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Life In My Cousin's Home on 2017-01-17

I have experienced many different paranormal moments so far in life. Both homes that I spent the majority of my life in had a good amount of activity. However, it was the house my cousin grew up in in Hamilton, Ontario that had the most consistent and ongoing activity. To begin with, my aunt and...

Nanny's Dream Visitor on 2012-09-17

My grandmother, who I call Nanny, is very much like my mother and sister. She is incredibly in tune with the supernatural world. She's seen many spirits or ghosts and has a pretty strong connection to what we've always called her spirit guide. This is a story that she told me that still brings tears...

Royalty? on 2012-08-29

One of the only possibly paranormal things that have happened to me took place in the Palace of Versialle. Last summer I went on a trip through Europe with two of my best friends. And one of the places we decided we had to see was the Palace at Versialle. It's absolutely gorgeous and massive. Ther...

The Facless Man And The Pendulum on 2011-09-19

Growing up, the paranormal was part of normal life for me. My mother and her mother and her grandmother and back, and back, have always been incredibly in-tuned with the spiritual realm through dreams, through tarot cards, and just in everyday life. Luckily enough for me - scaredy cat that I am - th...

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I concur! Totally not lame. It's the smaller stories like this that resonate more easily with people because this is an experience we can relate to. Not every spirit out there is hellbent on keeping you up at night, and scaring the pants off you in the morning. Most are just people, and people often do kind things for other people like pick up their fallen broom. A broom may have also been familiar to them, and even part of who they once were as a physical person.:)
Thank you so much for sharing your "lame" story!
While this section of paranormal activity isn't really my forte, I could offer some insight to the dog issues. If your sister just found it, it was probably on the street which means that it might have a connection of trust with your sister since she would have been the first person to give him food in your household.
The fact that it doesn't like anyone else is also a natural dog behaviour. I don't know what kind of rules your household had for the dog, but if they're minimal then he might just feel dominant over the people he meets and your sister because they let him. I only say this because you mentioned that, "It won't even let me get near my sister unless it's on the floor and she's sitting on the couch." Because it's not physically sitting on or near your sister it has less power over her and those around her. A reason it tries to bite if someone tries to come near or touch your sister could be that he's dominant and he hasn't given anyone permission to come into their space. Maybe try consulting a dog behaviorist professional. Or a few thing you could try without a professional would be taking it for at least a half hour walk every day making sure he stays beside or behind the walker and keeping it off of things like couches, chairs and beds. That could help his behaviour. To me the dog just seems like it's exhibiting natural dog reactions.
I hope this could maybe alleviate some fear. The dog doesn't necessarily have to be linked to Kadan in a negative, evil way. The dog just might not know his place in your home.
That is an incredible experience. Thank you for sharing it with us all. I think that maybe Pepper was influenced by the spirits. When I lived with my parents still we had a yellow lab, named Rusty, for thirteen years before he died. I moved out that summer and in the autumn my family got a new puppy. The new dog, Cain, doesn't respond to any words - not walk, or car ride, or anything - except Rusty. You can say, "Where's Rusty?" to Cain and he will search the entire house until he either finds him, or eventually just lays in front of his ashes if he can't. It's touching and beautiful, but I'm sure spirits could effect a dog in a negative way as well.
dustyisdead: Hi! I'm a total scaredy-cat, but the one time I sat in the seance circle in the basement it was actually a really good time. Not scary at all! If you know anyone who owns a pendulum try it with them before you get one yourself, maybe? And also, it was only my sister who saw him. He was behind my cousin. I'm not sure my cousin could have seen him had he been in her view. Plus, my sister has been seeing ghosts since before she knew what they were, so she wasn't all that scared.

Javeline: Thank you for that advice! I'll tell her to try that. There are a lot of old battery operated toys down there, but most of them are on their last leg, and the batteries have been pirated out of the rest of them for TV converters and the like. 😜
Nysa: Thank you 😊, but I haven't gotten the tattoo unfortunately. I kind of wanted that specific pendulum to go off. I could have found a picture of something similar, but in the end I decided I'd wait a bit to see if it turns up, and if it doesn't I'm going to use one of her other pendulums.
And maybe you're right about the faceless man taking it when he leaves. I see my sister this Friday so I'm going to talk to her about all the great suggestions I've gotten from the fantastic people on this site! ❤
Date: 2011-09-20
Hehe, thank you! 😳
I know what you mean about how the house feels. My mother has said the same type of thing my whole life. And sometimes I'm able to feel it now that I'm older. Which is pretty strange because I thought those kinds of sense were supposed to dull as you get older. 😜

I am definitely going to learn more about him. I'm not sure how much my sister knows, but I know she's seen him a few times since, so maybe she has been able to gather a little bit more about him.

luckkyme: Thanks for your ideas! I'm not sure if she wants to be in contact with him, but I'll definitely suggest it to her.

Scorp2011: The reason I thought this particular pendulum would be good for my tattoo for my sister is that firstly, this was her very first pendulum, secondly, because that wasn't the only experience she'd ever had with it, thirdly, because it has a good story behind it and lastly, because when I asked my sister if she thought it was a good idea she said it was. It wasn't a scarring experience by any means, certainly much scarier things have happened to my sister. Not only that but being scared is one of my sisters favourite things.
Also, she can't keep it because we can't find it.

Zzsgranny: Wow! I'd never heard that before! That makes a lot of sense. I'm glad you told me that. The two others she has work much better for her and she likes a lot better, so this could very well be a huge factor in what happened and how it's gone missing.
I spoke with my sister this morning and she told me that close after that particular seance she saw the faceless man twice more, but not since then. She also told me that he gave off feelings of being angry and lost. I hope this gives a little more insight. 😊
Date: 2011-09-19
I think it's possible that it was your grandfather. Stroking your hair seems like something a loving family member would do, especially if they knew it was something you enjoyed. It just doesn't sound like something a random spirit would do, to me anyway. But I could be wrong.
I do hope it was him checking on you, and I hope he gets another opportunity to let you know he's there if it was him.
Date: 2011-09-18
I agree that not all memories are fogged as you grow up. I can still remember throwing my bottle away when I was three and the bird I had for a short while when I was two.
Your story is very interesting and my family has also passed down a type of paranormal awareness through daughters. My younger sister got it over me. I can't wait to read more of what you've experienced.
Also, as a small side note, I adore your writing style! 😊
Date: 2011-09-18
It seems that everyone has already put in their advice, and pretty much touched on everything I might have said. But I just wanted to say that you're incredibly brave! I would have been useless in that situation! I'm also very glad that everything has settled down. I hope you're comfortable in your home now. 😊
Wow! I've never heard anything like this, and I'm glad I could learn it from someone who truly experiences this type of paranormal activity daily. Thank you so much for sharing all of this! I look forward to reading other things from you!
Reading all your random and odd happenings makes me think that you probably do have a spirit or ghost in your home. But all the things that are happening are harmless! To me it sounds like perhaps it is a small child playing with toys, calling you, playing tricks with the book light and laundry and possibly even turning on the lamp at night because maybe they are afraid of the dark. Of course, I'm no professional! 😜 My mother and sister are very in-tuned to the paranormal and whenever something like that happens to me they always tell me the same thing, "It's harmless. Don't be afraid, they're probably lonely." So, my answer to you is that your stories don't sound threatening at all! And of course you can leave it alone. It's your choice whether or not you feel comfortable with whatever it is in your home, maybe it just needs a home to stay? 😊