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I'm glad that I no longer have very many strange experiences but for the first 35 years of my life there were lots of strange things going on from time to time.
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A Terrifying Intruder on 2017-11-16

It's been a really long time since I posted but last night I had something happen that I can't explain. I have been shooken up all day about it. Last night I went to bed about 9:30. A few hours later I awoke to a man standing near my bed. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He had long brown m...

The House On Mary Chris on 2010-09-20

In the early 1970s my parents bought their first home, a split level entry home in a new neighborhood outside of Boston. The basement was unfinished and there was a small room my Dad called the Mud Room to the left of the staircase. The other side opposite the staircase was larger and used for stora...

My First And Only Sleep Paralysis Experience on 2010-09-20

About a decade ago I was living in a very haunted three decker apartment in Worcester, MA. The rest of the story of this apartment is detailed in the story, 'Supernatural Activities in the Old Apartment.' I lived alone on the top floor of this three decker and at the time most of the paranormal c...

Man In The Rain on 2009-07-07

Recently I read a story on this site that brought back a memory of events that took place over one summer. I'm still quite perplexed and am hoping that maybe someone else here may be able to shed some light on this. These events took place over the summer of 1998 while I lived in Boston. This par...

The Shady Dell on 2009-05-14

Over this past weekend I went down to Bisbee, AZ for a yearly trip I take with some girlfriends. Bisbee is an old mining town and the locals say there are more spirits than people. The town has quite the history. For a change of pace we decided to stay at The Shady Dell campground which features ...

The Minute Man on 2008-07-01

The encounter I am about to relay happened when I was 5 years old. At the time I did not think much about it as I was so young, but as I have gotten older I have realized that I have no real explanation for what I saw as a child. My mother, grandmother, my sisters and I all drove up to Arcadia Na...

The Presence At Dad's Apartment Building on 2008-06-23

In 1982 I was 14 years old. My Dad had just purchased an old apartment building that was built in the very early 1900s. There wasn't a significant amount of history to this building but I do know that it was built at another location and then moved to the current neighborhood it sits in by an old fa...

Was It the Ghost of a Miner? on 2008-05-12

At the end of this past March, my sister, her boyfriend, my husband and I took a trip to Bisbee, Arizona for a weekend of camping. Bisbee was known as a mining town throughout the Southwest in the late 1800s. The Copper Queen mine opened up in the 1880s and the town became populated almost overnight...

Grandpa Always Has The Last Word on 2008-03-31

My paternal grandfather was as cantankerous and ornery as they come; however he was fiercely loyal to his family and friends. He built the house my Dad was born and grew up in, always had grease under his nails from his job calibrating heavy machinery, and drove a 1966 Chevelle that most of my high ...

Just Passing Through on 2008-03-31

Prior to moving into my home in 2003, I had lived in an apartment in the Phoenix neighborhood of Ahwatukee. I lived there alone with my three ferrets. There was no other strange activity that had happened before or after the incident I am about to relay, but I will say that the area had been inhabit...

Memories of Brian on 2008-03-24

Brian was the son of my Godmother. Although we weren't related by blood, we considered each other cousins. He was three years younger than myself and was one of the most wonderful people I have met in this lifetime. I was 21 years old in the late 1980s and I was visiting my younger sister who was at...

Uncle Roy's House on 2008-03-24

In the mid-1970s my Uncle and his family purchased an old house located outside of Boston in a town called Newtonville. Although I don't remember the exact date the house was built, I know it was around the late 1700s. The date had been painted in black on the chimney as most of the houses in this h...

Lady of the Lake on 2008-03-18

My maternal grandfather grew up in a remote area of Nova Scotia, Canada in the 1930s. His mother passed away of a severe ear infection when he was quite young. In the area they lived in, there were no real doctors to prescribe antibiotics, which quite possibly could have saved her life. My grandfath...

Day Spa Spirit on 2008-03-17

In the earlier part of this decade I worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist at a Day Spa in N. Phoenix. The Day Spa offered tanning, nail and skin care, and other run of the mill Spa amenities. It was housed in a very nondescript stucco strip mall that was probably fewer than 15 years old. One of th...

What my Roommate Brought In on 2008-03-17

In 2003 I moved into a brand new house southwest of Phoenix in a small farming community that stands in the shadows of the Estrella Mountains. It is a beautiful area and many times I am still overwhelmed by it's beauty. It was a tough adjust for this city slicker at first, where the only noises I wo...

The Spirits of Goodale Cemetery on 2008-03-10

In 1997 I moved back into the house I had lived in as a teenager on the Hudson-Marlboro border. My parents were going through a divorce at the time and the house was for sale. For insurance purposes I was asked to live there until it sold. The plot of land the house was on once belonged to the Gooda...

A Message To Her Family on 2008-03-04

My maternal Grandmother was a wonderful woman full of fire and quick wit. She emigrated to the US by herself in the 1920s to attend nursing school in Boston, and never left. She moved in with my family when I was 19 and just leaving for college. In 1994 she was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed ...

Supernatural Activities at the Old Apartment on 2008-02-25

Almost 10 years ago I rented an apartment in an area of Worcester, MA called Quinsigamond Village. It was in a three decker house that once was home to many generations of Swedish immigrants that worked in the mills nearby. Thinking I had a really sweet deal on rent for such a huge place with so muc...

St. Augustine Ghost on 2008-02-25

About 7 years ago a girlfriend and I went to stay at my Aunt's condo for a vacation in St. Augustine, FL (a.k.a. The Country's Oldest City). We had decided to do the Walking Ghost Tour one evening through the Old City. The tour guide brought us through different areas and explained the different sig...

