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Banshee And Other Encounters on 2013-05-21

So all my life I have been a little sensitive. Feeling vibes in certain rooms, getting that "Gut" feeling about something. Even having dejavu occurring a lot. Just a lot of different experiences. The one thing I remember clearly as a child is hearing my name, as clear as day, usually followed by ask...

We Think There's A Ghost In My Boyfriends House on 2011-10-25

My boyfriend just recently moved back in with his parents to help them out. Ever since I had started going there I just noticed a lot of weird things. The thing that really got me was in their bathroom. There is a far wall that has two brownish/redish hand prints. No one knows how they got there and...

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Shady I would sure hope so! Glad I could warn someone about these for the future lol they can be dangerous and I just don't want anyone getting into harm
shady4u no offense taken. I'm not an expert either, just seen a lot of shows and read a lot of cases where people have had a similar experience and something along these lines is what helped them. Just trying to make sure everyone stays safe 😁
This is making me want to dig into my family tree on my moms side a lot more. I know all of my great grandparents and my grandfather all came directly from another country. Since my grandmothers side was all Irish until she met my Ukrainian grandfather it really makes me wonder if I can figure out if were one of the families the banshee is said to follow
Oh and this spirit is possibly a negative spirit or a demon because from my research, such negative spirits will gain the trust of those using the tool, by answering such questions like your girlfriend asked, and answering them truthfully. It's like once they have gained that trust with them, they fully abuse it and use that trust to manipulate/control and even possess. Here's a link with some other information that might help. Http://
Do NOT burn that Ouija board! NEVER burn a Ouija board. I refuse to go near one because of horrible stories like this and I've done enough research to know that you should never burn it. If you do, that is like leaving an open invitation to whatever you let in stay since you opened a portal into our world with that board, burning it means it can never be closed and then even more can come through. It's just going to make matters worse if you do. I would try going around the house with some sage burning it in every room and corner of the house while saying a prayer. Have a priest bless the house, etc. If it truly is a demon, I would definitely consult some type of holy person, maybe even a shaman. Good luck.
Thanks Mimissa and swimsinfire it's nice to know that I am not alone out there. I definitely want to try and open myself more to everything since I've tried to shut it out for so many years out of fear of ridicule from my Mother, when in fact, it runs in the family. I'll have to try meditating. I used to meditate with crystals and center the crystals with my chakras and it helped not only relax me but made me feel tuned in to my abilities. Like I could feel the crystals opening my chakras. Mimissa I might take you up on your suggestion about the spirit in my boyfriends house since things are still going on but we have learned to ignore it and don't think it's malicious. I think it's a female, and that she just might be lonely. Thanks again both of you for everything:)
Whenever we have tried communicating with it, we always try to sound really positive and we often tell it that it is more than welcome to stay here as long as it does not start causing harm to any of us. We all feel that it's not a malevolent spirit. I often was told I'm a sensitive to some paranormal things and I can usually tell whenever it's something bad. I never got that feeling in his house. [at] Kclear what things have been happening if you don't mind me asking?
He's lived there before but he moved out for a long time. It seemed to all start back up when he came back he said. He also told me about how the house they lived in before this, was haunted also. It was actually torn down. So I'm thinking possibly something could have followed them from the old house? It's actually been pretty quiet the past few days. Nothing out of the ordinary. The door is still open in the morning. But we haven't had anything happen, like sounds, touches, etc. It was weird though while we researched that night the curtain came off the window. It completely lifted up from the bottom and just came right off the wall. The window wasn't open or anything and I don't even think that a breeze could have done that. But after that it's been quiet.
We are actually working on trying to get an investigator to come out to the house. I emailed a few and now I'm just waiting to hear back. We want to get a digital recorder and try to get some EVPs. We use my camera that has a video camera setting and catch nothing and we even use our cellphones and still catch nothing. I don't know what difference a digital recorder will make if any. [at] ghostsrreal202 I definitely am scared to video tape or take pictures sometimes. I'm always scared when I go to play everything back I'm going to see something way too scary rather than orbs and mists like we've been getting.
Okay so I completely get that my grammar was way off with the whole "The day before yesterday thing" and yes, you happen to sound like a jerk. I have pictures that we took up in the attic and around the rooms. Caught many orbs. We even got whatever is in the house to communicate with us. We were in a room with no windows and put a towel under the door so there was no way a breeze could come in. We said were going to ask some yes or no questions. Make the candle flicker for yes and stop for no. We asked it things like did something happen in the attic since we caught about 7 orbs there. It answered yes. Just to test if it was a intelligent spirit. We asked it random questions here and there. Like "Is my hair red?" where the candle would stay still. And then I would ask "Is it black?" and it would flicker. I'll see if I can upload the pics.