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I'm from Adelaide, South Australia but moved to Japan in 2004. Japan is now my second home and I love the country just as much as my native Australia.

My interests are wide ranging but mainly: cars (Japanese performance cars), snowboarding and history (visiting historical sites).

Oh and I guess I'm interested in ghosts now more than ever.
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Takashima Castle's Guardian on 2011-10-26

I'm glad this didn't just happen to me by myself but was also experienced by my Japanese friend at the time. It was amazing and quite a shock to our systems. I had wanted to visit Takashima Castle on the shores of Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture and finally drove there in late Autumn 2006. After ...

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[at] cecil04 Cheers for your comments. The best website for Japanese castles is the Jcastle site linked in DeviousAngel's post. On that site you can get a google map of the place showing all the roads and parking lots. I parked just across the road in the lot nearest the keep. Was a bit scary going back to the car because it was right next to the keep. We first went to the Circle K nearby to make sure we were around other people and calm our nerves a bit.

I drove there from Gunma over a road called the "Venus line". An awesome place anyway.

As for Japanese yeah actually gomennasai probably is the best way to write it. But going by the same conventions Tokyo would actually be spelt Toukyou and Osaka as Oosaka. Point is, it doesn't really matter.

One more recommendation though. A Japanese DVD series called Honto ni atta noroi video is really good. Its "apparently" real footage of ghosts that people have sent in. I'd say 80% are obviously fake but there are a few really interesting ones and some bloody scary. They're up to dvd# 45 now so not much real stuff. Check out some earlier ones.
[ [at] zzsgranny] thanks for reading I'm glad you enjoyed it. My feelings at the time were kind of like that. First shock and disbelief. I thought I must have triggered some kind of alarm. I wasn't really scared once we left because the voice went back up inside the keep. Then after calling the castle the next day, checking for all explanations I was convinced myself that there is no logical scientific explanation for what happened. Despite the fact that the voice clearly came from inside then outside then again inside the castle without the door opening. Also the voice came quite loudly from thin air on the stone steps directly in front of me. Obviously there is no way for me to prove this. I can prove that I was there at the time I said and all that but you'll just have to take my word.
Thanks for your comments and opinions.

Yes DeviousAngel you are right about my date mistake. I wrote the story on my iPhone and wanted to check the date but was afraid of losing all I'd written. It is evidence of my bad memory. As for all the other misinformation, it's all correct. Anyway it's easy to google and check out as you have proved.

I'm not an anime nerd. I'm a car nut and a history buff. Japanese can't be written correctly in English. There are various spelling systems.

But please hit me with your questions and scrutinies.

Btw, I did go to Takashima Castle again during the day and checked out the inside. 400 yen I think. Not spectacular. There was a cool old suit of Armour and some old weapons.