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New Zealand
Intrestes in a lot of ghost encounters and paranormal things.
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Knock On Window on 2017-10-13

This encounter took place in July. I'll start it off with few events before hand. 2 months earlier I was on meds for health reasons I was having bad side effects which took awhile to get rid of. Roughly a few months. At the same time my childhood friend died. At same time I was feeling sad and was g...

Walking Shadow And Standing Smiling Shadow on 2017-05-08

These encounters took place during my childhood, in my town of Kaiapoi a small but growing Riverside town with great history of trade and culture of the old but gone swamp that once was there but now long drained and built on. The Town is based in the South Island of NZ roughlu in the middle to the ...

Unknown Force From The School Toilets on 2017-04-03

This encounter took place at My old primary school (same school from my other story, With the animal ghost/alarm encounter) The year was around 2001/02 My classroom was in a old building block. (Old wooden/timber with boys toilets on one end and the girls at the other. With three classrooms with...

Voice That Pretended To Be My Father on 2017-03-10

This encounter got to my nerves. Well not really, like it made me feel uneasy and confused about it. The event took place Winter 2015/16 April-July (can't remember what year thought, that's why there two there). It was either a Thursday night or a Saturday night. Mind's a bit hazy on it. It was n...

Ghostly Voices And A Crash Or Was It A Warning Of The Future on 2017-02-22

My town is not that old at all. Roughly 1800-1890s establish, (European settlers), Before them were the Maori people living in the town. (Which was a swamp/island area surrounded by rivers. So this encounter took place sometime in the year 2008 around June/July. Me and my mate were hanging out a...

Hand In The Closet/wardrobe on 2016-12-26

This event took place when I was young from memory between 5-9 years old of age. The season was around Autumn/Spring (can't really remember as I was young). It was around early evening/almost dark outside, I was just relaxing as a young kid does after a busy day. I had to put something away in my...

Little Girls Voice on 2016-12-12

This story took place when I was 14, back in the year 2007-2008. From memory it was a winter's night (June-August). I was laying in bed trying to get to sleep but couldn't. I was wide awake and thinking as usual. My bedroom was bit cold as expected. So as I was lying their I heard a strange buzzing ...

Phantom Cat/jaguar on 2016-12-07

This story took place when I was 5-6 years old. It was weekend and summer, I was outside playing with a friend of mine (who I no longer talk to). The day was quiet and still. Warmish breeze. I was outside with mate playing then I stopped for some reason. I then went to the gate by the footpath. To w...

Strange Figure Of Animal/creature on 2016-11-30

This sighting took place not too long ago. From memory it was a Thursday night at around 11pm - 12am (nz time) So let's begin with what happen before the sighting took place. Me and my mate, who is 3 years younger than me, were walking around the town playing Pokemon go (yes at night as there less p...

Nana (grandmother) Having The Last Laugh on 2016-06-08

The story I'm going to tell you is about an enjoyable,. Aughing encounter. The year of it happening was 2012. My Nana was in the final stages of passing over. So me and my mother flew up to Palmerston North (North Island, NZ) to see her final days. She passed away after seeing most of the family...

Ticking Sound on 2016-05-30

this story I'm going to tell you all is kind of short but I'll try to make it fit into the limit of words allowed. From around when I was 7 years of age, every time I went to bed for the night and lay there before sleep I will always here this faint sound coming from the corner of the ceiling. Th...

A Glowing White Figure on 2015-12-23

This is my first story here. I have had many encounters in my life so far so I'll start off with this one. The year was 2005, I think the month was December. Summer was just starting and I was staying at a friends of mine. So we decided to hang out at the park in Rangiora (in North Canterbury, N...

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Toby. Yeah considering the property I live at. The direction it came from was backyard (roughly 5-45meters to the window. Back of section is empty but fence line outlining the property. Then two neighbours houses over the fence (shared driveway.)

Shadow person haven't seen one since or can't remember to have seen one been awhile
Date: 2017-10-31
Jubeele couldn't find much info but the town was 1864 and it was big in gold miner. Hard to find what was around in area from olden days.

Will try to find more details
Date: 2017-10-25
Jubeele. Hotel is new building. But the pub is old. Its the old square 2 story pub type building. On a corner. Not sure if pub was around same time as old prison. Its very hard to explain sorry
Date: 2017-10-24
Also it was a oddly warm night dispite being winter with snow on the alps
Date: 2017-10-24
Jubeele: nope no trees around and nearest tree will be roughly 300-400meters up the road. And no winds

Lady-glow too loud to be a bug/moth the loudness would been between a knock of a fist and one of kind of of a pint hitting the table after sculling back a nice cold beer.

Little fact of town is its by the west coast of the ocean. And its had god history of mining and also up on hill is a old asylm / prison
Argette. Parade ground is the area where you can only march or run on. Not walk. Its where they send solders off to war and lay them down if deceased
Date: 2017-10-13
Spooky. Seem like it wasn't expecting to see you there.
Did it pop its head around corner fast or was it a slow pace movment for the head?
What part of nz fellow kiwi? Any idea in age of house street areas
Date: 2017-05-15
Wow. Freaky. Reminds me of the time that me and my brothers gamebos went missing. We searched whole house couldt find them. Few weeks later they were under the draw space of the bed (which we hide all the time) and they werent there before as we looked there a lot
Is it possible you could of heard one of the fairy folk saying that?

(fairy people maori had seen. And told through stories / voices of the forest)
Oops that comment was for melda lol

Um xlola in Kaiapoi it was kbs for short
Xlola. Unsure really some just reported strange snells that weren't really smells ya find in a restroom 🤔
I've been in a army base before and yeah lots of vibes and energys are felt. Especially the parade ground
Seems like either a scubbus or something.

Do you feel tired when waking up as in no energy at all?
Date: 2017-04-08
Did the ghost react to the toothbrush?

Were you scared of re using the bathroom again at all?
I think it read your thoughts to knowcwhat you disliked which might be why it knows them
Date: 2017-04-08
What color was the shadow of the girl? Was there much detailed to it?
Trentinray. Sure is. I had no cuts which freak me out. I felt it cutting as it went in half. And the sound was loud (being a old restroom with high ceilings)
Date: 2017-04-07
Did you uncle tell you what else it did with the encounter he had?

Enjoyed the encounter story
Intresting. Can you describe the lady with heavy breathing more? As in way she said shh (facial expression)