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Hi! I'm ghostlover6678. I have had an interest in ghosts for a few years now. I have always loved watching ghost programs such as "Ghost hunters" Ghost adventure" and "Most haunted". I have still yet to get my fair share of experiences, but I have had a few. I joined this site in order to read others experiences as well as posting my own. I have only been on this site for a short amount of time, but I hope to continue being on it.

I have commented on many stories some interesting, some not so interesting, some true and some untrue. I believe I have taken after my granddad and my dad who can also see ghosts. My dad has seen ghosts along with my granddad, both in the same areas, but at different times. I can see ghosts swoosh past me out of the corners of my eyes from time to time, but sometimes right in front of me! My dad tells my many stories about his experiences, and the experiences of others. I hope you enjoy the stories I will be posting. Some will be about me and some about others, enjoy!
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Is There A Ghost In My House? on 2011-08-24

My name is Aisling. I am a 13 year old girl. Lately I have been feeling extremely uncomfortable in my home. Every second of the day I feel as if I am being watched in an angry manner, I have begun to see shadowy and clear white figures out of the corner of my eyes, my westy (west highland terrier) H...

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Thats good news:) I'm a teenager to and yes vanessanda, Paigey is obsoluly wright 😊 Just because she says she "Hadn't been drinking" doesn't mean she was in a pub having a few pints here and there 😁 So you may have taken it the wrong way.

Thanks, glad everything isn't as bad Paigey and you are the boss ❤

Oh I didn't realise that you were facing away from the stairs... Maybe try taking some more photos, in random places and where you heard the occurance. It may help, something may show up on the photos! 😁
I'v always wanted to capture a spirit on my camera, but no luck so far 😢 Hopefully you will have more luck than me! Xx


-ghostlover6678 😁
Date: 2012-01-07
Paranormal or not, it was probably still scary. I think everyone is being a bit harsh, we are all human and make mistakes, I don't think we should be being as harsh as we are 😳

Put yourself in alandhopewell's shoes, if an unknown person had said at the side of a road "no one can help me" what would you have done? Gotten out and started a conversation? I'm not saying what Mr. Alan D. Hopewell did is ideal to do, but less with the judging maybe?

How many people stop EVERYTIME to give a hitch-hiker a lift? They are people you don't know, who knows what they may be planning to do!? And even if these people you all pass on the road may not be limping or SEEM hurt, doesn't mean they aren't.

I am one person who thinks we are being to harsh, don't judge a book by its cover, eh? It was a reaction, drive away when something freaky happens! 😊

Hope to read some of your other stories, Thanks

well, I suppose I do sound abit stupid saying both all the time 😳 I'm so sorry if I confused you. I love reading about ghost and watching ghost programms but I guess I am scared when the experiences happen to me. Ya, I know I wasn't so clear... I'm sorry, I did go back and forth, but I am a bit of both 😊

I never revused to take yours or anyone elses advise, I NEVER EVER SIAD THAT!
Your now twisting my words, I don't expect strangers to act like my mother, who might I add DOSEN'T believe a SINGLE word I say, so I'm alone on this... So don't twist my words! I am happy to take everyones advise, if you don't have anything nice to say way are you saying anything at all!

I am scared to be in the house alone, but love to read about ghost and watch them on tv. I just like it. I'm a mixture of fear and excitement. I feel both, scared and also excited by them, its a mixture

I hope I helped you with your "confusion" with my story, I am both, love ghost but can be afraid at times, especially when I'm alone on the matter...

Interesting story, you mentioned that you began to take random photos, but did anything show up on them? I can't give my opinion or "debunk" as they say in the ghost programs, the sound of the footsteps or the opening of the fridge, I do think you may have somehthing paranormal going on! Think of it as something exciting, not something to be afraid of 😊 Has anything else happened since the footsteps?

