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I'm a bit of a lost soul in that I haven't really worked out who I am and where I belong yet. I was born in a small town on the fringes of the ancient site of Olympia, Greece.

We migrated to Australia when I was 5 months old and there I grew up and was educated.

I migrated back to Greece some 12 years ago. Here I still am!

This country is going through an economic and social crisis at the moment with no light at the end of the tunnel. More and more people are finding themselves out of work and the number of homeless people is increasing on a daily basis. The situation is tragic.

On a lighter note, I'm glad to have found this site. I've had a few experiences but have never actually studied the paranormal. In fact, I fear it, perhaps because a lot of my experiences have been scary or negative in nature and started at a very early age. But, I have learned a lot since being on this site and I'm still learning.

It was here that I found Rook, a philanthropist who has become my spiritual healer and guide. He's got a lot of work ahead of him yet!

For those who are non-believers, does it matter if I find hope and courage in another human being, whether he is gifted or talented or not? Does Rook make me feel better? Does he help to pull me up when I start to withdraw and shut down? Yeah, he does all that!

Most importantly, he has restored my faith in humanity. I was fast tracking down that roller coaster ride to cynicism. He managed to pull me off just in time. All that, makes him genuine in my eyes and that's all that matters!
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My Experiences In Our First Home on 2012-01-09

My first experience, as far as I can recall, was in our first home in Adelaide, South Australia. We were renting in the city centre. A lot of the buildings in Australia in those days had been built by English convicts. I don't know if that's relevant or not. In the old flat there was a small livi...

Just One Last Kiss on 2011-10-11

My mum passed peacefully in her sleep in April 2005. She was the glue that helped keep the family together. She was the most spiritual person in the entire family. My mum died in Australia where the family migrated to back in the late 50s. I was here in Athens, Greece when she passed. I got one of t...

The Shadow Man Returns on 2011-08-22

Ive been seeing some sort of shadow man pretty much since I was a young girl. I used to see him back then only at night. I didn't know it was such a common phenomenon so I would call him a "stick man" because he was as skinny as a match stick and wore a hat but he was pitch black and I couldn't make...

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Date: 2012-03-08
Elle0309 I'm sorry about your dad but I don't understand why you are so judgemental with the OP.

Are you perhaps projecting your frustrations onto MizMimi? She was a child and didn't understand what was happening at the time it was happening.
Date: 2012-03-08
Sorry typo. I meant did she recognise you either from Bangalor or Pune?
Date: 2012-03-08
When you introduced yourselves again in July, she must have said her name was Vega since you didn't go into shock until after you mentioned Delhi. You didn't say if she recognised you, either from Delhi or Bangalore? Did she recognise you? And from where?

Roll numbers are not doubled up on no matter where you reside as far as I know. Could you find out where that roll number was allotted? I think they appear on the net. You might not be able to see the information but I think you can bring up the number itself. This may be one way to find out if somebody is having somebody on.

Did you contact your friend Natasha and ask her where she sat her exam and what her roll number was? Did Natasha take an exam?
Date: 2012-03-08
zzsgranny, thanks. I didn't realise that Harry Truman was the same man Miz was referring to when she mentioned the cabin. I think Miz is being discreet and I look forward to her opening up more.
I'm not an expert but I believe that not all behavioral scientists preclude spiritual manifestations in connection with sleep paralysis. Not all of them right off manifestations during sleep paralysis as hallucinations. 80% of people who experience sleep paralysis also experience some sort of spiritual manifestation. In the past, it has been written off by science without ever having been investigated.

Sleep paralysis is neither a disease or psychopathological.
If anybody is interested, google "Soul Smack" or David J Hufford. Dr Hufford has both experienced this phenomena and researched it in depth over many years and many cultures.
Date: 2012-03-08
I understand the eruption on the morning of 1980 was of huge dimensions and the destruction massive and that the eruptions continued for some years. Scientists have learned a lot from Mt St Helen's.

