know this because I was seeing the same thing but got a little too carried away with finding out what it was.
If you are religious pray and bless the house. Also do not, do NOT, demand the thing casting he shadows to leave. This only angers them, it doesn't get rid of them. Black shadows are not a good sign. If you can get a priest to do a blessing on the house you are in.
I wish you good luck and god bless:)
Date: 2015-03-02
Thanks for your comment Spirit, and I'm doing a lot better now then I was then. I am currently drug free and hopefully by next year I will be alcohol free.:)
Date: 2015-02-27
First of all thanks for commenting on my experience Vermont and Claudia, I have been seeking help in the way of counselling and a support system. But I still believe most if not all of my experience was supernatural. I didn't have sleep paralysis because for one thing I could easily move as soon as I started waking up. I still feel the energy around me but the fact that it has calmed down due to me having restored my faith in god proves to me that my experience was real. I'm actually kind of thankful that I had to go through with the experience otherwise I wouldn't have started making smarter choices.
Date: 2015-02-26
Thank you everyone for your advice. I am drinking still but I don't go over the limit. I set a limit and stick to it. I don't even touch hard liquor now. My life is still a bit hectic but I'm a lot better and feel better more and more each day. The evil presence barely registers to me though I know it is still there.:)