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Are Aliens Really Ghosts? on 2011-10-05

I would like to start by saying I do not require any advice, I share this story for the purpose of provoking discussion, and for allowing people to share similar thoughts or experiences. Ever since I was a child, living with my parents, I was very curious about 'aliens' and the thought that there...

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Thank you again for your replies everyone, I would like you all to consider this:

Alien abductions being physical, is something I do not buy for a second, (there are many reports in which someone was abducted in the presence of other people who were not) I also believe their motives are similar to that of our 'world leaders' in the sense that they like to keep us fearful and dormant. The reason I say this, is that countless abductees, are normally 'average Joe' type people who don't really thrive in this material/egocentric plane, yet Greys show them videos of our impending doom and tell them it's their responsibility to inform the world. Surely it would make more sense to abduct Barack Obama if that was their true agenda?

Secondly, UFOs are able to vanish instantly, this suggests that they perhaps momentarily slip in to our dimension (or they momentarily assume a form, or perhaps travel at a speed which we can observe) Notice how no one has ever captured a UFO on camera which has landed? They are ALWAYS flying. Interesting.

I will say that I cannot see ghosts or spirits yet, I can only sense them and sometimes interact with them. I will also say that greys have tried and failed to abduct me on maybe two occasions, yet I couldn't see them. The reason they have failed is because I stand my ground and refuse to be scared. How do I know it's greys? I trust my feelings mainly, and we all know it's wise not to contradict feelings! That and that fact I can feel my consciousness being pulled out of my body, it's kind of like a tug of war happening in my head.

This is just food for thought, but I DO believe greys are from a lower plane just like demons, and their motives are not that of something kind and loving. The reason I believe they are not QUITE the same as demons is that they possess different abilities and take different courses of action. Still, they are just as abrasive and pitiful.

I am starting to think 'ghost' was a poor choice of words on my part, sorry. I think 'etheric' is more appropriate, perhaps even 'demonic'
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That's very true, but I have also come across material which suggests UFOs and the like are also trans-dimensional. I don't think greys are from another planet just from another realm kind of like spirits and demons etc. This is consistent with the sleep paralysis phenomenon also, many people who see greys mention they are able to freeze the air around them, and the abductions are also experienced as though they are some kind of dream. I think they are able to pull your consciousness away causing you to have some kind of OBE or something. Who knows why they do it though, probably just a scare tactic.

What you say is very true, many texts such as the Quran mention Jinn (demons) taking on many different forms in order to scare people as well.

I just think there is quite a big connection between demons, greys, and other abrasive spirits that feed off of negativity.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I think greys are more related to demons (possibly just a form they take) but they are definately a pitiful lot, very abrasive, but very weak once you realize they can't harm you.

I haven't been attacked for a while now but I often get a more subtle ringing noise which suggests something is hanging around. The phone has also started ringing with no one on the other end, very strange, but kind of funny in a way.

I think I might have a new friend hahaha, something is hanging around but it hasn't really harasses me.
The important thing to remember is, if your intentions are strong enough, they can not harm you. I find by making affirmations like "I refuse to be troubled by you" they soon go away, as you show no fear 😁
Date: 2011-09-27
You can still experience supernatural things on a more positive level, you are obviously a good person with good intentions as shown by your desire to protect your girlfriend, why not try to draw in non physical beings with good intentions also? There are plenty out there, I have had the pleasure of meeting some, but I have also had the displeasure of meeting demons, and people troubled by them.
One method I always found worked very well for getting rid of all types of spirits, is to make positive affirmations, be they out loud of to yourself (this is something I do personally and I am just using this as an example) I usually ask the angels of the light to guide the spirit or to take it to where it needs to go in order to progress, and I have found this to work very well. 😁