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Succubi Visited Me, But I Can't Communicate With Her, Help? on 2011-10-12

So I'd like to start off by saying this is my first post. I'm a Christian and I believe in God, lately though things are difficult which probably why this happened. I am a 22 year old male, Name is Jon, I am from Seattle, WA. My story starts at October 9th, 2011 during the day. For some reason I...

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I just want an understanding, I don't want to call it. I guess ill stop worrying about it.
Asagami, I'm not sure if it was her trying to trick me, but since I've done more meditiation stuff, I've seen, heard and felt crazy stuff. I've been able to tune in, but she is never as strong in her presense anymore. It's a faint grab or massage on my legs, maybe 30 seconds that's it. One night I heard stay with me baby. Because if I move on my side she disappears. Maybe if I did call her back she could hear me? Probably a risky idea?
Hey guys I've been busy lately with work, sorry. I kept focusing on it to go away and it finally did. And lately I'll think about and I can feel faint strokes and pressures on my legs. I'm not afraid and negative. The more I was the worse it got. It's weird, its like what I think about, it just happens. The thing is what I don't get is I can finally hear her, but she never hears me. I just know it. And I have felt how powerful the holy spirit is before jander. I just haven't been praying as much or focusing on the good as I should be. And maybe she is messing with me, which I think it all is. I don't really want to call her back, that can be scary because it was so real... I just want to know if anyone else can talk or has?
Nysa you have 380 post, have you ever used a post that's useful or beneficial to anyone but yourself?
I'm typing this from my phone now because my computer isn't working too good right now. Since the last 2 weeks I've had 5 more visits. Just last night I was aware during my sleep and I felt whole body unable to move. I felt something above me and I asked who are you, what do you want? And it replied with a laugh. A deep evil laugh and that made me cringe. I said go away, it didn't. I said JESUS and it instantly faded off of me. Seriously what is the point of ghost bothering people? & I appreciate all the answers and replies guys, I wouldn't be still here if the story wasn't true.
wow guys, sorry I've been busy. Crazy crazy stuff is happening more now.
I agree who knows... But I wanted at least an answer. I have a feeling Ill have a visit tonight, I do everynight for the last 8 nights. Time to learn how to banish, say commands correctly and block it out.
Nysa, whatever you say. Again I'm not concerned about it.

I should stop now, but you don't know how I live, I could be just a made up person for all you know. What if this has only been happening for 8 days out of my whole life? Do the 8 days outweigh the 1,000s of good days and Discipline? No one will ever get all their days right, so don't expect to find a human that will. The fact I can admit it is good to me. I believe this experience happened for a reason and I want to find out. And why whould I care what you have to say? From this little story you think you know it all, and I agree, you totally do. You win, Now leave and shewww if youre always correct.

Thank you for the reply. Gosh these things are so sneaky... I wonder about all those other guys out there that have a darling girlfriend succubus, if they could only see what they are is something not so nice. Such trickery and evil now. And that's right, it is my space! Incense sound good, and the funny thing is that I can not be controlled by the sleep paralysis anymore. The last nighmare I had it was grabbing my feet and trying to hold them down but I kept kicking it and it was pushing up against me to the point of no more, but I always win and I will win. Female Succubus is just a show to get guys to choose a wrong path! Its a fake from my conclusion. That night I went out with other girls and that might have set it off too. I said the rules everyday and night so I know that it was selfish and had no respect for me, and wanted to only trick me. If it was tricky it would have stuck around more even if upset...

Final words, I have never felt anything so good, amazing, ever. And I have never been more freaked out and scared. I miss and hate it.
Date: 2011-10-19
Did the pressure start at your feet then upwards? Same thing happened to me, but I could fight it off. I think if you stay positive and don't be negative it can feel the difference.

Thank you for the explanation. I feel like that is what possibly happened. I feel really positive about it. I'm not dealing with it anymore, something like that shouldn't be messed with, it was nice though not going to lie.


I'm well aware of it, you don't think I feel bad? I have tons of people I don't know telling me their side opions, and people put each other down enough in this world. I don't care because I don't know you, its just that this post was meant to focus on the spirit, or demon I was dealing with and what happened. Its a waste of both our times, and anyone reading this, our energy is focused on negativeness and no one can judge.

One last question you guys, you think if I didn't stand up to it the demon would have stayed in a feminine form? I really appreciate the answers.
Thank you for the input so quickly guys. I have some really really interesting stuff to say. I'm not making it up either. I just woke up from what was probably the scariest nightmare I had.

& Nysa, I don't need anyone to Judge me, that's not what this is about. We are all imperfect, welcome to earth.

And Okay since I wrote this email and waited for it to be submitted, its been about 4 days now. I have tried seeing her intentions, asked her, told her my intentions, and if she didn't agree she could respect that and Ill respect her and we will kindly leave. It seemed like she felt like she did, I've even heard a small voice in my head now a lot more often.

This just last Sautrday and Sunday nights have been little to nothing, I sense her presence and then she is gone, 10 minutes tops. I've been telling her my rules, and I don't want anything serious since I can't even see you or hear you. But she still would visit. Well, the last 2 days, Monday and Tuesday (just last night) have been kind of scary... Monday night when she came, she was colder, didn't feel as warm. The energy was different. I asked if it was Jade and no answer (thats the name she gave me) I felt kind of of cold all over my legs and I told whatever it was to knock it off and it stopped.

Last night was the weird stuff that is making me going to ignore her and tell her to leave for good. Last night started off better then most, felt her instantly when I laid down, she laid down next to me and we cuddled. She moved around I could feel and then I felt something choking me. I thought at first she wanted to rest her hand on my chest, but when I'm being grabbed by cold hands, that's no fun. I told her to knock it off and told her if she means any harm to leave and never come back. I said it about 4 times and really concentrated on it. Then when I was in a half state of sleep and awakeness, I could feel something so intense, not even funny. I felt like I was floating in the air, and my body was moving around and I heard a voice say "welcome." my heart was pounding soo hard I woke myself out of the state. I couldn't go back to bed for 3 hours because it was too shocking.

This is the bad part right here. I don't think its Jade anymore since the last 2 days... I went back to bed finally, and I felt the same faint coldness around me. My dream ended with me believing that I woke up (still in my dream) and that I had to go to work now. I get up off the bed and there is someone hugging me under the blanket as I get up... I instantly knew I was in the half state again because I could control my dreams. But instead the thing threw me down on the bed, and held me down, crushing me. I could have woken up if I really tried but I wanted to see what would happen. The blanket morphed into a drawing of a guy, scary, just over me. After that I moved around and fought, and he got smaller and smaller a lifted up to the ceiling. I was freaked out and had another nightmare right after that of a masculine energy grabbing my legs and trying to come on top of me but I resisted it. All I saw was a pale lime green halo that was half dirty.

In conclusion, I'm realizing that it is a waste of time to try and talk to Jade, maybe she wanted serious and got upset or Jealous that I wanted to keep it light? I wasn't patient enough?

I told the thing to leave over and over again, and it did. I miss Jade but if that happens I'm okay to be left alone, which Is what I'm going to do.