Last 20 posts from Jennifer40
Date: 2017-12-21
Hi Emmaline, just getting to your comments now. I don't think there were any dirt roads or trains that went through the area. My dog only seem to react when I started screaming. She doesn't seem to be as in tune as some other animals are. Not sure why that is. A few years back a girlfriend stayed and house sat with her yorkie. My dog was there too. My friend had some strange stuff happen and her dog reacted to it where mine was unfazed. My friend thinks that my house is haunted, although I have experienced very little outside of this experience. She seems to think that whatever (if anything) is there, it is something that is attached to me and the dog. Maybe a protective spirit?

-Jennifer ❤
Date: 2017-12-06
Augusta, that is very creepy! I am the same way with my dog as you are with your cats. I will stay in the same uncomfortable position in order not to disturb a sleep dog.

-Jennifer ❤
Date: 2017-12-06
Hi Rook,
Sorry for the late response. My home is 15 years old. I own it and am the first owner. The land it is on was former farm land where grain was grown.

I've had very few experiences in the house since moving in and have always felt relatively safe there. I have had two friends house sit and both times they have told me that they heard scratching noises coming from my bedroom.

Not sure what happened the night all this went down but then again it very well could be sleep paralysis. I don't know for sure.

Date: 2017-11-28
Thank you both for your input. It didn't seem to mean me any harm. I have had sleep paralysis in the past and what was different this time was that I was able to scream. In the past I haven't been able to move. But, who knows? I found out over Thanksgiving that a friend's sister is a paranormal investigator. She has offered to come over to see if she can contact anything. We'll see.
Date: 2012-07-09
Zzsgranny, bummer that they are booked! You could try The Sleepy Dog Inn. It used to be a miner's cabin and is now owned by an artist. The Copper Queen, which is known as a haunted location, is also a great place to stay (and eat). Tombstone is only about 20 miles north of there. Check out the Birdcage Theater. That is also another haunted location. Happy planning. 😁 If I can help you out, just let me know.

Jennifer ❤
Date: 2012-07-06
Hi zzsgranny! To this day I still don't know what really happened but will say that I was terrified. There is a book inside the bus that other visitors have written in and it sounds like we weren't the only ones to have an encounter. Bisbee seems to be full of spirits. Everytime I am there something out of the ordinary happens. I camped there a year or so before this experience at another campsite in my own camper and had something else strange happen (see 'Was it the Ghost of a Miner?'). Nowadays I stay in the Holiday Inn in Tombstone when visiting that area, which for the most part, has been 'experience' free.;-) I hope you will post about anything you might experience there. It is also a wonderful town to explore and shop. Lots of history. I also suggest doing the nightly ghost tour while there. There was a wonderful woman named Renee that conducted them. Have fun!

Jennifer ❤
Date: 2010-12-15
So you saw an apparition of your Dad who is alive, right? Sorry, I was a bit confused. It sounds like you saw his doppelganger.

Jennifer ❤
Date: 2010-12-01
While I really enjoyed your story, I do have a few questions. Were the skulls that were found in the woods real human skulls? If so I'm just curious to why these weren't turned over to the police. Also, you said that your parents kept one in the basement of the new house and would take you and your sister down there to tell scary stories. I guess I'm just finding that a bit odd. Then again I could be missing something altogether here. Did your parents not think there was anything paranormal going on in the house and that's why they were downstairs telling spooky stories? Sorry for all the questions. I'm not doubting your story and am just trying to understand further.

Jennifer ❤
That is really horrible what your aunt's did in that cemetery. I wouldn't be surprised if that angered a few spirits. Maybe a staunch apology is in order and then try leaving some flowers on the gravesites that your aunts disrespected. See if that helps.

Jennifer ❤
Holy crap, that is scary! Did your Dad ever say why the rope was there, or did he not know? I was just curious. I'm so glad that you weren't more severely hurt. It sounds like the answers are coming slowly to why this is happening. I hope that this all stops for you sooner rather than later. Thank goodness you were ok!

Jennifer ❤
Date: 2010-11-08
Hi Woody, I don't think it was dumb of you at all to tell the spirits that you were coming back. I think that was highly respectful. That is a really cool picture of mist that you captured. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer ❤
Date: 2010-11-04
Very creepy! As far as the objects in the wall go, it was very common along time ago for folks to place random items in walls as a sort of makeshift insulation. I know several people in old homes who have found all sorts of things in there. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer ❤
You are very very brave to venture up to that dark classroom upstairs to see where the noise was coming from. 😨 This was a great story. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer ❤
Date: 2010-11-03
Maybe she was just checking in on you and thinking you were asleep she decided to shut the radio off. Regardless, I'm sure it was unnerving!

Jennifer ❤
Date: 2010-10-22
Wow, wow and wow! Another great story. I literally was hanging on to the end of my seat while reading. That was incredible. What a gift you have. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer ❤
Date: 2010-10-20
Great story! I felt like I was there witnessing it with you. Your description of the apparition gave me chills! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer ❤
Hi Brandon, great story! I posted the story for you but Martin, the webmaster here, is the one that adds them to the site. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Jennifer ❤
Ohhh, great story and well told! I can't wait to read your next ones. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer ❤
Date: 2010-10-07
Is your house quite old? Years ago people used to be buried on the property rather than a cemetery.

Jennifer ❤
I bet he never ever disbelieved again! Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer ❤