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The Mysterious Hooded Figure on 2011-10-03

This experience happened to my younger brother. This happened in our second house, many years after my experience with the young boy in my room. Just quickly, I will describe my brother's room. My brother had a single bed that faced his doorway, so you could see into the hallway if you were to lie o...

Visit In The Night on 2011-08-15

This was my very first experience with a spirit. Firstly, you should know that my family, particularly on my mum's side, are more sensitive to spirits. At the time of my experience I was around four or five years old (18 now) and was living in my second house (in my fourth house now). Just to set th...

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Thanks for all the advice:) But we moved from that house a long time ago and are now in a new house so we have rearranged our room layouts. Both my brother and I have a beds next to our doors with our feet facing a wall now.
Date: 2011-08-22
To answer all your qustions, I have only ever seen this boy once. And as far as more visitations, I myself have only had a few more, but none as clear as this one. My Grandmother has many visitaions, out of everyone in the family she is more "in tune" with the spirt world. From an early age she has always engoruaged me to not be afraid of spirts, I guess that's whay I wasn't afraid. Thanks for all the question by the way, I'm happy to answer anymore you may have.