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Angel Or Demon on 2011-08-30

This happened a few months ago... Well maybe more like a half of a year? I really can't remember when. I had just gotten back from the mental hospital for my Bi-polarism which was triggered by a BAD encounter with a person online. I was REALLY depressed and feeling sad/angry. I was lying in bed t...

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A similar thing happened to me, it was a wierd feeling... I myself do not believe in God (even though I Used to but not anymore) however I sometimes find myself wondering if there is one up there (A God I mean) and if this is his way of "Trying to get you to believe in him again" I find it a very sick and disturbing way to get your attention. If God want's peoples attention, he should NOT Bully people into it by giving them something to fear... I hope you never have to experiance it again... That is Unless YOU want to...

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Date: 2011-09-07
to yoda's question, no I have not had any more experiences, it might have just been my bi-polarism...sense I was still getting used to my depakote medication... And I do believe God hates me (Never hated the big G man myself) and yes, I DO Believe that there MIGHT Be a God up there I didn't mean any offense to any athiests out there. As for feeling loved by this "God" I HIGHLY doubt it. Even going to bible school I felt no such thing, through out my entire life. I think you CAN be an athiest yet still think there is something up there watching you, is that so wrong people? 😕