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Something Odd With My Baby on 2017-04-13

This is the second experience that I share, and I'm actually looking for some help to understand it better so every opinion and insight is very much welcomed. I will apoligise ahead if this becomes a little lengthy but I feel like that the details are important. I'd like to start by saying that I a...

Grandfather's Visit on 2011-09-19

This is the first time I share my story with so many people (except for my husband and a very close friend nobody knows about it). I always get a little touchy when I talk about it, now more than ever as I came to find a few things that left some questions unanswered (but that's another story). ...

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Hi Melda,

Here's one thing our cultures differ so much (and we are always learning) lol
In my country nuns don't choose a male name, they usually go for RosΓ‘rio (Rosary), Benedita (Benedict)... Oh, hold on a second because and I just realised that our female names are female because the suffix is female"y" and in English some names can go both ways as is the case of Benedict (we have Benedita for female and Benedito for male). There goes part of my theory lolol At least I learnt something!

Hi Val,

Oooops, my mistake then sorry! 😳 We don't celebrate St. Augustus in my country but we usually say that there's a Saint for every name lol So I should've known better. 😊

It just seems a bit unlikely to me a Sister to pick Augustus as her "religious" name, if I may call it. But again, we never know what's in other people minds. 😁

Hi Val,

Thanks for sharing another great experience! Honestly, I have never seen a full bodied apparition and I don't actually mind about that, but I wouldn't mind seeing that nurse. 😁

Tweed, for me that is a really good theory!
It doesn't seem likely to me that in the middle of the chaos anyone assisting the poor victims would mind asking the Sister's name 1) because when you see a nun you tend to call her sister right away, and 2) you might mind her name if there was another sister present and you'd have to distinguish between them (hope this isn't getting too confusing), but this doesn't seem the case.

About the name Augustus, when I started reading about Val's impressive encounter (s) it seemed odd to me a sister to choose being called Augustus. Not only because it is a male name, even though it can be possible to be used as female name and I'm not criticizing it at all, but also because they usually choose a name to honor a Saint or other holly figure. And Augustus derives from latin and is more associated with emperors than holliness, as far as I know.

So Tweed's theory makes perfect sense! Maybe they never knew her name and associated the Sister to the month the accident took place- August, and voilÑ you have Sister Augustus!😁

Hi Miracles,

For me dream interpretation is always a dillema... But in my humble opinion, the fact that the reaper backed away really meant that it was not taking Zane's life. By appearing it indicated that his life was in danger but when it backed away probably meant it was not his time to go.

Hi Valkricry,

Wawww! That'd be too much of a coincidence I believe!

I guess it just proves how Aunt Sylvie's abilities were, and apparently still are, strong.
I think Melda is absolutely right, it is her prerogative only... 😊

Date: 2017-07-31
Hi Tweed,

The way you tell your experiences is so unique, I find it spectacular to read them! 😁

Well, what a denial! I think both your dad and stepmom know that H is still around, but it's hard to get away from denial once you got into it. I can only imagine how many patience you may need to deal with it. 😊

Thank you for sharing another amazing experience!

Hi Miracles51031,

Waw, that is a lot of money! Now the theory to those in need, if I may call it, it remind me of a ocasion where I went to na ATM near my work place about na year ago... And I would like to share it with all of you:

It was early morning, and as my wallet was completly empty I headed to the ATM before going for my breakfast, where the ATM stands is na open area (I don't know how alse to explain it) just like the sort where you can pretty much see claearly the ground before reaching the ATM machine. Anyway, I got my money and there already was a mother with a teenager daughter and a toddler waiting for her turn, I moved away from the machine, the mother aproached it and then suddenly I hear them asking me if I dropped a 10 euro bill. I double checked my wallet and my money was all there and I am 100% sure I didn't have any before going to the ATM. Now funny thing is, that 10 euro bill appeared right by the foot of the teen girl just like it dropped right there! They were dumbfounded because neither they brought money with them, and so was me... I just told her, as there was nobody and I MEAN NOBODY around, that founders are keepers. 😊 And actually, I know them from here, and they are a family in need... A humble family in need... 😊

I'd just like to share it with you, because there was something funny about it at the time, then there's miracles complaning about money disappearing mysteriously, and the theory to those in need. I thought this occurrence would fit here.

Date: 2017-07-26
Hi Lotus29,

What a brave kid you have there! Maybe your son didn't a have a way to avoid passing by the ghost but still, he's got some guts!:)

That is very sad... Just hope that poor soul has moved on to a much better place!
Maybe the rocks that were thrown were really his work. After all, he might have been very restless due to his body not have been found yet, and that was his way to try to call somebody's attention. That is heartbreaking... Hopefully he found some closure after that.


