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BlueTurtle's pictureYoung adult who loves to read and write and draw. I've had minimal, supposed spiritual, encounters and am not very religious, although I do believe in God.
Am often a skeptic when it comes to stories of ghostly encounters, mostly due to the existence of various hoaxes and pleas for attention. Am greatly interested in life beyond, albeit a bit fearful.
Often a scardey-cat and am uncomfortable with unfamiliar dark places.
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A Reasonable Explanation on 2012-06-11

Just to start with, I'm fully aware of the things our minds make us think we're seeing or hearing or feeling which is why I'm cautiously skeptical in most things revolving around the paranormal; I'm more inclined to seek the most obvious explanation first. Still, it doesn't make the experience any l...

Out Of This World Voice on 2011-08-30

This happened at my current residence, a small, one room apartment within a housing community. I live there with my fiancé and our cat and haven't had any experiences before or after this one. It was the middle of the night and I'd just woken up from a dream, one I couldn't remember. I know I was...

Minor But Unexplained Occurrences on 2011-08-30

Since the 'hauntings' that my family and I have experienced over the years are minor in nature, I've decided to compile just a few to avoid multiple, very short stories. First, I want to share what my mother described to me while she was living in the family home in northern New Jersey. She was alo...

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I too concur with Zinksauce. I've experienced sleep paralysis as well and, at times, it's happened exactly as you described. It doesn't make it any less scary, but it's good to know that it's a biological quirk that we sometimes go through. There are no harmful physical or mental after affects and it doesn't mean that something's wrong with you, so don't worry:)
I'm not sure what you saw that night in the bowling alley. For all I know, it's possible that the place was haunted and you saw one of its denizens.

But from what you say about your life now, about feeling depressed and suffering mood swings, I think that it's not due to the ghost you may have seen that night. It's called being a teenager. Different people will experience different things going through their teen years and I know that it's a difficult time, especially if you experienced a death in the family. No words can describe what I'm sure you felt after your father's death, and for that I'm truly sorry. But you should not feel that his death was in any way caused by you, indirectly or otherwise. I think that some of your feelings stem from the loss you suffered. Talk to someone, and starting here is a beginning, but you need to speak to someone in person about your feelings.
Date: 2013-10-25
Not to disprove anything, but I do tend to question and rule out all possibilities before acknowledging a genuine haunting. But you said you were between the ages of three and five. How many times do you recall seeing or hearing your banshee? Are you sure it wasn't a realistic, recurring dream? Were you possibly sick at the time and suffering feverish hallucinations? I had what I dismissed as a dream when I was little. It involved me sitting in my bedroom at night and staring at the wood paneling on the wall of my bedroom. Light was reflected onto it from outside and I saw the shadow of what I thought was a plane go across it. This frightened me greatly because the shadow was so distinct.
Date: 2013-10-25
I'm always one to caution on the side of skepticism. The only explanations I can think of, however, are that you suffered a brief moment of auditory or hypnogogic hallucination. The repeat of the doorbell seems interesting, however, and the fact that a doorbell is a very distinctive sound is equally perplexing. Normal hypnogogic hallucinations occur between awake and asleep and may involve sounds of feet shuffling, other obscure sounds, or even ghostly echoes like names being called which originate when the person 'rehears' something they heard earlier.
It could have been your grandfather, I'm not going to exclude that as a possibility, although it seems odd that he would choose to ring the doorbell instead of performing some other hint. Did he live in that house? Could have been his spirit was trying to go home. Again, this is all speculation, but thanks for sharing the story.
I'm sorry but it's strange that the first thing I thought of was Slenderman... Which I know is a completely false and 'fun' haunting story.

Still, a sight like that would have scared me too and I'm sorry that it happened to you. Do you still live at your parent's home or have you moved away? Whatever is residing there, it's clearly no good and I would suggest avoiding it if you can.
Date: 2013-09-24
You say you can feel energy, so it wouldn't be so far as to say that you can 'see' energy too. It's possible that you were seeing residual bits of energy left behind by the living. In the sense that your cat and husband, during their movements, left behind traces of their moving energy that you were able to witness afterwards... Almost like looking at a video of past events while being there. I'm not sure what a time pause is, but it seems that you were witnessing an almost delayed portrayal of a path that a living being took.
Your case actually sounds like a classic case of sleep paralysis and hypnogogic/hypnopompic hallucinations... Which are more common than you might think. I actually experienced it myself this morning before I got up, although they are no less disturbing.

