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Pfeiffer Hall Recent Experiments on 2012-02-08

The last time I was on here I was telling about how we did experiments to see if room 131 was haunted. We did more and we have come to decide that it is haunted by either a demon or a really mad spirit. We went back to the room about a month later. We waited so that it could calm down or so we thoug...

Pfeifer Room 131 on 2011-09-13

My friends Damien and Steven used to stay in Pfeifer hall at Union College in room 131. The first week little things started happening. Damien is OCD and is very organized, even his clothes are organized from dress clothes, to clothes he wears, to clothes he doesn't wear, and they would be rearrange...

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Well I am now out of that dorm. I reside in somerset ky. I am about to go on a paranormal investigation tonight and will wish that everyone will wish me luck, it will be deeply appritiated thank u.
alright you people might not believe me but I know what happened in that room three scratches on my friends back three meaning the mock of the trinity if you people want proof ill get the key and let you try to spend one night in there no cameras or fancy eqippment just you and ill have every one that was mentioned in the story to leave so you know that it isn't us messing with you
Date: 2011-09-15
what you need to do is keep in contact with her and see if it starts getting worse that's how you tell if its evil if it does the same thing over and over it residual or a bogart (prankster spirit)
Date: 2011-09-15
ok man what you saw most likely was real cause how is a stereo going to come on by its self I had a tv do that and every time it came it would be on a channel having something to do with demons so I got rid of the tv and cleansed my house and nothing happened until about two weeks later this time it wasn't a demon but something good it turned on and it was on a preacher saying that not all metal music isn't the cause of evil but some have hidden messeges in the music that could summon something bad like that
Date: 2011-09-14
i have the same stuff happen to me and the spirit followed me to my college and trust me pot won't make you see ghosts only ghosts can make you see them but I have been followed by this spirit for years and I have learned to live with it that's all you can do so your not the only haunted person out there