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I'm a 24 year old girl from the Netherlands and I've had my fair share of paranormal activities, ranging from friendly animal spirits visiting, haunted places and harassers at night.

I've always had an interest in 'ghost stories' even though I'm afraid that opening my mind up to it when reading them invites them in. I haven't had a real encounter in years though (I hope I didn't just jinx myself!)
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'T Zand, The Most Haunted Place In Utrecht, The Netherlands on 2011-10-26

'T Zand was a home for the mentally and physically challenged. The people of 'T Zand, its staff and residents, moved to a larger building and 'T Zand itself became vacant. It was to be demolished in a year and until then, students could use to building to live in for very cheap after applying for it...

It Was Always Right Behind Me on 2011-10-26

This began when I was about... 8 or 9. I lived with my brother, my mother and my stepdad in what was definitely one of my favorite houses to live in (moved a couple of times). There was nothing scary about the house itself, it wasn't old, I never heard scary noises or saw weird thing in the shadows....

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Moongrim: Yes, that does sound very similar. It could be them in their new building. The old building where this all happened is gone, I'm sure of that. This all happened in... 2004 or 2005 I think.

Troyarn: I don't want to know what was in the boiler room, I really don't! We were just so overcome with fear when we opened the door... Now that I think about it - it happened so long ago - I think Tapion was actually brave enough to set a foot inside, but he barely lasted a few seconds. Whatever was in the boiler room, it didn't want us coming in and we weren't willing to anger something that could be worse than Gerard.
When I see Amber again I'll ask her about 't Zand, maybe she still remembers some things I forgot to add. If she does I'll write an update.

Javelina: Yes Amber was very brave. She only lived on her own there for a week or so, though when Manfred came it didn't make much of a difference, since he took a room a good deal away from her room and they barely spoke. He didn't believe in the paranormal one bit, but... Around Halloween even he admitted to have experienced strange things there.
LuiDesu: Haha, perhaps it was indeed lonely but that didn't mean it should cuddle up with 9-year-old girls.

Javelina: Yeah it was very creepy, but I can laugh about it now. My friends find it hilarious that I got 'licked by a ghost'. 😜

Moongrim: Really, an incubus? Wow. XD Interesting. I will keep your advice in mind, thanks! It hasn't come back since that last time I stood up to it by running into my parent's bedroom. I'm 24 now so I doubt it will come back after 15 years, but who knows.