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Terrified Nights on 2011-09-13

I am working and living in Kuwait since 5 years, I was living with my friends here since 4 years and this has happened 2 years ago, I was tired after office hours and I took dinner and went for sleep after surfing 30 minutes on internet. We were 3 friends living in an old building having 4 floors w...

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Date: 2011-09-16
Thank you so much for your replies:

[at] MABS:- well when I woke up I found my blanket on my face but just in normal position. About the evidence I am not sure because when I woke up after struggling twice I found normal everything around me.
Date: 2011-09-13
well you are having a very serious issue, I am a psycologist and neuro surgeon, I shall believe you that you are having such a demonic activities stepping on your mind and yes it might let you feel weak, you should record your voice while sleeping and whenever you see that Bull again try to ask him why he is doing all this with you and what is his purpose for all that. On a very nasty way might but for sure he will answer you and that would be your key to unlock this puzzle.