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The Abandoned Bungalow on 2011-09-21

It was the end of the year of 1966. My family was moved to a village like place, just 50km away from Calcutta, after retirement of my father. The place is called as Lalnagar. It was not so crowd area, but all lifestyle facilities were available there. We hired a bungalow which was 2 minutes to g...

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Date: 2012-04-15
No sanjeevgeorge, we really had no intention to verify about that. We really got very upset and that time we had only intention to save our family as soon as possible.So,we needed to leave the place, as soon as possible. That area was not crowd, so nobody asked us the reason for leaving the house, even our landlord,too.
Date: 2011-10-11
Yes, I agree with you all, but in that incident we were terrible upset and seeking for any good residence in another place. We just discussed about the possible matter, later.
Date: 2011-09-27
Yes, MissyM, my parents did see the same as I saw to my brother and when they hold him tightly they told me later my brother had so strength in his body, it seemed just like demon.
Date: 2011-09-27
in response of Geetha's askings, I'll say at frst that we did worship when we moved to that bungalow, and the haunted bungalow was just beside of our house. There had been no evils in our house, only at that house which was just beside of our bungalow. Each of us usually worship our god in new home and each of us had tabiz by the name of god, except my brother, because he had no believe in god or ghost/spirits. It's all ridiculous to him. He was so courageous boy. I think after hearing the weeping sound my brother went to the window and saw the woman and got possessed. Anyway after the incident we did worship again and left the house and had no intention to verify anything. We then moved to Calcutta within few days as soon as possible, though we never faced any uncanny incident again in those few days, but my parents didn't agree to stay still there anyhow. Till now my brother has the Tabiz, he's too older now, but still he has that tabiz, he is now great believer of god. But Geetha is right that we thought also that may be any woman have been burnt to death there.
And the main point that I'm mentioning here that landlord didn't know anything. He got the possession of the house from previous landlord.