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My name is MZ. I'm a biology student and freelance artist. I live in California.
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The Stomping On The Roof 2 on 2011-09-20

Since I had submitted my last story, it seems whatever had been causing the stomping has moved from my boyfriend's house to my best friend's house. This happened only last night. I was talking on webcam with my best friend, ZgiZgi, doing our usual activities; working on homework, checking Facebo...

The Stomping On The Roof on 2011-09-13

This is definitely not my first experience with things that can be described as "paranormal" or "unexplainable". However, this is probably one of my scariest experiences regarding "paranormal" activity. I had recently started dating my boyfriend, although we've been friends since we were childre...

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Jav - I think I mentioned living in a desert, but not an exact location. There is definitely A LOT of strange paranormal activity in this area, but my town is so small, I was sure if I actually said the name of it, most people would be like "huh? Where?" It's good to have someone who actually knows something about my area.
I think part of the reason I was so shocked by Lou's comment is because it's so hard to tell a person's tone via the internet. Reading it through the tone in my head took me back a bit haha
Date: 2011-10-11
Jav - We're definitely looking into investing in some sort of cameras to put up there now that we actually have extra money to spend. Plus, it seems a lot safer than going up there myself and finding out. (Heaven forbid there ACTUALLY are dinosaurs or meth addicts up there haha)
I try not to come off as "well I'm right and it can only be a ghost!" and I'm sure that just reading text doesn't help convey what I'm thinking. I do appreciate that people were suggesting things I had not thought of and even asking questions trying to disprove what it could/couldn't be. It really does help to rethink and consider other options.
While there is a bit of craziness here, I can appreciate it and get a couple laughs in, as well as some useful input.:]
Date: 2011-10-09
Oh my god, I can't believe I missed all of this. I must've been too busy sitting up on my roof for the last week to notice. (My sad attempt at a joke)
For clarification, I live near Death Valley. We do not have raccoons or bears or almost any animals. We have coyotes, lizards, jackrabbits, snakes, and hawks.
As for bringing up Mothman, let me clarify that it was simply a thought. My boyfriend and his friend do not know what it is, nor do they claim that it actually IS Mothman, but whatever they saw fit a close description, so it was a thought. I was a bit surprised that people who believe in other such paranormal phenomena would get so defensive and ready to tell me how wrong I was in even bringing up Mothman, when I had never once said that I myself believe in. Although, I have to admit, I got a laugh or two at the dinosaurs being up on my roof theory, especially imagining T-Rexes playing hopscotch like little school girls.
As far as getting on the roof goes, we can see almost the entire roof from the ground. It's flat and low, and if we stand on a piece of patio furniture, we can actually see the whole thing (as I mentioned in my other post to Jav, sorry to repeat myself).
Jav - I suppose our biggest reason for not getting up on the roof is because of the structure of our houses. I've recently moved in with my boyfriend (maybe about a month ago) and these noises happen on a regular basis (even before I moved it, I witnessed the noises more than most of his other friends). His house has a low roof and his house is an odd shape, so you can see almost the entire thing from the ground, the entire roof if you stand on a table. And my friend's house has one of those triangular shaped roofs, so you can see an entire side from the ground. Also, in a situation like this, I know that I would be too fearful to get up onto the roof at 1am for fear of what I'd see or what tricks my imagination may play on me (I'm not the bravest haha). We live on the outskirts of desert near Death Valley, and I doubt that there are raccoons in my area (but there could be, I don't know for sure). We mostly have coyotes and lizards, with an occasional jack rabbit. But in the case that it is a raccoon, I'd hate to climb onto the roof with it haha. I appreciate your input:]

LouSlips - You sound extremely confident in your reply, as though you saw the scene yourself. I'm not meaning to sound rude (even if it comes out that way) but I was a bit taken back by your reply. My friend's roof actually extends out past her wall at a 45 degree angle, so if it were an animal, it'd be up too high/too far out to peek in the top of her window.
Aussie - I hadn't even thought of the patterns of noises. That's very interesting. The figure was tall, in fact! She said the "eyes" were looking in at the very top of her window, and that's at least 7 feet tall. I think you brought up some really good points and I'll definitely have to research them more. Thank you!

Generalchaos - I've honestly never seen a raccoon where I live, but I've heard one or two accounts of them being seen. Where my friend lives, it's closer to the open desert, so there's usually more rabbits and coyotes. I would think the stray cats in her neighborhood would have had a scramble with a raccoon or something and we would have heard it, but I don't know too much about raccoon behavior! I think the only reason I would think it's something other than an animal is because of the figure she saw outside her window. Because I only saw everything through webcam, I can't be too sure or rule anything out. Thank you for your input:]
Although she said that she looked for any lights that could have reflected and saw none, it could always be a possibility. Her neighborhood is usually very quiet and generally doesn't have people driving around at night, but it's not something that I'd rule out right away.

