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A Dark Thing, Wish I Knew What It Was on 2011-08-17

This is kind of old, but I've never come to a satisfactory conclusion on what it was, and I'd like some help in figuring it out and making sure it can never come back to me again. I was fairly young, maybe eleven when it first came, and it terrified me. I had until then always slept easily, but i...

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Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, things got hectic in my home life and are only now getting somewhat back on track. I think Rook was right, that it was a Goblin or something, and thankfully it hasn't come back. Maybe I was just worrying because my Dad had died earlier that year and that disturbed my sleep patterns for awhile.

And Darkmage55, thank you for the information, and I have had that often enough, but this was different. As I said, with I know the difference between 'awake' and 'almost awake but dreaming'. There's a slightly 'gelid' feeling to that state that was completely absent from these. If it wasn't a goblin, but a demon, it clearly was not a very strong one, and it has long since left me in peace.
That sounds like Belial to me, who is a High Demon, but not the Devil himself. Belial isn't one to trifle with, though, nor is he one to care to come to this world simply to walk through a graveyard for no purpose. You say your brother has been having trouble ever since that day, mayhap it was him Belial was after that day, and you were simply pulled into whatever madness he worked upon your brother.
Date: 2011-08-17
As someone who has poked my nose in off and on in the realm of metaphysical learning, the little ones were probably the only 'real' ones in there originally since in my experience most mediums called into a situation like that seem to spout off about at least one angry and evil spirit. However, you may have ended up attracting a real one after that, because you began to believe there was one there. I can't offer much advice on how to get rid of it, but you might try some hematite, since its believed to contain and cleanse negative energy.