Keep us posted 😁

Thanks for posting your stories... They were FANTASTIC! I LOVED them all! I'm glad to hear that everything has worked out for you and your family, I wish you all forever lasting happiness 😁


-ghostlover6678 😁
I LOVE your stories, seems like everyone else does too 😉

Keep us posted 😊


-ghostlover6678 ❤
I have no words to describe how much I LOVED this story. I'll give it a go... It was amazing, fantasic, soooo exciting and was filled with lodes of information 😁 I can't wait to read your next stories! 😁

Oh and of course, I hate to read that you were afraid to be alone at night! Thats awful. I suggest that you bless the house or hang rosery beads up (if you are catholic of course) I hope by now you have either told your mum or moved, because I hate to read that you are scared of the house.

I also hope your mam has a good job and that she doesn't have to work two jobs now! 😢


Date: 2012-01-05
alandhopewell...I am another who thinks you did't do anything wrong, yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you can listen the nice opinions and not to the ones that bring you down. I think you were brave enough to even stop and also nice enough, sure enough others would have driven on by, but you stopped. In that situation I would have done the same thing as you, sped up when the unknown person said "no one can help me" that's damn freacky if you ask me! You didn't no the person/"thing" so I personally see no fault in what you did Let the others think what they want to think;)


-ghostlover6678 😊
Date: 2012-01-04
And obviously the traffic had moved up, sped up doesn't necessarily mean to go 80 miles per hour, I ment she sped up quicker then normal to behind the car in front of us, BECAUSE the car in front had pulled up because the traffic had moved, I never said a traffic jam I said traffic, traffic can move quickly in a matter of minutes.
Date: 2012-01-04
I don't understand how I "continue" to confuse you, quite obviously I may have been at the end of the traffic, I am sorry I didn't mention that. But I "continue" to confuse you? What else have I said that is "confusing" 😳
Date: 2012-01-02
I'm glad to hear that everything is starting to work out CMAD mama. Hopefully your son will be able to feel comfortable once more, no child should ever be afraid of their own home! Glad you took the step of cleansing/blessing your home. Hope you don't tell it to get out again, in may undo all your hard work! I admire you for being so brave and strong 😳 I would be freaking out if there was a demon/spirit in my home, your so brave 😳. Hopefully your son will be alright, best wishes to both of you. Maybe try hanging some rosery beads up, or pictures of our lord.


-ghostlover6778 😊
Date: 2012-01-02
That is very weird. I experience something like that once. I was in Galway at a round about and we were stuck in traffic (galway is ALWAYS packed on Saturday) It was night. I was sitting there just looking around and an odd looking figure thing (I can't really explain how he looked) walked up to our car. My sister who was in the front seat screamed as she raised her head to see him standing there looking in at us, my mum saw that the traffic had moved up and she sped up to behind the car in front of us, I looked back and... He was nowhere to be seen. There were no cars behind us so he couldn't have gotten into one (perhaps to hitch a ride). It would have taken him at leat 5minutes to get out of site form all directions and I looked back after a matter of seconds... So... I have no idea what happened.

I didn't mean to take over your story, I simply wanted to realate to your story 😳 Sorry if I seemed to take it over, sorry 😳

I hope you can think of it as an experience never to forget and not one to be afraid of.


-ghostlover6678 😁
Uggggghhh it happended again... While I was typing comments were made 😢 Now I'm not the first... Sorry I didn't want people thinking I was an idioit 😳 Please read my other comment it may be helpful... I'm sooooo sorry good luck and god bless (again) ❤

First off... WOOOOHOOOO FIRST COMMENT! Hahah sorry I had to do that 😳 Anyways... Interesting story. Your daughter is young, and is going through puberty as you explained. I recently finished going through puberty so I can still remember some activity that went on when I was in the process.

No 1: I found that I could also hear voices, doors would open on there own (like the way you said your daughter had experienced)

No 2: I also found that I could hear footsteps climbing the stairs and the stop at the top, I also heard pots and pans crashing around in the kitchen downstairs.