As for the noises, it sounded (to me, at least) like a grown man walking very heavy and the roof creaking underneath it. I'll ask my friend more about EXACTLY what she heard in detail.
Date: 2011-09-22
Maybe you should try salting the house or surrounding the entrances with brick dust? Or, if things get even worse, try to contact a meduim to come visit the house
Date: 2011-09-20
[at] DeviousAngel - I kept picturing Dobby too! Haha Great minds think alike!
Date: 2011-09-20
That's so sweet! It made me feel so warm and happy to read that. Did this happen soon after your grandfather died or much later?
Date: 2011-09-16
It sounds like it may have been a Brownie to me. They make themselves responsible for houses and often go inside of them at night to make sure its human owners are taking care of it. I'm curious to know more details about the ears, too.
Date: 2011-09-16
Fire_Fairy - I know! It was so creepy.

Mountaineer - I live in the desert, we don't have bears here. The only reason my boyfriend had suspected Mothman was because he had once seen a large humanoid creature that looked white and feathery with large red eyes staring at him through a window at a friend's house (which I was going to post in a later story). But that's his assumption, not mine. I never said I believed it, I really don't know what to believe. It's just one of those things I assumed would never be answered to me and always leave me wondering.
Date: 2011-09-15
Mountaineer - From things that I've read, Mothman had been sighted in various places other than West Virginia, including in New York, Seattle, and China. (I had to do some research after my boyfriend said he saw him haha). What he saw fits the description, but it could be anything, that's just his theory. I, honestly, have no idea! (I always thought the first to see Mothman was a group of 4? I don't recall though) I was actually going to post his story about his sighting of "Mothman", but I needed more details from him before I did, so I thought this one was better for a first post.
I live in a small desert town. The side of town he lives on is more rural. While your neighbors aren't miles away, they aren't directly next to you. There's a few open lots between you and your neighbors in his nick of the woods.

DragonStorm80 - I've never had a medium communicate with these things. I honestly don't even begin to know how to find one! Definitely worth looking into though 😆
Date: 2011-09-15
BeautInside - There's a couple different descriptions of the Mothman. Some say he's a very tall humanoid with wings and big, glowing red eyes and pretty similar to Britain's Owlman. A few other descriptions say he's kind of a large mass, square shaped with no head, and his eyes set in his chest. In all the descriptions, though, he has the same huge red eyes. And they say if you see him once, he'll continuously show himself to you.
I don't know why I had never thought of telling it to stop! I'll definitely tell my boyfriend to do that if I'm not around.
My town is very... Interesting haha. It definitely has a lot of strange activity going around. It's a shame your town could have more you don't know about!

DragonStorm80 - We've had a few weird things. I regularly get tapping on my window at night now. At first, I dismissed it as a tree, but there's no trees, or anything really, near my window. I still tell myself that though haha. And I was super impressed that he was brave enough to go outside! I won't even look out my window if I think something's out there!
Date: 2011-09-14
That's so scary! I got the shivers reading it! That poor little girl
Date: 2011-09-14
Waggon - It's so weird because his house has a flat roof with no attic and it sounds like a heavy, full grown man stomping. His mom is always saying "it's just a cat", but you can barely hear a cat walk across the roof, they're so light!

Luckkyme - Their house has SO much weird stuff happen. Him and his mom swear they've both seen chupacabras there, him and his sister had shadow people walk by the windows all the time, when they put their cats outside, they'll somehow end up back in when all the doors are closed and locked, and occasionally they'll see shadow people inside their house, but not terribly often.

BeautInside - I don't know any history on their house, but our town has a rich history of Native Americans and a huge slaughter of their people by our town founder (Lovely way to start a town, right?), as well as a history of cowboys, too. My best friend has the ghost of a cowboy walk down her street every night and I've seen a Native American run across my back yard countless times, so I wouldn't doubt if that had something to do with it. My boyfriend has a sneaking suspicion that the thing running on his roof is Mothman and swears that he saw Mothman before. Next time I hear it (if I'm not crying and hiding haha) then I'll definitely tell it to stop. Thanks for the suggestion!
(I'm a bit new at this, too. Don't worry, I totally knew what you meant!)
Date: 2011-09-09
I agree with Tygerwolfe. The second I read the title, I thought of Black Shuck. Typically, Black Shuck is seen at night and follows women to safely deliver them to their destination, but is also frequently seen as a guardian. Maybe he was unsure of you and scared?