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The Godzilla Monster-thing Night on 2011-10-12

The Godzilla Monster-thing I was between 6 or 7 years old. At one season my older brother went to the United States and I never imagined such a surprise. I only remember that I was a Godzilla fan so one day that my brother returned from United States he brought me a Godzilla doll and it was big a...

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Date: 2012-08-22

It all the time happens bad things to you after seeing it and you feel fear when you see it is not a good entity I can tell you...Don't doubt it...
If it where someting good it wouldn't give you that unpleasant sensation or negative emotion. I recomment you to get close to God.

It may look furry and real like if it were a real living cat, but it isn't, its evil...
Date: 2012-04-15
Here's the help and the advise... Get rid of her or burn her and lok for the Lord God...that's the only way.
Hi Ghostseer,
A simple question for curiosity do that I do think sometimes that supernatural beings do have genitalia organs too but with no explanation why...

Did that naked being was a male or a female?

Thank You.
Date: 2012-03-20
And what happened with all the other cats? Have they returned? 😕
Date: 2011-12-16
JEJEJEJE funny to hear the black hole instead of face XD... Buut creepy is I were the person who had the experience...
It would do that to you just because of its nature for being a demon...Evil...Beginning from that they are revelating against God Jesus, they then have god's sons (humans) who are hi's creation and his creatures. That's why.
It wasn't Jesus for sure. It was some evil entity or spirit...
Date: 2011-11-02
Doe that it was handless, footless with no head it remembers me about my story...
Yea, indeed... She was only protecting me from some evil karma...
But I learned that one day when I become a mother... I should NEVER remove a toy from a kid EVER... It could get a trauma that can last for life... It can be some type of aggression or cruelty towards the poor fellah to do that... And they continued removing from me more things later on... But that incident... I have NEVER left from sleeping with garments to nowadays... I have some garments that I never use, only for covering my head at nights so that gives me security and so it induces me to get asleep much more easy...
As Redphx says in resume, my mom and nanny atracted that "mounster-demon or was it was" to me... So that were because of their faults... I was crying my tears out so bad those nights and at the same time the song from caifanes " La Negra Tomasa" were coming to my head while crying and in the dreams too... And I dreamed that I was at a strange house of some women and there I was looking for my beloved doll that even in the dream I never found it...: (... So horrible desperating... I was going mad I think...
Sorry, I meant at the beginning of the last comment " I felt that it was an evil entity" (is a lil difficult to write in a keyword).
And I'm questioning until this days about why this happened to me and how could it be but I feld that I was an evil entity... In my mom's opinion it were a demon or some sort of evil spirit... But I was just a little girl who didn't understand why did they do that to me because it was hard for me to sleep without my Godzilla (despite is wasn't any hugable soft plush... It was made from pure solid plastic and I could get hurt...)
Well, It were very creepy... A hug from the King of the Monsters indeed... But in my opinion, if something is good it shouldn't scare you... But maybe is what you say but I cannot understand why it didn't had extremities and was headless...
Date: 2011-10-18
The woman with cat head remembers me to the egyptian godess Bastet...

Incredible... But I don't know if she was evil too... Be careful, be always alert.
Did the head had a face? Definitely it wasn't friendly but evil maybe...😕
Date: 2011-10-17
I love your story and I always have the curiosity about strange creatures, paranormal, demons and spirits... ❤
I'm surprised about the goat head... How was it? Was it's apearance as real looking as a real goat? 😲