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Could It Have Been My Mother? on 2011-10-31

I am 34 years old and originally born in the Bahamas. When I was two years old, my biological mother died in childbirth having my younger sister. My mother had a total of nine kids and we all had to be split up and placed with different relatives after her death. My father brought me to the states (...

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Date: 2011-11-04
If I were in your predicament, I would assume that I had died in my sleep and that I was now a spirit. Did this thought ever cross your mind? Or did you just know that you were having a temporary out of body experience?
WOW what an interesting story. I have heard other stories of these little small "elf people".
Date: 2011-10-05 biological mother died when I was two years old. We lived in Freeport, Bahamas then. Years later my mother's sister, who lives in Boston, told me that after my mom died, she could smell my mom's scent at random times. She took that as a sign that my mother's spirit was around her.