When I experience sleep paralysis, I am awake and aware of what's happening despite the fact that I can't move my body. Everything of what you described has happened to me and, while, it's annoying and frightening, it's not dangerous. Same goes with the visions and auditory sounds. For example, this morning, I had trouble getting up because every time I closed my eyes, for just a moment, I would hear things in my room. Eyes open, sounds stop. Eyes close, sounds reappear, like scratching or something or someone moving around in my room. Your vision could have been, possibly, a vivid dream. I've had plenty where I think I'm awake and going about my morning routine, but then I find I'm still asleep.

You mention that you're on medication. May I ask for what? Is it to help you sleep? Since you changed your meds, it's possible that some of what you're experiencing is a delayed reaction to the medication. I'm only suggesting that as a possibility.

Regardless, what you seem to be experiencing is not in itself paranormal. Perhaps you could change your eating habits before you go to sleep or spend time meditating to clear your mind. Obsidian, tourmaline, and sage will do wonders to give you ease of mind, but they may not actively stop the paralysis. Still, you do have the power to stop these night terrors. Find confidence that you will. I wish you the best.
I hope that things turn out for the best for you. Going to a psychic reading might help, but I must warn you that it is their profession to get you to believe what they're saying. Go in with some reservations but keep your mind open. I understand that some psychics are genuine, but others just want your money.

Now, normally I am a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal, although I have an open mind for possible hauntings. It is possible that your home is haunted, but you wouldn't believe what stress can do to a person's body or psyche. You mentioned that you had been working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. Stress and lack of sleep will certainly contribute to perhaps mild hallucinations, especially during sleep, which is very common. Despite the fact that you're working less, you still seem under stress and not just because of the oddities happening around the house. Do some soul searching and try and discover what's stressing you and causing you to be depressed. It happens, trust me. I've been there. Feelings of degredation for no apparent reason encouraged by a catalyst of seemingly paranormal events.

I can't explain the missing items or even all of the behaviors that your dog is displaying, although I must mention that animals have a way of picking up the emotions of their owners. If you are stressed, your dog will be stressed. This seems evident when you were feeling terrible and your dog acted sad.

Regardless of whether your home is suffering a mild haunting, which it might be, or if - somehow - these events are spurred by depression or otherwise (and please don't see this as a blame game...I'm just trying to go over multiple possibilities) the key thing is that you maintain control of your emotions and get the support you need, especially from your partner and even your dog. Thanks for posting and I hope that you find the answers.
Date: 2013-09-24
I've always wanted to visit Gettysburg and experience something for myself. I feel kind of guilty for not having been yet, especially since I live relatively close. These are all quite amazing occurences, thank you for sharing!
I don't know if these experiences have anything to do with ghosts, specifically. But I'm sure there are ways you can control your dreams. I don't think you're being possessed, but you obviously have an uncanny ability to control your dreams to the point where it's almost like stepping into another reality. Part of this could be astral projection, but I'm not certain; I'm not an expert.

You could try searching this site for similar stories or doing some research regarding strong dreams and possible astral projection. There are so many things associated with sleep paralysis and even I recently had an episode where I felt awake but couldn't move and heard someone in the room with me.
Date: 2012-06-15
I think that's the key... Not showing any fear and not giving them any reason to be angry or continue pestering you. Good for you. 😁
Date: 2012-06-15
Simply because a house didn't host any deaths does not necessarily mean it can't be haunted. Homes with history or perhaps even previous owners who have since passed on, but felt close to their home, can host an array of spirits.

I don't know if you have spirits following you; it's possible that you're simply sensitive to their presence (and that case seems to run in your family). These hauntings sound more interesting than harmful in nature. I would be wary, but there is nothing to fear. Bumps in the night are commonplace and animals will often hiss, growl, or avoid places or things that they're uncomfortable with or don't understand. They sense things too, but may not always see them.

I would say that you're a medium who's sensitive to spirits. This can be a good or bad thing but, as I said, the hauntings you're experiencing don't sound harmful. I have a friend who experiences countless things in her home, but she's used to it and thinks of the spirits as 'resident ghosts'. They come and go.

Please keep us updated and if anything happens, or if you're anxious to be rid of some of the spirits, let us know. There are plenty of bits of advice on this site that might help.
Date: 2012-06-15
I don't know what your relationship with your mom has been (or is) like, but the first thing I would do is to be honest with her and tell her what you've been experiencing. The worst that could happen is she doesn't believe you but, as a parent, I feel at least that it's her job to protect you. Reach out to your cousin and find out what his experiences were like, maybe you can find a way to beat this thing by working together.

