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Black Cat on 2015-10-21

These strange sightings happened 2 years ago in the living room... *Few years ago I had a black cat named Salem but I called him Boochucky lol. He ran away after I had him for 2 years and I never had a cat since. One day running down the stairs at a glance I saw a black cat sitting in the livi...

My Regrettable Request on 2013-02-25

Never thought I would have an experience in Berbice. It's an out of town countryside place I go every chance I get. My uncle and his family lives there along with my grandmother (mother's side of the family). My mother's youngest brother who used to live next door now resides in Suriname. His house ...

England Edition on 2011-12-13

I believe it's time for me to start sharing my experiences and I will start with the trip to England. I went there in 2007 (I was 22 years old) and I had some scary experiences of my life! I will try to keep it short and stick to the point... Feel free to ask questions after. Went there with my ...

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Date: 2017-01-07
oh wow! I saw an apparition like that once... It was in black clothes with her hand in front of her. 😲
Date: 2015-04-30
Hi Avi00...
It's in Springlands actually. 😊
Are you from Berbice?
Date: 2013-04-12
Reminds me of the time I overnight with my now cousin in law and I woke up around 5am to see gray eyes slightly bigger than hers over her eye lids staring at me!

Chilling story... Thanks for sharing.
Date: 2013-04-12
Sorry for your lost. I think you should tell your husband, maybe he sees him too.
Date: 2013-03-07
Hi again... Just letting you guys know I bought an infrared light to use with my camera take some pictures at night when I go back this month end. Will be going in my other uncle's house as well... It's creepy in there now. 😁 😊
Date: 2013-03-06
Thank you for your comments. I have many more experiences to share. 😊 ❤
Date: 2013-01-15
After nearly 3 months of torment in my room (which I am still in) I decided to ask my uncle what to do and he told me to put garlic (1 or 2 with the skin off) at or above my door and at my windows... It sounded so simple but I tried it and it worked! I sleep like baby since. I removed them after about 9 months to check (last November lol) and its calm. I didn't think it would work since what I felt and saw seem so evil, choked me once. Should give it a try. 😊
Date: 2012-07-25
maybe you spirit walked? 😕... I believe I did two times. Hmm maybe I will submit them.
Date: 2011-12-19
Thanks for the comments... Unfortunately I never got to speak to any of the kids about it, apparently they scare easy and would leave soon after. I only know about the girl that started having nightmares after I got rid of the old hag. I tried searching the net for stories from that location but nothing and guess what, the house is currently up for sale. Slow business.
And all I can remember my mom's friend saying is that the girls complained about being bothered during the night.
😕 😐
Date: 2011-11-28
I believe what you saw was real~~
PuzzledPanther you can check out for those occult stuff... I believe the music industry is messed up.
That was very interesting... Nice! Sad someone died but looks like he's going to a good place~~~ thanks for sharing.
Date: 2011-11-26
This story scared me! I am not easily scared... I have enough stories to full a book or two and I am so lazy to write them.