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The Introduction on 2011-08-30

I will be posting a lot of stories about my life as a boy who can see ghosts. First, I will start by telling my name; I am Amkawa Fangshang. Although my nickname is Vincent Bernier because it is the name y mother gave me the day my life started as her life came to an end. I lived for five years in...

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Date: 2011-08-25
I feel terribly sorry for you I may have been scarred and attacked by spirits but what happened is really a bad case you should consider having someone exorcising your room and also stay on BCNTRL because it may sound crazy but my fathered have a been an incubus stay strong you are stronger than them
I had a problem like that back in the orphanage Since I was the only Canadian and everyone were Japanese They called me a scaredy cat until I was hurt pretty badly (the drawer filled with knives fell on me) they called a proffesionnal And everything was fine after that