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White Lady Trespassing on 2007-02-02

A few months ago, I was in my bed in early morning, the door was closed, and suddenly a white shape, in form of a woman, passed through the door and floated toward me, trespassing my body, soul and senses. I am very disturbed by that, if someone can help explaining me what it is? It happened at a ti...

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Date: 2007-02-03
hi, I played its a term, you know how you invocate spirits with the hands of two persons on a glass, and ask if there are any spirits.....
we didnt played in that day was a few week before,i dont have any notice if the house is hauted or no,and lots of things that the spirit told were happening during day since a fire in the building and we cold not get out, alarm clocks that were unplugged out the wire during night, crucifics in wal that apear and disapear sudenly, lots of weird things apened in that time and after that weeks was wen that appened wen all was already stoped to apear.