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Warped Screaming Face on 2011-09-13

I've had a lot of various ghostly and paranormal experiences since very young, from ghosts that cause no harm and sometimes have made me recheck something that was dangerous, iv also had the malevolent types that groan beside your ear at night and cause fear and anxiousness. But the experience I had...

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Date: 2011-09-30
it's frightening you because you are alone with your daughter so you are the one with sole responsibility believe me I do understand it does help you be stronger but can be very stressful, please try get the house blessed and ask them to bless you and your daughter too. Also if you go to a story on this called warped screaming face in a comment from Rookydin he shows how to cleanse the home it would be worth doing - really hope something works soon
perhaps it is a grandmother protecting you:) and so so weird that so much bad came to ministers that lived there might be interesting to research the house and see what experiences others had there
Date: 2011-09-30
try and listen to your instincts and your daughter on this one and trust your faith I wish you all the best I've had many experiences also and with children it can be frightening but believe in yourself and how strong you are to over come this, some great advice from people here too:)
to be honest think you might be right there seems to be a link with the cards go get them checked out or pass them on if you can because something doesn't feel right although it does not sound menacing it now is communicating with you in a strange way through your request for it to breathe in your ear. I do worry that your sister is having nightmares and although I can't say if it is anything paranormal you should trust your instinct with it being linked to the cards:) good luck
i'm ignoring half the comments on this due to the fact that some were getting quite personal and rude but in my opinion it sounds like your house was fully charged for various entities or paranormal activity that were not necessarily linked to each other, perhaps someone that lived there before opened a door of some kind or the house itself is like a gateway between here and the after where spirits have not moved on, as you said it seems there was both good and bad in the house and it seems while that creepy thing was watching you something far stronger and pure was watching you too and for that be grateful. I am curious if you perhaps lost someone shortly before moving into the house. Also curious do you know the history of the house before you lived there?
Date: 2011-09-17
Rook thanks a million will try it very soon can I ask what you mean by opening the windows and doors with screens installed? I'm unsure what screens you mean sorry if that sounds stupid just want to do it right do I need to put a screen over them or curtain or is it to open ones even if they have screes? Sorry
Dragon thank you and I will let you know how it goes:)
Moongrim no offence but if you were in the situation you wouldn't even bring up Emily Rose it was nothing like that more similar to an energy that was very prominent.
Gelflingfay thanks for your comment it is unfortunate you had to experience that with your baby but a comfort to know it is nothing sinister as you said perhaps it is something trying to show its pain and that might be all it is, what I saw was more like what you described but when he saw it on me it was far more realistic
I have always seen and heard things but I can't shake that whatever this is has something to do with him and someone trying to contact him to pass on a message each time I enter the house now I don't feel it is sinister but it is strong and it is everywhere
Date: 2011-09-15
Indigo thanks for advice I am not sure about paranormal investigators in this area but I know they did Radon readings in that whole area about 10 years ago 2 years ago and it was below average, but will see if I can find a medium or someone with a device to read emf readings thank you
Rook that is my fear that it is something that has attached itself although the feeling is not usually experienced outside the house have you any advice on cleansing a person as I feel for it to actually play with our minds that we see the warped face it must be strong? I am willing to try everything at this stage as when we do move in together again I don't want anything to follow us. When I am in the house I feel irrational and insecure that can suddenly build into a rage and I need to step outside to control myself again.
Beautinside thank you and I will definitely try the blessings:)
Date: 2011-09-14
quixo it does feel like it is present in that house and I feel so glad to talk to others about it as it was so disturbing to see someone you love screaming and I could hear it only in my head, you guys are making me feel very positive about this and making it easier to face and try understand thanks to you all xxxx
Date: 2011-09-14
thats very sweet thank you champion I really am hoping that whatever it is leaves I felt like it was something taunting us trying to create anger an fear and so curious if anyone else has experienced something similar
Date: 2011-09-14
the face looks human and like us only stretched in a blue white colour of the skin veins noticable and lips chapped and broken for him he said my eyes were stretched hollow slits but full of anguish his eyes were just black and fierce both of us felt fear
Date: 2011-09-14
Of course rook I submitted a story recently its warped screaming face but that is very recent and I need some urgent advice on it! I will gladly type up my story about the dream catcher and please share your views on it:)
Date: 2011-09-14
i should also add that the house we used to live in was in an estate and everyone in the estate said their houses also had many unexplained things happening in them, it seems to be that area and iv seen many ghosts shapes orbs and heard whispering and groans. But nothing that gave me such a feeling of fear and so clear in my mind
Date: 2011-09-14
thanks geetha this energy that I felt was crushing and pulsating and felt dangerous. We don't feel it anywhere else except in this house which is not where we are living it is a family members house but is close to the old house we used to live in. It is a very strange thing as in my own house we have a very positive energy. Its only in this one place that we feel it that is what has me so confused hun
Date: 2011-09-14
hey Rook if it is part of religious beliefs then certainly nothing to do with it and should not be taken away but iv had personal problems with dream catchers in my home and as soon as I removed them the night terrors fear and noises stopped and just when I read about the drums I felt there was a link I don't mean it to sound disrespectful most people use them as decorative means not so much religious and if they are around because of a belief then they would not harbour any threat:) it is just an opinion as it worked for me hun
Date: 2011-09-14
im actually very sympathetic to your problem, I feel as though this bull is a predator and played on your vulnerability throughout your dreams and got in while you were weak, iv heard a lot of ghosts can do this however this seems to be something more malevolent have you tried putting some religious items in your room and also to ask the priest that could tell you some things about yourself ask him to bless your room and house because I feel it is closer to you when you are home or do you experience night terrors in the homes of others? Just keep your faith hun and don't give up because it is preying on your emotional vulnerability
Date: 2011-09-14
it says at the top the author is a teenager but that is obviously a photo of a grown man and wondering if you are living together to witness all this! My advice is get him checked for allergies get a blessing and if you have anything like dream catchers in the house get rid of them also lot of valid points in previous comments take a bit of advice from each no harm in trying everything good luck