A few of these still happen but some have stopped, due to the fact that I have finished going through puberty and I changed rooms with my parents. I felt very uneasy and frightened in my former room, it grew to the stage where I had to swap rooms with my parents (as I just explained).

I wrote down each experience I had and crossed out the ones that didn't happen again over time when I was going through changes. I suggest you do the same. Sit your daughter down and get her to write her experiences down on a sheet of paper.

I have a question for you, has your son experienced anything, how old is your son? If he has already gone through puberty and has not experienced anything then maybe you will find it is due to the fact that your daughter is going through some tough changes 😁

I hope I helped you... GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS! 😁

Great story 😁 I enjoyed reading it! I found it sweet that your great grandmother was trying to communicate with you! But the negative energy that you experienced, wasn't so sweet. You needn't worry... Your great grandmother will hopefully protect you 😁 She seems to be kind and care about you alot... She'll protect you!


Date: 2012-01-02
I am sorry the ghosts tore you and your friend apart. But don't get me wrong, but maybe it was for the best, ghost wise. I got the chills just reading about the women under the trampoline, I can't imagine how YOU felt! 😨

I don't know how Kate and her family could put up with all the knocking and bagging if you can't put up with it for a single night, I would be the same as you, scared out of my wits! 😨 You were right to call your mother and not wait it out scared out of your mind, its what I would have done.

Because its not your own house I can't suggest that you "get your house blessed" or "Hang some rosery beads up", but I can suggest that you to stay out of the house. I hope you and Kate become friends again, just not in the way were you would sleepover at her house 😳

Date: 2011-12-31
Loved the story! 😊 I liked the way you went straight to the point ❤ Great!

I have to say I remember once when I was lying in bed (wide awake) then all of a sudden my bed began to shake like there was no tomorrow! My sister was asleep and was completely oblivious to what was happening! I never tell my mum or dad ANY of my experiences anymore, my mum thinks I'm crazy, so I joined this website, and thankfully I have people who believe me!

Have you experienced anything else, in your new home? Have you seen the little girl since you wrote this story!? I hope you can look back on these experiences and think yourself lukcy. You got to experience things that no one else may ever experience! 😊


-ghostlover6678 XxXx
Date: 2011-12-31
Uggggghhhh...tell me about feeling small, I understand how you feel! Right now, I feel as though I am being watched (I have always felt this way, well, my house is over 100 years old and many people have died in the house!)

I too feel "eyes" just staring at me as I enter my room, or any other room in the house! Try and stay strong, never let down your guard! You are the boss of your own home!

Now I must agree with Nysa. Are you seeing things. You may find you see this "figure" due to the fact that you are "scared/frightened" or what ever way you may put it.

When I was younger I would think I'd be seeing shadows pass by me, but in actual fact I was just "imagining them" I told myself that I was being ridiculous, but I wasn't, I just needed to calm down. I did just that (over time of course, it took me awhile to toughen up) but sure enough half the shadows I once saw no longer were seen. But I do see the other half for time to time. But they are all just passing by.

When I found myself scared and and "imagining" things once again, I bought a necklace with a small silver cross, I have never taken it off to this day! At this very moment and time I am wearing it! The necklace made me feel safe and secure. I may seem crazy writing this, but, when I got scared I held my necklace and began to say a "hail mary" in my head. If you are catholic I think you should do the same, but if you are of any other religion pray your prayers, what ever makes you feel save! 😊


-ghostlover6678 😊
Oh and to answer your question SugarySweetGirl. I know for a fact that my dog couldn't have climbed onto the bed. For two good reasons.

One being the fact that I was at my cousins house (they did not have any pets at that time, but now have a dog) and my dog always sleep down stairs in the kitchen, with the door closed.

Two, I can tell you she wouldn't bother leaving the heated kitchen and her warm basket to come upstairs to me and lie at the end of my bed! Lol! 😁 I appreciate the help from you! Thank you!

-ghostlover6678 ❤ ❤