I am sooo relieved by your reply about the incident not having affected your sister negatively or being some sort of omen for the future! 😁 I am very, very relieved 😁

You know, I try to put it on the back of mind because everything is fine now, but I still get the feeling that my daughter might a bit more sensitive than the average... Maybe it's just because that incident is still vivid on my mind, I don't know...
About the Djinn, I googled it and accordingly to my understanding it is a type of spirit capable of influencing a human being, am I right? I believe good fellow AugustaM mentioned the term psychic vampires in one of her comments, which is an entity capable of feeding of human energy. Could we possibly be talking about the same entity under different names/terms?

Well, thank you so much for replying, I am very happy that everything turned out to be okay for your sister and family! 😊

Date: 2017-07-21
Hi Slewis88,

I am very sorry to know about your ordeal, trully hope everything works for the best for you and your family.

I can't say much about OBs but for what I have come to hear from people who played with it, I am very glad I have never touched one!

Really do hope that thing leaves you alone!

Hi lookingforamiracle,

Thank you for taking the time to comment! ❀

I am sorry but I've been absent and only saw your comment now... I would like to ask you a few questions, and even if they'll remain unswared, because of the time gap, I'll still leave them here:

Did the maulana say what was actually wrong with your sister?
While growing up, did your sister experience anything out of the ordinary (paranormal) often?

Thank you very much for commenting once again. 😊

Date: 2017-06-21
Melda- Hommie posted several experiences, "compromissed" about participating on the discussion and it's been 5 or 6 days and no news... So he/she is at fault!

Hurray to the good humor 😁 And yes, I would apoligise to Hommie if he/she shows up with a good excuse for not participating in the discussion. 😊

Hi Mack,

Totally understand you... I believe it was the right circumstance at the right time that triggered the memory and "transported" you back to that moment 1 year prior. This is really na amazing topic! 😊

By no means I am trying to detract from your incredible experience, so I am sorry for the following appreciation but really have to say this:

To all the posters commenting- Extraordinary insights. They made me realise why I might be so scared of fire even though I never got burnt or had a bad experience with it.
I could never understand why, so you helped me trying to make sense of it. Thank you!

Date: 2017-06-21
Hi Valkricry,

Waw, this is really something! 😁

This one could definetly turn a skeptic into a believer, awesome experience! Thanks for sharing it!

Date: 2017-06-21
L_melb- So we might have a ghost poster lol

Given the OP's fault at replying I wasn't going to comment but this is becoming too funny for me just to follow the thread 😊

Melda- You just cracked me up with the slot machine joke lol 😁

Melda, for me you are always welcome in a conversation! 😊 you and the other members too, roylynx and I have the same roots as we come from 'brother' countries but we are all equal and we are all here for the same reason 😁

And you are right, animals are quite sensitive!
Roylynx, this situation doesn't seem normal to me... Truly hope you are able to help your friend!

Hi Roylynx,

Yes I am Portuguese 😊

Actually I think Portuguese people have a lot to learn from Brazilian people...
You know, you are a joyful country no matter how many adversities you have to face, and that is admirable!
You wrote a few sentences in Portuguese, and I can't see anything wrong about it, so your Portuguese is good!

Please keep us updated about your friend's condition.

Hi Roylynx,

You are very much welcome 😊
In my very short study of social psychology we approached briefly the use of medication and for what I've come to learn, among other effects, it tends to calm the patient down as they tend to be over anxious people.

I really hope, in one way or another, that you are able to help your friend.
Actually I have a few Brazilian friends and I know first hand that they are very kind hearted people, even more than we Portuguese are. It is good to know that you have that in common! 😊

Hi Roylynx,

This is why I think you should go both ways... A cleansing wouldn't do him any harm I guess... But sure enough, you must keep yourself safe. Several mental conditions could make the individual agressive, but not his medicine.
I might be very wrong, but the medicine he is taking shouldn't have agressiveness as a side effect... It should prevent agressiveness instead. But I might be wrong...

It is strange to me that you dreamt about a girl and then your friend asked you if you saw that girl... It may be just a coincidence but it's still strange.

And I most likely agree with our kind Melda, you must be a really good friend. 😊

Just take care and stay safe no matter what decision you'll have to make.

Hi Mack,

Amazing reading, love it when there's "something" lingering in the air!

I'd go for a dΓ©ja vu kind of experience. I mean, these were very similar circumstances. You wrote "This reminds me almost exactly of that time during last years camp", as our brain is a very powerful tool it somehow brought you back to that memory which was made very vivid by such a similar circumstance.

But you know, there is something lingering in air 😁

Thanks for sharing this amazing experience.