May I ask how old you were at the time? Given that you have always had such experiences and the dimensions of this event, have you ever investigated "the cabin" or found out if somebody was actually hit in the car park of the supermarket? Could the voices you hear be of those who were killed at the time trying to get messages throught to somebody?

I would like to hear more of your experiences. Perhaps you could start with your father in law's.

Alan, thank you for answering my questions and although I may not agree, I think I'm beginning to understand where you're coming from. Forgive me for being a bit slow.

However, your answers have formed other questions in my mind.

"Who is 'all knowing' enough to judge whether the child was an angel or a demonic manifestation?" It seems to me that it didn't have time to give praise.

"Who was the 'all knowing' judge who decided that Jesus was who He was and not something else?" I understand that He gave praise, but others had been doing the same before Him.

Is it impossible for Demons to give praise in order to deceive?

I do enjoy your stories whether I agree or not.

With respect
WReck72, For us simple folk who haven't studied or understand the details, I don't think it matters how we pronounce the name. We are all talking about the same Christ.

Liken it to learners of English as a Second Language. We don't (shouldn't) pull them up for mispronouncing English words or translating their own cultural expressions into the English language, which don't make sense to a native English speaker. In fact new dictionaries are being written to include "mispronounciations and translated expressions".

So be it Jesus or be it Yeshua, what difference does it make?
Date: 2012-03-07
I was thinking along the same lines as Rook. Did you write this story on your own, or did somebody help you?
There is a second word after "Demon/Steven" Is it freak/creep?
I'm curious to know if she had spoken to you before inside the Lunatic House or in a cemetary, and if you identified who she was. Could she be the one with the "I hate you" message?

Did you ever go back to try and contact her again? I'd like more on this one.
Date: 2012-03-05
He sounds disappointed to still be there. Doesn't sound to me as though he is trying to make anybody feel bad
I hear "Oh what's up" and then "Shhh". But, I'm on an old computer so...
I hear either, "killed 'im or killed 'em". Sounds the same to me before and after the filter. But he sounds horrified at what he's just done. Could it have been in self defence? Or, perhaps a soldier who'd killed his first enemy sniper or something?
Amazing stuff! At 1.10, sounds to me like both a man and a woman are saying "Hello Bob".

Is "Funam" vietnamese? I only hear " He was in nam".
Do your parents not hear the racket that goes on at night? What did they say about the trashed room? You must be covered head to toe in scratches by now. Are they not concerned about that?

You mentioned in an earlier story, in response to a suggestion of sleep walking, that you don't mind doctors since you've seen plenty of them. Would you mind if I asked you what kind of doctors you have been to and for what reasons?
Date: 2012-03-02
Does anybody know when and why this video was removed from both this site and youtube?

Vox_Animae, that doesn't necessarily mean the original doesn't belong to this OP. However, funny how it's suddenly gone.
Date: 2012-03-02
Godsbabygirl I may be wrong and perhaps somebody could correct me if I am, but I got the impression from the Good Book that the Three Wise Men were astrologers.
I'm also trying to understand your belief that only evil is powerful enough to manifest. What about angels? Good versus evil. If one can manifest then so can the other. I don't want to believe that demons are powerful enough to do that but angels are not.

What if the soul of that child got lost on its way to Heaven? Shouldn't that soul be helped to find its way back onto the right path as you did yourself? Isn't that what Christ was trying to achieve and what he wanted his followers to work for?
Alan, respectfully, how do you explain Jesus' resurrection? Or even Lazarus? Christ brought Lazarus back from the dead. Do you consider these exceptions? I may be wrong but I'm trying to understand. From what you say, these could also be explained as demonic manifestations.

The sense that I get from this story is that the child was lost or kidnapped at the beach or perhaps drowned and never found. You describe the child's appearance in such a compassionate way, "bewildered etc" but then you turn and speed away.