This thing, whatever it is, is as malevolent presence that needs to go away. I realize you're not very religious, but try all venues, including inviting a priest over to bless the house. Try cleansing methods like smudging or lighting candles and opening all windows. Be assertive and demand in a firm tone that this spirit is to leave you alone, leave the house, and never come back.

I'm sure you will get more help and advice, but it's really up to you and what you decide. Unfortunately, you are the only one it seems to be attracted to, besides your cousin, so you're the only one who can initiate a way to get rid of it. Be firm, be brave, and stay strong. It seems like you have another spirit in play to keep it at bay, but I wouldn't rely on that as back-up. I wish you the best of luck. ❤
Date: 2012-06-15
This is a very cool story... Though I'm sympathetic to the fact that you were so scared. I've played some versions of this game... Only we call the seekers 'hunters' and they use flashlights. Plus, the game is played immediately after sunset and only lasts a little bit.

Anyway...did you happen to do any research on the land? Find out who previous owners were, perhaps or see why you walked into a yarn doll in the middle of the woods? I realize that you were scared, but what did the woman look like? Was she dressed in modern clothes or vintage ones? It would be interesting to see if any kind of research bears fruit on this mystery.
Date: 2012-06-15
I'm so sorry for your loss, but am happy to hear that your sister is still there for you from time to time. I do hope, however, that she finds peace and is able to pass on if need be and when the time comes.

I'm the oldest of six children and, while I often bicker with my younger siblings, I feel very protective of them and wouldn't know what to do if I ever lost one of them. I'm particularly close with a couple and have often had nightmares where they've been hurt or even died. The bond between siblings is a special thing and I'm happy that you've been able to maintain yours even after such a terrible ordeal.

I hope things continue to get better.
Date: 2012-06-15
Thanks for all the feedback. HappySpirit, Javelina, I agree with you that this was most likely and simply a mild hallucination brought on by being between states of awake and sleep accompanied by sleep paralysis. I actually didn't know there was a direct link between them, but I'll do some more research.

My cat didn't react this time, but there was a time where she went to enter the room and stopped in the doorway and suddenly got all puffy as if something spooked her. She was hesitant to enter the room afterwards, but my fiance and I didn't find anything off about it and nothing happened after that.

Ada - I hope the sounds you hear are perfectly harmless! They sound like they are and I hope you're writing stories about them.
That's very interesting. When you had your experience in primary school, how old were you? I'm surprised that the girl you mentioned, if you were very young, actually committed suicide. Do you know why or how? And the girl who came after, did she resemble Louisa at all or did she look completely different? I only ask because, is it possible that Louisa's spirit came back, if just for a moment, because you mentioned they acted the same.

Very interesting story, though. I look forward to more stories in the future, granted of course, that nothing bad happens.
Date: 2012-06-14
I'm not an expert... All I can say is that it's possible that she was possessed. But you say she was asleep at first. Perhaps if she's sensitive to the presence of the spirit, the spirit took advantage of that to 'encourage' her to follow the same steps she's taken before. Perhaps this is a plea for the ghost to move on. I would try smudging the house or inviting a priest to bless the house and encourage the spirit to move on. If it's scaring you and your children, it is definitely not a good idea to put this off. I heard of one account where a young woman was walking to babysit a friend's house and (the theory goes) she was possessed temporarily by the spirit of the sister of the woman she was going to babysit for. The sister had just died in a car accident and wanted to see her sister one last time, so she used the woman. There seemed to be no malevolence about it... But it's unnerving regardless.

Please let us know what you decide to do. If this woman needs help moving on, I would investigate cleansing methods and blessings.
Date: 2012-06-14
I don't know about aliens... But I've heard that orbs are the sign of spiritual phenomenon. Have you heard any stories about the road you were on to indicate that it might be haunted? Are there graveyards nearby or did something happen where someone might have died?

If you saw them in the vacant area, was there a building that used to be there but had been demolished? It's very interesting that you would see something like this.
Date: 2012-06-14
I'd also like to know why the woman appeared freaked out and how she knew about an investigation when you didn't, and you work there. Just some random woman came into the restaurant looking like that? I'm assuming the place is under a hotel or something, that's why you said she went back to her room? Strange...