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My Night In The Woods on 2011-11-29

After the harsh review of my last story I figured let's write a new one. I do not know all of what had happened that night. But I do stand by the fact in it that they are all true. I will not use the infamous filing system I invented instead it will be more straight foreward. Recently I decided to...

Paranormal Investigation on 2011-09-20

The Following is not completely a personal experience but a legend that I have had a part in investigating. Year (s): 1995-2003 Location: Tifton Type of Entity: T-2 (tier two minimum danger) Case File: Alpha 0111 Lead Resarcher: Josh Barnes Type of Investigation: Roaded Ghost Time of Inves...

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Date: 2011-12-08
the phonetics mean help I accidentaly posted it twice beacuse my laptop is crazy. Fleet foot is a name change. Friend 3 did sleep through it. [at] geetha I ain't you I love the outdoors and the supernatural and stuff like tha does not bother me.
i wonder if your are dealing with a masicist. Also please ignore rook. As his method has yet to be tested with any means of science. If you push something away it has a habit of coming back.
Date: 2011-12-05
i say chaps if this is innapropriate who are you to say it is. Just because you believe something is sick and wrong doesn't mean everyone does. In saying that I will say this if you think you are better or know what is right it proves your are worse and do not know much. And should basicly keep your opionon to your self.
Date: 2011-11-18
interesting. Why do you believe it was the devil. I mean he'd obviously have more important fish to fry. You maybe connected to a gate. Gate: a portal to the spirit realm or Pergatory there are 6 major ones, the two best known ones are on the WEST & EAST Coast of the U.S.A. But there are thousands of minor ones. God I hope you are not but if you are it is both a blessing and a curse.
it is confusing. There are incedents were adrenalin seems to make time feel frozen. Some of it feels a bit fantastic. But only you know the truth.
Date: 2011-09-30
it is according to my opinion that y'all believe what y'all want so I will not convince you otherwise. It ain't my place nor y'all s to judge I do stand by it as a true account as it happens I may have possibly read the wrong date. Now I came to this site hoping for genuine understanding not Trolls 😢
Date: 2011-09-26
first and foremost I would like to point out I don't care if you believe it or not. Second I was 10 I did not sneak out or convince my parents I was and still am to this day very independent. 3 it was easy to get the road blessed considering I knew the priest since I was the alter boy. Bluefoxx I respect your criticism but only the teens died if the older man died I would have known and it did not make it into the "TIFTON GAZETTE".
Rookdygin what do you know of the paranormal, from your cleansing recipe, I'd say not much. If you knew more you'd understand that your recipe isn't one size fits all. 4 I ranked them low because it is hard to seduce a 10 year old. 5 I have never and probably will never play D&D because it seems boring besides I prefer risk to those. Thank you if you have an issue with the above... All I can say is get over it.
[at] sirander "The author, Roxanne090, has the following expectation about your feedback: I will read the comments and participate in the discussion."

Well (at) dustyisdead I never said she din't want feedback in fact I said and I qoute "I do not believe she asked you to believe her only to read what she has posted. At least show her a bit of respect." I know she posted I also am sure she wanted respect.
i think there may be a slight chance for paranormal ocurances with dolls. But in my expirence younger kids never go on older halls unless needed.

To champion:

"Roxanne090- sorry but I think you have a vivid imagination and that's about it. I might give you a little bit of credit if you didn't have ten stories and only eighteen comments. You will have to do better for me to believe you.


I do not believe she asked you to believe her only to read what she has posted. At least show her a bit of respect.

Date: 2011-09-18
not to be a douche or troll but WTF you know you have Entities in your house so you use a OUIJA Board. 1 my young friend you should never ask if your house is a vortex/mouth/door way because they have a bad habit of turning your house into one. Sun and Moon? Those are pagan ideas. Back fact: the planet earth has a total of 6 Hell Mouths 2 of which are in the united states. Black spots on the floor usually mean a minor evil pest of spirit. Those are not very important. Next you vocal friend may be trying to help or harm. I suggest reading the bible. I am part of a radical religion. We share many beliefs with Christianity yet we say most of their ideals are wrong. If this helps your welcome. Next time you try a Ouija Board have a trained paranormal investigator. 😐 😐 😐