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Haunting In A Women's Refuge on 2011-09-28

First of all, let me tell you that before I had this experience, I was VERY sceptical. If someone had told me they'd seen a ghost or experienced paranormal activity, I would have laughed in their face! Until this happened to me. I had been in a womans refuge for about 6 months with my 7yr old Son ...

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Date: 2013-02-09
Omg! Sent shivers down my spine reading this. Thanks for sharing:)

Are you a General Practitioner?
Have you ever suffered with depression?
Have you ever found a deceased family member?

So it's probably best not to make assumptions on this type of 'Mental Illness' as you clearly have NO idea what you are talking about.


Showgirls (Professionally diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety;)
Hey, you quoted this in your story:

"I finally work up the courage to open the door and when I do, I see something that still terrifies me to this day."

Can you explain what you thought you saw? 😕
They do say that people who have drug or alcohol addictions tend to be the ones that attract the negative energies. Your friend is very brave to have had to put up with such entities! I myself would have left that house and never gone back lol
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it 😁
Hey, fab question Ash... I often wonder this myself! I too am addicted to this site, I read these stories every night and am always looking things up on the internet, but there comes a point when I stop... As I too think that I could encourage an evil presence! But my faith in he Lord should keep me safe 😁
Date: 2012-06-23
Wow! This sent a shiver down my spine. Just goes to show that the paranormal don't just show themselves after dark. Thanks for sharing 😊
I fully agree with Bluerose19... Please be a bit clearer!:)
If I was you babe, I would grab your baby and get the hell out of there Hun! This is not worth handling if you do not know what you are doing x
Henleys - What a wonderful story and I would be first to want to believe it but I can't help thinking that maybe one of the police officers did this? Has that thought ever crossed your mind? Regards, showgirls xxx