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Our Co-founders Haunted House on 2011-10-12

I am a member of a newly created paranormal investigation team based here in my home town. It all started when our group of about 10 or so friends decided to go to the Waverly Sanatorium in Kentucky. That's what got us started in the first place. Over the next few weeks some of our group members kin...

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They weren't there, it was just me. They were taking some of our other friends home when all this was going on.
Best way to think about this, I believe is, not all guardian angels have to be angels. 😊
Date: 2011-10-24
Ah, I must have misread. I see what you are talking about now.
Date: 2011-10-24
Unless it only happens once and not again, it almost sounds residual. Since it said "hey girls" and you were the only one in the room something that happened previously in the house may have just been replaying itself. If it doesn't happen mor than once you could possible have another spirit you don't know about yet, since it spoke in a plural sense. Although it responding to you may shoot that theory all to pieces. It could be a lot of things. Just be careful and good luck.

Date: 2011-10-24
Maybe the "pot" had something to do with it lol "It happened with a heavy pot plant which spilled soil everywhere on one occasion."
Date: 2011-10-21
What's funny to me is other people like to make fun when someone is "afraid of the dark," but what they don't realize is that it's not the dark you have to be afaid of at all, it's that we just have the sense to realize what might be hiding in it.
Lou-I like the way you put that. A few of the people that read this seen the words wicca and bad in the same sentence and decided it was time to break out the soapbox. But people have to realize when humans become involvled in anything there's going to be something bad come out of it at some point and we just have to embrace the good and try to weed out that bad.
At this point we were and maybe the three week mark since we started up. It was our first failed attepmt and hopefully only. Taught us a lot and we learned from it.

I wasn't trying to make it seem like I have an ought against wicca, one of my best friends is wiccan. All I was saying is that was his moms belief system if you will. She also practiced witchcraft. Not saying that they are incorperated together. Thats just what she did. Like I said, there is always a way to turn something bad into something good, however she did it. My religious faith has nothing to do with my thinking here, I feel people get blinded by there religion sometimes and come off as bible thumpers if you want to call them that. I try to keep it out of my observations and investigations exept for our prayers of protection and things of that nature.
Yes, I have been back in that house nearly every weekend since, but not alone. We take our newer members and see how they will react if something happened. See if they react like I did or try to provoke it or just what ever they decide to do to handle it. Most of the new members don't experience anything. We have had a few hear knocks and something they discribed as someone that was dragging their feet. But nothing like what happened when I was there.
"If I may ask, do you personally hold this belief as fact because of your own religion?..." I'm not sure what your asking... 😕
Yes, we do know what she did. I personally do not, but her son live right across the road from that house an will not so much as walk in it. He knows what she did and wants to stay away from it. Obviously something bad came from something she did, the things she did, Wicca AND witchcraft...
Jav- Its neat to stand and watch from the sidelines. There was a time we were walking around downtown during a historical tour that he does and he stops mid sentence in the middle of the street and says almost in a whisper, " ok I hear you, we can do it now" and he just starts praying. Most of the prayer was so fast and low that you couldn't understand what he said but when he finished (I had been explaining to the tour guests what was happening so they didn't worry) all he said was "I'm finished and he made it." (the spirit that is.)
I was saying she had a part in both. Never said that either had a part in the other. But what came from her practices of either witchcraft or wicca wasn't good. I don't know which, she died before I got to meet her so I wouldn't know which caused what. So yes it is important because what ever she did brought something else into that house, whatever it may be that she did. Shes the only one that knows that. My experience with a wiccan was positive but shes a positive person. There is always a way to use a good thing for bad purposes.
Nysa, I also said "Wicca and witchcraft" obviously separating the two from one another. Not implying anywhere that they were a connected to each other.
From what he tells me there's not much that he does on his part. He basically makes sure that's what they want to do and when they want to do it. Then he prays to two angels that seem to be the ones he always wants to help him. I think he said their names were Gabriel which is a woman and Luke.
Later in the night we didn't get anything. But I didn't think that we would. The house had a complete opposite feel about it. Unlike earlier I was comfortable for lack of a better term. But we do have some evp from an old confederate hospital we visited. I'll attach them to that story if we can dig them out of all the others. It's one of our newer and younger groups so it's not the best sessions but still good findings.
Javelina, I appreciate you clearing that up. I had no intentions on making it seem that wicca was the cause of all this. One of my best friends practiced wicca until she moved up here and shes a great person. I see what your saying now. But it happens I guess. Thats just one of the details of the story that couldn't be left out.
Zzsgranny, actually that site was just a test run, because in order to be able to post my group I had to have a website. So it is rather crude but once we get an acceptable one built anything and everything we have to show will be on it. But thanks for checking us out. As far as "banishments" go, (we like to call it crossing over), we have a group we are affiliated with in a nearby town that has a man that crosses spirits over on a regular basis. He's actually the head of the local group in that town. But he can only cross them over if the spirit allows him to do so, for some reason that's where he limits himself. In the case of forcing a spirit to cross over, we consult another group for that.
DeviousAngel if you had read the other comments your would see an explanation for the questions in all your ramblings. The reason I respond the way I do to you is because you are ignorant. When you do research on a place you find good things and bad things. All the things about this house were bad, period. The reason I am so defensive towards you is it's because of people like you that make it hard for people to come forward with these stories. They may not want to be ridiculed for what they did wrong the FIRST time something like this happened. So maybe you should take that into consideration before posting random not so well thought out ramblings on an internet blog. Thanks.